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    Women Want to See You Wearing: Un-Grungy Baseball Caps

    Today we’re talking accessories – specifically, the ones that go on top of your head.

    I hope you guys know by now that I’m totally in favor of you heading out the door in a well-worn baseball cap designating your favorite team (and no, that doesn’t have to be a baseball team, but we’re going to leave the descriptor in place for clarity’s sake). It’s items like these that help you telegraph your personal style and “brand” for better lack of a word. And, like a security blanket you get to wear on your head, baseball hats can be comforting when you don’t really know what else to wear.

    But there’s well-worn…and then there’s straight up grungy.

    If your baseball cap is on life support, why not invest in a new, un-grungy hat? I like the idea of a non-team-affiliated* topper, as it lets you show off a little more of your style for the world to see. Like patterns? Dig a bold color? Not afraid to rock a little floral? Then get on-board with any of the following un-grungy baseball hats.



    *Yep, this one’s team-affiliated. Whatevs, I couldn’t help myself! I live in Brooklyn! And this logo is awesome!

    Tell me:

    Are any of your baseball hats on life support?