What to Wear: The Vegas Business Trip

    get up early. stay up late. dress to impress.

    8th January 2013


    Ah, the plight of the business traveler. So many frequent flyer miles…so many episodes of Homeland backed up on your DVR.

    While I don’t feel all that bad for any guy logging elite status with his airline of choice (I’m suffering from a severe case of wanderlust lately..need to do some traveling of my own soon!), I definitely DO recognize the challenges in packing appropriately for trips that contain elements of work and fun.

    Today’s tricky travel we’re tackling? Vegas, baby.

    What do you pack for a business trip to Sin City where the day is spent in meetings, the evenings at drinks and dinner with co-workers or clients, and the nights spent dancing on tables?

    I checked in with my good friend Hitha of packing service Portavi for a packing primer.

    Hitha and her trusty Heys hardcase have logged hundreds of thousands of miles traveling the globe in her role as a pharmaceutical VP. From her travels, the girl’s developed an uncanny talent for packing for any trip in just a carry-on suitcase.

    That’s why she started Portavi (in Latin, “to carry”), a consultation service helping travelers pack efficiently and stylishly.

    Below, she tackles a whole week in Vegas with professional, stylish outfits for day-long conferences to the hotel bar happy hour to the steakhouse to the strip club.

    (All clothes shown available at Bonobos)






    Got it? Good!

    You can schedule your own Portavi session, for help packing for your next trip. And just for Style Girlfriend readers, Hitha is throwing in a 25% discount when you use the code STYLEGF.

    Tell me…

    What’s the hardest part for you when packing for a trip?

    • Chris Rogers

      This is a great set of looks for travel. It follows the advice I read elsewhere recently to pack blues, grays and whites because they go so well together, and these colors generally look great on guys.

      I traveled extensively for work last year but to a more remote and casual location so didn’t have much issue figuring out what to wear. My biggest problem when traveling is my tendency to over-pack. I treat my suitcase like a U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate Box, “If it fits, it ships”. Just because I can fit that 4th pair of pants into my carry-on for a 5 day trip doesn’t mean I should.

    • average joe

      Also a good tip for travel is having the shirts you are taking on the trip folded at the dry cleaners rather than trying to drag along a garment bag. They pack better and are not wrinkled when it’s time to wear them.

      • Chris Rogers

        Another good one is Pack a travel bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release, it works in a jam. Also, learn to iron.

        • Style Girlfriend

          I’ve never used Downey Wrinkle Release! Is it like a spray?

          • Chris Rogers

            Yea it’s a spray, I learned about it in college and used a ton of it. Works especially well when you spray some clothes then toss them in a dryer. “Lazy Mans Ironing”

      • Enrique Ollero

        That’s a great tip and I never thought to do it. I can iron a shirt, but can rarely fold one properly. And an iron isn’t always available where I’m traveling, so sometimes it’s just not an option. I’ll have to keep this tip in mind next time I travel.

    • mruzicka

      I love – LOVE – these guides! The hardest part of travel is packing, and you’ve basically eliminated it!

      The only thing I would ask is what the items are, so I can figure out if I need it. Sometimes the pattern or color isn’t too clear. Although, it is easy to get the “look” you’re suggesting.

      Thanks Girlfriend!

    • K to the Poon

      Love the suggestions. I had to do a lot of travelling in the end of the year for work, and I can’t emphasize how great having that blazer and sweater in your arsenal is. You can get a lot of mileage out of just 2 or 3 shirts, 2 pants (i would go for a nice chino and a nice pair of slacks), and the blazer and sweater. If you want a little bit of variety (and I always do), you can bring an extra sweater as well. Uniqlo has some excellent v-neck sweaters for a great price, and with their online store, it’s even easier to get them now.

      • average joe

        How does the sizing work for Uniqlo’s shirts and sweaters??? For instance if I’m Large in Hugo Boss (Slim Fits) how does that translate to their fit?

        • K to the Poon

          i’m not too sure for the sizing of their shirts (i generally don’t fit many off the rack shirts) but for their sweaters, i found that their larges fit me quite well. just to give you an idea, i’m 6’2″, 210, fit but not ripped in any sense of the word. i’m not sure how the sizing is in Hugo Boss, but if I had to guess I would recommend trying out the large, or if you’re a little shorter, I’d recommend the Medium.

          • average joe

            That’s perfect thanks! I’m 6’2 and 205, and not, as you put it, “ripped in any sense of the word” So we’re probably similar in fit.

            I’ve been trying to get an idea of how their sizing was. I didn’t know with Uniqlo based in Japan, if their sizes were based on different body types, like Hugo Boss does for Eastern Euros.

            • K to the Poon

              I was worried about it, but it looks like they’ve made the adjustment for their US stores to fit US body types. I’ve bought clothes from Uniqlo in Hong Kong before, and there was a XXL, but at the store in San Francisco I fit the L, so it was perfect for me.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Agreed! Every guy should invest in a few Uniqlo v- or crew-neck sweaters. So versatile!

    • Dave

      Hardest part of packing: Kids. Going to visit family across the state for a weekend practically requires a U-haul. My wife packs for the little ones, and I’m the guy that is stuck schlepping the suitcases. We always end up bringing half of the clothes home, clean and unworn, yet never seem to learn to pack less.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ha, will keep that in mind the next time I’m thinking about packing kids in my suitcase for a trip to Vegas :)

    • Brett2142

      My biggest problem is shoes. I try to bring only a carryon, but shoes take up so much space and I always want a few pairs…a high end pair for work, less fancy pair to go with jeans, and my running shoes. Basically this just means I need to limit the rest of what I pack down to the absolute minimum. You learn after a few trips what you really need.

      Here are my tips:

      1) After every trip, make a mental note of what you never wore. If something makes the list twice, you don’t need it.

      2) Packing toiletries is time consuming and you always forget something. My dopp kit is completely separate from my regular bathroom stuff. Separate toothbrush, razor, nail clippers, everything. That way you just grab and go and you also avoid needing to get into your bag in the morning if you packed the night before.

      3) Always pack your bag the same way. Once you have a system for where everything goes, you can pack for your trip and pack when you leave the hotel in just a few minutes.

      4) Going back to #1, make your mentality to bring things you NEED, not things that might be nice sometimes. (assuming we’re talking workweek-length trips)

      • Chris Rogers

        I do the exact same thing as your #2, definitely saves time and makes sure you never forget anything. It’s a great system and I actually take it one step further. I have two of these bags, one carryon size that is fully TSA compliant for short trips and one fullsize for longer trips. I can tell we’ve both done our fair share of work travel.

    • Derrick Lewis

      Great post. I did this exact trip a few months ago and struggled in the same way. It’s hard to go from stuffy trade show to standing in some line with a velvet rope. The only thing this post forgets is the very necessary pool day.

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