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    Your Style Girlfriend: At the Park

    Scarf // “Vintage” Christian Dior (I hate that word, but for realz, I stole it out of my mom’s drawer back in high school because I’d never seen her wear it and was sure she didn’t appreciate it, and I’m never giving it back, you can’t make me)

    T-shirt // J.Crew

    Shorts // Abercrombie & Fitch

    Belt // My dad’s from college! (can you imagine? I mean, I know I’m a little wider in the hip region, but we should not be the same size..)

    Straw purse // Express

    Sunglasses // Warby Parker

    Three things:

    1. Think globally, act locally

    Except for the scarf, all of this stuff can be sourced locally at your hometown mall. Even the belt, my dad probably got it at Sears or somewhere like that. And taken as separates, everything’s pretty darn basic. If you think that I look good (and obviously, I hope that you do), I hope you also believe that you can put together an equally appealing outfit given the resources available to you.

    2. Forget the flowers, think fashion*

    If you are in a relationship, and you are out shopping for new clothes – even if you just need new socks – make a quick pit stop on the ladies side and see if there’s something small your girl would like or could use.  If you see a simple white t-shirt on sale at J.Crew for seven dollars (as the one I’m wearing was), please buy it for her. It’s a simple gesture that says, “I was thinking of you,” and she will in turn think fond thoughts of you every time she wears it. Which will be often, because it is a simple white t-shirt and who doesn’t throw one of those suckers on at least once a week.

    3. Crowdsource your closet

    Wowza, I steal all of my parents’ clothes! I didn’t really notice until I’d laid it all out like that. Mom, Dad, I’m so sorry, I hope you’re not walking around naked in Wisconsin right now. If you are, please don’t tell me, because you’re never getting any of this stuff back. Also, because that’s really gross to picture. xo! your favorite daughter

    *I mean, you should still buy us flowers too.