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    Women Want to See You Wearing… Oxford Cotton Button Down Shirts

    20th May 2013

    After last week’s conversation about the clothes that see repeat wear in your wardrobe, I started thinking about the items I like seeing on a guy over and over.

    One of those pieces? The Oxford cotton button-down shirt. The OCBD.

    A staple in any guy’s closet, they’re so versatile, and look s-o-o-o-o-o good on you. Really, trust me when I tell you that every girl swoons for a guy in a well-fitted OCBD. You somehow look dressed up and totally relaxed at the same time.

    If you don’t have one in your closet yet – or if you just want a few more to round out your selection – see the versions below.

    Cotton Shirts 123 3


    1. Everlane, $55

    2. Burberry Brit, $195

    3. American Rag, $19

    4. Band of Outsiders, $230

    5. Marc by Marc Jacobs, $190

    6. Brooks Brothers, $80

    7. J.Crew, $50

    6 (whoops!). Everlane, $55

    9. Gant Rugger, $125

     Tell me: How many OCBDs do you rotate in your wardrobe? What colors/brands/styles do you favor?

    • Matt J.

      Pretty surprised that Uniqlo’s OCBD isn’t on the list- it’s usually regarded as one of the best fits, especially for the price ($20-30).

      Apart from them, my best bets are usually those from Everlane, J Crew & Club Monaco. There’s really no reason to ever pay more than $60 for an OCBD.

      • lazy_panda

        How are the collars on the Uniqlo OCBD? I haven’t seen them myself, but I find that companies catering to the younger generations opt for very short collar points, while more traditional clothiers have longer points, but a fit that is not as slender in the torso. Haven’t found something that accomplishes both for a price that I’m willing to pay yet.

    • Jessy

      I only have one in blue from Gap. I’m actually looking for one in light purple/lilac.

    • Ryan

      A wardrobe without OCBD’s is like a liquor store with no beer. OCBD’s go with everything and are good for all occasions.

      • lazy_panda

        haha I could say that like beer, OCBDs do not go with everything…and certainly not all occasions…

    • LachlanS

      You can never have too many OBCDs. Although one reason I often choose not to wear them is that they need to be ironed..

      • Jack

        They don’t actually need to be ironed… I find that they look their best a little bit…lived in… Unless you’re wearing them formally, which is caution against anyway.

    • gabi meyers

      I just bought one in mint, for the bf from Target, can’t wait to see it put to good use!

      • JimH

        Just wore that same one the other day. I have six total, from either Target, LEC, J Crew, and Izod.

    • Adam Lehman

      I also highly recommend them from Frank and Oak…always fit great (slim) and the material is pretty high quality for the price. And I second the recommendation for Uniqlo, I got mine for $20, it was a little baggy at the waist but once again, can’t be beat for the price.

      • Brady

        Frank and Oak has very nice OCBDs. All of mine are from F&O, I regularly wear the blue, white, red (which appears pink), grey, and striped in blue. To me those are the staple classics for OCBDs. As mentioned, don’t worry about chasing down wrinkles, they add character and give off an easy going vibe. Just wear them w/ everything and enjoy

        • Tod Creasey

          Thanks for the tip Brady – I thinking of grabbing some and you helped me to decide where to go.

    • kellen owenby

      I have 5 OCBDs that I wear regularly. I have a couple of GANT ones that are a little more dressy and a few J. Crew & Gap ones that I wear all the time. Love these shirts. Just make sure they’re cut slim so you don’t look like your dad! haha

    • kellen owenby

      *J. Crew oxfords are $70. If you’re looking for one closer to that $50 price point, I suggest the Gap Vintage Oxford. They’re cut slim and a little short–perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans/chinos/shorts for a casual day, and they look great untucked…

      • Rob

        Those Gap Vintage Oxfords sound like just what I’m looking for… any link for those, by chance?

    • ChrisReetz

      Two sixes and no eight in the OCBD picture.

      • Sean Campbell

        And Im not sure 3 is a button down. Which seems strange cause sg is always right on.

    • Natural Workwear

      Two from Uniqlo, but the collars are breaking down very quickly (cheap, but not recommended).
      Two Polo custom fit; they will be on sale soon, so they won’t break the bank.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yes, that’s what I’ve heard about them as well. Good feedback, thanks!

        • JJ

          I have five oxfords from Uniqlo (among numerous other labels), some of which are almost two years old and they are holding up great. I have had no quality issues at all and I wear them all the time. They are my go-to woven for almost any occasion.

    • Jim

      Gant Rugger fit me perfectly, and Rugby was a close second. Have them in blue, white, pink, and blue university stripes. When I take them out of the wash, I shake the wrinkles out, put them in the dryer for two or three minutes, then hang dry. No ironing necessary.

      I’ve given up on trying to convince my friends that if you’re not wearing a tie, a button-down collar almost always looks better, especially under a sportcoat. People think the BD collar is somehow more formal, but it’s the opposite — it was invented to keep polo players’ collars from flapping around.

    • Matt M

      I used to have a number of OCBD. Now it seems like I typically wear madras button downs or plaid/patterned button downs. Solid OCBD in my closet are probably down to 3.

    • Ray D.

      I just bought a light blue OCBD at the Gap. Was $55 here in Canada. I love it. Looked great with my tan denim jacket.

    • K to the Poon

      I was going to come here and say Uniqlo’s should be on here as well. They are slim fitting, cheap, and surprisingly good quality. Great color selection too.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I’ve heard they don’t keep up that well, but I see now that I should have provided more lower cost options. Good feedback!

    • Pentox

      What defines something as being an OCBD? As opposed to just a normal dress shirt? Like they don’t all use button down collars (see 3).

      • Chad

        the OC (Oxford Cloth) part.

      • Style Girlfriend

        that’s my bad! thank you for the callout! Yes, they should all be made of oxford cotton and have button down collars

    • Michael Bailey

      I only have one, and it’s kind of a crappy fabric and not a great cut for my frame. However it still makes it into regular rotation. I may need to upgrade soon though.

    • E. Federspiel

      About 10 years ago, when I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch (I know, I know), I bought all four colors of the OCBDs they made one fall. (These were the days when there was no embroidered moose on anything, mind you.) I remember them fitting great.

      Right now, I’ve got two: a red one from J.Crew, and a white one from Brooks Brothers. Sadly, I’m disappointed with both of them — they’re both WAY to wide (even the BB shirt that’s an extra slim fit). And, as I’ve mentioned here before, my arms are too long for virtually any off-the-rack shirts (except H&M, strangely enough), so the sleeves on these shirts have to get rolled up (which would be okay considering OCBDs are so casual).

      So I’m going to give H&M a shot, or go in blind and order the Everlane.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Oh, don’t you worry – I worked at A&F in high school AND college…no shame!

    • Chad

      I could be perfectly content wearing no other shirts and have several OCBDs in my closet all are either Brooks Brothers or Ratio (both of which are made in the same NC factory). A few blue/white university stripe and pink shirts, and a large number of blue and white that are showing various degrees of wear. As great as new crisp OCBD looks, nothing beats one that has a frayed collar and years of loving use. Eventually the shirts will end up in the yard work only stage.

    • TJ

      OCBD’s are one of the staples that my closet has been missing. I’ve been trying to change that though. Just have one white one right now and I’ll definitely be getting another of those and some light blue ones. I think the reason I didn’t like them for so long is the same reason I didn’t like polos. I had to wear them everyday all the way through high school because I went to catholic school.

    • Bob

      Im officially bored of ocbd’s. I wore them for 10 yrs in a business casual office. Now I finally get to wear jeans, so I been wearing check patterns, and some plaid with my various color jeans.

    • Brad

      I love Gap’s Modern Oxford. I have a few in my closet of various colors/stripes. They fit great and as you mentioned it’s an easy way to look relaxed yet a little dressed up.

    • saywhat

      American Apparel’s stonewashed oxfords are quite nice too. They also have a long (eight-button) placket which helps keep things tucked, if that’s how you wear them, but could be too long if you wear them untucked.

    • datlittleguy

      Could you do the same thing with pants please. :)

      • Style Girlfriend

        On it! Any type of pants in particular?

    • vicsuz

      Not only Oxford Shirts,
      but also HandmadeBrogues Oxfords … the Shoes Women Love to See Men In.

      • Style Girlfriend

        good thinking!

    • Tradlands

      Oxfords are a wardrobe staple for me. Taylor Stitch from SF make
      great oxfords for men.
      We will be making a menswear-inspired women’s version for our Spring 2014 line.

      PS. Just found your blog and promptly added you to my daily blog
      reader. Wonderful content.

      • Style Girlfriend

        happy to have you here!

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