• Weekend Warrior: What To Pack for a Quick Trip Out of Town

Weekend Warrior: What To Pack for a Quick Trip Out of Town

16th August 2013

Happy Friday!

Going anywhere fun this weekend? If so, what are you bringing?


You guys know I’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling recently. And if I do say so myself (which, clearly, I do), I’m starting to get pretty good at paring down the items I bring along with me. My favorite trick is to pick one neutral – be it grey, black, navy, or brown – to base all my outfits around. So I’ll bring a pair of black shoes, or brown..but not both. Simple, yet brilliant.

For fellas, the trick to master is how to make your daytime stuff work well into the nighttime, too. This means you might be leaving your ratty (sorry, “comfy”) tees at home on this trip. Everything you bring should be presentable and looking good. Show these new cities you know how to dress!

Here are a few essentials to pack in your weekend bag the next time you’re hitting the road:



Tell me:

What’s on your packing list for a quick trip out of town?


  • Brad

    Can anyone identify the weekend bag in the picture above? It looks a little like Everlane, but I’m not sure.

    • average joe

      I was thinking the same thing…I like that bag, where can I buy it?

  • Tom Allan

    Pretty good selection of things to take above but I’d probably give the jean jacket a miss (just not my thing) and usually manage with just the one watch strap. For myself I usually use an even smaller bag and have a decent sized messenger I use for this sort of thing. I can probably also get away with one carefully chosen pair of shoes if I need to and have a paid of brown suede brogues that will go with most things. Really depends on how much walking I think I am going to be doing. Other than that if there are nice parks I might take some running kit as it is a good way to see a city and have a pair of Saucony Hattori shoes that take up hardly any space in a bag.

    As I already live away from home my most common destination is my brother’s in London so I have things like a washkit that I leave there for when I visit so I don’t need to carry as much.

  • Tod C

    One pair of jeans, one pair of gray trousers, 3 shirts (all blue or white), one pair of brown shoes. Replace gray trousers with shorts or cords if you don’t need to dress up (weather permitting).

    Some sort of outerwear (such as a chino blazer) if required. I like casual blazers as there is no pressure to take them off inside (hey take off your jacket, stay a while), they can dress you up if required and keep you warm if you need it.

    I am putting your packing tips into action this week (I may up the shirt counts as I am going for 6 days) and seeing if I can do it in a small duffle bag.

  • Abe

    Don’t think it’s an Everlane, but my Everlane weekender keeps me in check (I’m known for overpacking). Thanks, Megan, for the tip on one color of shoes–taking both is unnecessary and it really takes up a lot of space in the bag. Have a great weekend!

  • Jon B.

    For a general weekend trip, I’ll back jeans, couple of polos, an oxford or some other button down, and then a pair of brown shoes (oxfords if primarily indoors, hiking boots if I’m going to be outdoors or doing any serious activity). Serves me very well.

    As a note, I find it funny that no one (including myself apparently) has mentioned bringing underwear. I mean, going commando certainly would help you to travel light. Would it be worth it though?

    • Adam

      Hah, definitely not worth saving the extra ounces. Bring boxers!

  • David

    Great piece, Megan! Your advice re shoes is brilliant. I’m going to do that and *try* to get my wife to do it, too. Question: do you have any details on the bag, chinos and brogues (love those brogues). Thanks!

  • ilyac

    I do a lot of weekend trips. Mostly by car, so carry weight is not an issue, but I still try to travel light. All the things you suggested are good (minus maybe the jean jacket and blazer for my own style).
    I also usually only bring one pair of shoes (chukkas) unless I know I’ll be doing something specific like hiking or going somewhere fancy. I’ll usually also bring an extra shirt more than I think I need. I’ve been in enough situations where I got somewhere and either need or want to change between day and night activities. I also bring boxers…

    • Adam

      Agreed! A pair of chukkas can be worn in so many situations, I’d pack those before most other shoe types. Excellent choice.

  • josh
    • Style Girlfriend

      Ooh, but she’s a beaut, don’t you think? And you’d have that thing forevvver

      • Adam

        For that price, I’d hope so!

        Personally, I’d save a bit and get a Filson (which comes with a garment’s lifetime warranty vs. one year).

  • moreyaltman

    I really love with my Calvin Klein non-iron shirts when I travel. They come out of suitcase mostly smooth, and any wrinkles disappear with a little spritz of water. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing I always bring when I travel: a water spritzer. Much faster and easier than ironing!

  • Eric

    Just took a trip down to the beach for the weekend, threw everything I needed into a bag an hour before leaving.

    For the feet: a pair of leather boat shoes (they work nicely for the beach during the day and a casual dinner later on), and my Nikes for walking the dog.

    Shirts: Two T shirts and a check pattern button up sport shirt.

    Pants/shorts: One pair of chinos and one pair of linen shorts.

    Jacket: This linen piece I recently got on clearance at Kohl’s, I’m wondering what everybody thinks about it.

    Then of course a bathing suit and my personal effects, wallet, keys, toiletries, belt, etc.

    • Style Girlfriend

      I like that jacket!

      What kind of Nikes have you got on your feet?

      • Eric

        My beat up old pair of Nike 2.0′s. I’ve had them for a couple years, and I really should get rid of them. But shoes have a funny way of picking up memories along with dirt and dust, so I’ve kept them around.

        • Style Girlfriend

          I hear ya. I just took a few pairs to Goodwill, and it was hard to part with them!

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