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    Women Want to See You Wearing… Oxford Cotton Button Down Shirts

    20th May 2013

    After last week’s conversation about the clothes that see repeat wear in your wardrobe, I started thinking about the items I like seeing on a guy over and over.

    One of those pieces? The Oxford cotton button-down shirt. The OCBD.

    A staple in any guy’s closet, they’re so versatile, and look s-o-o-o-o-o good on you. Really, trust me when I tell you that every girl swoons for a guy in a well-fitted OCBD. You somehow look dressed up and totally relaxed at the same time.

    If you don’t have one in your closet yet – or if you just want a few more to round out your selection – see the versions below.

    Cotton Shirts 123 3


    1. Everlane, $55

    2. Burberry Brit, $195

    3. American Rag, $19

    4. Band of Outsiders, $230

    5. Marc by Marc Jacobs, $190

    6. Brooks Brothers, $80

    7. J.Crew, $50

    6 (whoops!). Everlane, $55

    9. Gant Rugger, $125

     Tell me: How many OCBDs do you rotate in your wardrobe? What colors/brands/styles do you favor?