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    Wear More Red: Three Ways to Incorporate the Valentine’s Hue

    10th February 2014

    Two years ago, I pulled on my favorite sweater on a cold October day, a burnt orange number from Gap that I wore to death that fall. About a block from the subway, I realized, oh sh*t, it’s Halloween.

    Thankfully, sporting the color red near Valentine’s Day doesn’t hold nearly the same “kindergarten teacher getting into the spirit of things” connotation as my All Hallow’s Eve faux pas. This is one shade that’s truly year-round, and looks good on so many guys, I wish you’d all wear it more often.

    And while you can always turn the dial down on your red, I say go bold. Especially in these last dregs of winter, it can feel good to be the brightest thing about your own day. Below, three ways to get your rojo on this week:

    At the Office
    The Color Red

    Get the Look

    Blazer: River Island Grey Wool and Linen Blazer, $145

    Shirt: J.Crew Vintage Oxford Shirt, $70

    Pants: Brooks Brothers Thompson Twill Chinos, $74

    Belt: Hugo Boss ‘Fleming’ Reversible Belt, $95

    Tie: Engineered Garments, $87

    Pocket Square: The Tie Bar Elmwood Plaid Pocket Square, $8

    Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini Cap Toe Oxford, $140

    On the Weekend


    Go for the Red

    Get the Look

    Sweater: Lambswool Shawl Collar Sweater, $75

    Button up Shirt: Uniqlo Broadcloth Printed Long Sleeve Shirt, $30

    Pants: Brooks Brothers Pleat Front Slim Pant, $89

    Belt: Armani Exchange Leather Belt, $58

    Shoes: Calvin Klein Faxon Wing Tip Oxfords, $62

    On Campus

    Get the Look

    Long Sleeve Shirt: Topman Monochrome Space Dye Long Sleeve Shirt, $52

    Jeans: Old Navy Premium Slim Fit Jeans, $40

    Backpack: ASOS Smart Backpack, $46

    Sneakers: Nike SB Koston 2, $65

    Tell me:

    What’s your favorite piece of RED to wear in your closet?

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    • Tod C

      I struggle somewhat with red but those red sneakers are great – I am thinking I might need a pair for the office on jeans days. For me I have a couple of red shirts I use to dress down an outfit a bit but that is about it. I think an accent makes more sense as it is not really my colour.

      I mainly wear red when cheering for my team

      • AL-MO

        Not much to cheer about on Saturday, unless you’re talking about Liverpool red. :)

        • Tod C

          La la la I can’t hear you! :-)

    • ilyac

      Goes without saying my favorite red in my closet is my buffalo plaid button down. Perfect whether for a romantic night out, or felling a tree for firewood

      …OK, I do like that shirt, but actually I had a nice deep read sweater that I am a bit more fond of.

    • TJ

      Can’t wait to break out the smoke red chinos this spring and summer. I’ve also been thinking about getting a red chambray shirt as well.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ooh, you should! I’m sure J.Crew will have one in stores come spring (or even by now!)

        • TJ

          Hope so. I hope its got a button down collar. I’m done with flappy collars.

          • WideEyesTWBlog

            Take a look at Frank & Oak too…I always ad the caveat to any recommendations their way that they are indeed pretty hit-or-miss, in my opinion, but I’ve had a ton of good luck with their chambray shirts. My red one from them is one of my favorite casual shirts. Two out of three of my chambray shirts from them have button-down collars as well.

            • Style Girlfriend

              Good recco, thanks for looking out!

            • Tod C

              I have had great luck from them too. I have a red garment died one that works really well.

              Definately hit or miss with pants and jackets and they do cut their short sleeve shirts wider than their long sleeve. But I have found them very consistent in shirt size so I indulge regularly.

            • WideEyesTWBlog

              Yep, exact same experience here. Shirts are a pretty risk-free buy from them, but I’ve been about 50/50 with everything else…I stay a member of the Hunt Club just to get free shipping/returns for all those iffy items, haha. Sometimes you end up with something great, other times it goes right back into the box.

        • Matt M

          I have one of the red chambray shirts from J Crew. Thought I’d wear it a lot more than I do. It stands out quite a bit. If I was able to wear more sweaters here in SoCal it’d be perfect to wear as a layer underneath.

    • Mathieu Bilal

      My red suede Bucks.

    • Jigstraw

      Pleated pants? With cuffs?

      That’s something I disagree with. Those are old man’s pants.

      • TJ

        Agree, not a big fan of pleats. They don’t work on low-rise pants. The only way I see those working is on high-waited pants.

      • WhenToWear

        If you’re a skinny guy pleats actually will look great on you.

    • Matt M

      I do red in small doses (same with pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month). Pocket square, stripes on the tie, or socks. Socks are arguably the easiest and something that you forgot in each of your ensembles. Going small shows that you put thought into it without going all “LOOK AT ME!!” with it.

    • Bob

      I have a burgundy vneck and henley. But for actual red, just a red check shirt from Uniqlo.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That counts!

    • Michael

      General question, is wearing a red tie a bit too flashy? I am in college by the way.

      • Derric

        “Flashy” may not be the right word but red will attract more attention than a more neutral color. I generally associate a red tie with positions of authority.

      • WhenToWear

        From my experience if the the tie is red and is cheap (under $70) It looks tacky.

    • AL-MO

      Red is my favourite colour. But I wear it in moderation. Whether that is my go to winter scarf or my pair of ‘music festival shoes’ I try to work little bits into my attire.

    • brianmo95

      I love that pocket square! I actually think those are great picks for the office and weekend looks. I would like to wear either one of those outfits. I’m a little hesitant about the pants too, but probably wouldn’t be once it all came together.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Glad you found it! That other post was never meant to be..the outfit just went rogue somehow…

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