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    Women Want to See You Wearing: Un-Grungy Baseball Caps

    11th June 2013
    Today we’re talking accessories – specifically, the ones that go on top of your head.

    I hope you guys know by now that I’m totally in favor of you heading out the door in a well-worn baseball cap designating your favorite team (and no, that doesn’t have to be a baseball team, but we’re going to leave the descriptor in place for clarity’s sake). It’s items like these that help you telegraph your personal style and “brand” for better lack of a word. And, like a security blanket you get to wear on your head, baseball hats can be comforting when you don’t really know what else to wear.

    But there’s well-worn…and then there’s straight up grungy.

    If your baseball cap is on life support, why not invest in a new, un-grungy hat? I like the idea of a non-team-affiliated* topper, as it lets you show off a little more of your style for the world to see. Like patterns? Dig a bold color? Not afraid to rock a little floral? Then get on-board with any of the following un-grungy baseball hats.



    1. Free Authority, $20 
    2. Obey, $28
    3.Lacoste, $40
    4. Katin, $31
    5.New Era, $36
    *Yep, this one’s team-affiliated. Whatevs, I couldn’t help myself! I live in Brooklyn! And this logo is awesome!
    6.Vans, $26
    7.The Hundreds, $30
    8.Vans, $24
    9.O’Neill,  $26

    Tell me:

    Are any of your baseball hats on life support?

    • DeMarco

      I saw this post, and I had to commit on it. Baseball caps are my SUPREME accessory. I typically don’t like the fitted and snap backs like the ones you featured here because they look funny on my head. But, I swear by the Polo caps. They’re design are simple, and the color palette is varied. Great post!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yes! Love the polo caps for that exact reason! Not every guy has a sports affiliation, but it shouldn’t mean you don’t get to jump on the hat bandwagon :)

    • redsa6729

      Megan do you have any preference on what style of cap (fitted, snapback, etc) or the brim? I usually wear snapbacks on account of my enormous head with a slight curve on the brim. I figure it’s the alternative to completely flat (and usually with the stickers) or bending the brim as much as humanly possible (which I noticed more in the south).

      • Style Girlfriend

        I actually don’t care whether a guy wears snapback of fitted. I have to wear snapbacks when I run because I need my ponytail to stick out the back – you guys obviously don’t have that problem :)

        I’m not big on a flat brim, but some guys can pull it off

        • Brandon Everett

          The flat brim vs.bent seems to come up often. The J Crew or Polo RL hat would look pretty weird with a flat brim and fighting that BK hat bill into a curve would look stupid imho. They seem to me to be two different animals.

          • Style Girlfriend

            Good point!

    • average joe

      I look funny in a hat, any hat. Sort of like Abe Lincoln.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Maybe try a style other than a stovepipe? :)

    • Mark David

      To add to this: No stickers. No flat bills.

      • TJ

        Agreed. Don’t like flat bills. If you are going to wear one though, please take the stickers off, please.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Totally, no sticker!

        • Max

          What about a curled up bill, you know, the biker bro look. Never really got that look.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Oh for sure. Sticker’s gotta come off.

      • Miles Bergstrom

        The minute I walk out of the store, stickers come off and go in the trash. Makes the hats look gotti and ruins the purpose of even wearing one. #notagsnostickers

      • Miles Bergstrom

        Can I add one more thing to this? Under no circumstances, unless you have a GOOD one. Should you ever get anything stitched into the side of your hat, that is not already on it. Drives me bonkers.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Wait, that’s a thing? What do guys stitch in??

    • ilyac

      I never really wore baseball caps until I went to my first game last summer (way behind the curve, I know). Now I have one that I wear every so often for very casual occasions (i.e. BBQs, beach, yard work, etc…).
      Otherwise I don’t really like the way they look on me, so I almost never wear it when I’m just walking around.

      • Style Girlfriend

        They’re definitely not for everyone, but I just want you guys to have options if you decide you want one :)

    • ATLien

      I used to wear them all the time in my younger years.

      I still like the way they look, but now I think too much about past sweating that has occurred in the cap and it is kind of gross to think of all that dried up sweat infiltrating the pores on my forehead. The only occasion I really wear one for now is if I am at the pool/beach/lake or I am just “running out” in the morning for a quick errand and haven’t taken a shower and washed my hair for the day.

      I’m also a firm believer that if you wear the cap of a sports team, it should only be for a sports team that you are actively following or represents a team from the city you grew up in. A prime example of this is the LA Dodgers. I love the LA Dodgers blue fitted caps, but I have been to LA precisely one time in my life so I don’t have the “right” to wear it.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ha, I think that sometimes about the hat I wear to go running. Like, all the sweat that has been sweated in this hat…

        And yes! That’s why I like the Brooklyn hat so much :)

      • kellen owenby

        couldn’t agree with you more about the hat of a sports team. Every hat I have has a team logo on it, and they are all for teams that I follow!

      • Matt M

        Agreed. All my hats are of a Chicago team I grew up with (Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs). I have good ones I wear to games or to run errands and dirty ones I use when working out, doing manual labor, etc.

        Funny, even though I’ve lived in L.A. for the past 5 years, and as much as I may like the Doyers logo, I simply cannot get myself to buy any L.A. area team merchandise. The Chicagoan in me won’t let me do it!

        • average joe

          you best not give up your chicago teams!

    • Tod C

      I wear a dryfit orange cap when I am out with the kids and might get wet (this happens a lot – I have water babies for children) but it is getting nasty. I’m a soccer fan so no need for a footie themed cap (my son has one though) any suggestions for the best one that can take a beating?

      • Style Girlfriend

        I think all hats should be able to take a beating. All clothes for that matter. Wear ‘em out, then replace ‘em!

    • TJ

      I’m not a hat guy. I’ll occasionally throw on a straw fedora in the summer but that’s about it. If I was going to wear one though, it would probably be one of those polo ones or an alabama one during football season.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice, I like the straw hat look on a guy

        • kellen owenby

          I feel like I pull off baseball caps really well, but I just don’t think I can pull off the straw hat. I’ve tried before but I just felt like I was playing dress up or something.

    • Mike Thompson

      I have this cap from Ebbets Field Flannels and I love it. I think you can get similar ones from JCrew. They fit great and are super comfortable. Plus, The Natural is one of my favorite sports movies of all time, so its a win-win really.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ooooh, I like!

      • paulbalcerak

        Ebbets is right across from my office, which for me is dangerous. It’s a hella cool place to hang out. I highly recommend it to anyone in the vicinity of Seattle.

    • Matt M

      I love hats, but regarding the hats pictured, my mother always told me if you don’t have something nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything.

      • Style Girlfriend

        ha, but you still felt the need to comment just to say that? :)

        • Matt M

          Well if you take style advice from Complex magazine, then…. ;-)

    • Brad

      I tried to buy a baseball hat and my fiance told me I looked like a tool, so I try to avoid them in general.

      • Style Girlfriend

        ouch! well, depends on the hat. If it was straight up trucker hat style, I’m inclined to agree…

    • Stvn

      snapback should have flat brim since its a throwback look anyway, just in my opinion

    • LV

      I only wear a baseball-style cap maybe once every 4-5 months. And it’s always just because I don’t want to do anything with my hair at the moment or because I’m going to be outside and want the shade/sweat protection. Essentially, I need a real reason, otherwise I should just spend some time on my hair and show that off instead.

      I can’t usually get behind baseball style caps as a style accessory. I’ve seen too many young adults wearing them constantly (think: every college-age boy with a worn-in ring around his hair because of the constant cap use). I’ve had too many female friends complain that their boyfriends constantly wear them. I’ve seen too many guys out on dates with their girls; girls who’ve taken the time to look good but the guy just throws on a cap.

      It’s rare that I see a baseball cap and don’t think they’re just being lazy or no better than the mechanic down the street who wears one on the job. Probably only 1 in 100 guys do it justice. (This is not counting an outing at, say, a baseball or tennis game or something. Then it is entirely appropriate. But every day use? That’s a no for me.)

    • kellen owenby

      In high school and college, I wore hats way too much. I now probably only wear a hat once or twice a week (normally on the weekend). Here are my rules for hat-wearing:
      1. Don’t wear one all the time, because then you look weird when you don’t wear one (and people will think you’re going bald).
      2. Don’t always wear the same one. Variety is the spice of life.
      3. Don’t wear one for a sports team you don’t like. *Nothing makes you sound dumber than when someone says, “oh you’re a dodgers fan? what did you think about the game last night?” and you have to respond with “I’m not a fan. I just like the hat.”

      • Chris Rogers

        I like these rules, and follow all but number 2, need to work on that!

        What’s the general consensus on visors?

        • kellen owenby

          I don’t wear visors. I feel like it’s too easy too look like a an old woman, a wannabe pro golfer, or a member of nsync in 2002. With that said, I have friends that rock visors in the summer and they look fine…

          • Chris Rogers

            I wore a visor a lot in college, now I wear a Golf Channel hat almost exclusively. I tend to be kind of picky when it comes to my hats and how they fit so when I find one I probably wear it too long.

            • average joe

              chris…do you work for the golf channel #dreamjob

            • Chris Rogers

              I’m an engineer, but I got the opportunity right after getting out of college to work for the Golf Channel for a week during a local tournament as essentially errand boy. I got a badge to access the whole course, a golf cart and a headset connected to the entire telecast group. Also a rental car to pick up cameramen from the airport or to pick up snacks/drinks for the crew. Pretty awesome weekend and got paid pretty well considering I originally signed up to volunteer for the tournament.

          • DanPatrickFlores

            Back in college, one time I played ultimate frisbee, and I wore my visor upside-down and tilted to the side…along with my cargo shorts and Lacoste polo with a popped-collar.

            Nowadays, I’d assume that visors are one of those “hard to pull of, but if you can, go for it!” items.

            • kellen owenby


            • average joe

              nice visual…hilarious

            • Chris Rogers

              I used to get stressed during exams and fidget a lot. One day I walked out of an exam with my visor upside down and backwards without remembering actually turning it that way during the test, luckily my friend was nice enough to point it out…

        • Kevin

          Nobody should ever wear a visor except girls softball players. They are the worst looking thing ever made.

          • Brandon Everett

            Or little old ladies tending a garden.

    • Jeff Rider

      Was really surprised to see that, when I clicked on the links, one of these (#3, the Lacoste) was a trucker cap. I think you meant this one instead?

      • Style Girlfriend

        Whoops! Yes, thanks! Fixed now!

    • Miles Bergstrom

      The only “grungy” hat I have, that does not even fit my head anymore……is……..the first ever red sox 59/50 I bought with my own money. I think Grimey is a better word for it.

    • Dave Coakley

      This is an American thing. No Brit looks good in those yank caps! ; )

      • average joe

        but yet those brits wear them on the golf course

    • The Mckenzie Idea

      I think you missed the Don C hats which are cool….pretty pricey but if you want to really style with caps you cant lose with the Don C twist on the hats

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice! I’ll have to check them out; thanks for the recco!

    • Chiara Francioli

      I find the cultural gap thing such an interesting theme! here in Italy any guy wearing a cap would be looked at as a true weirdo unless (perhaps) on a boat =)

      • Style Girlfriend

        That is so interesting! Love your perspective Chiara, thanks!

    • Arkhangael

      I would totally agree. Either a proper hat, a nice cap, or a beanie, wear a neat nice one.

    • gabir

      I love floral patterns – there is a new brand which do them specifically

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