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    Wear it Well: The Holiday Dinner Party Outfit

    19th December 2013

    I love a good dinner party.

    Throwing on a party dress with big ol’ heels – because you know you’ll take ‘em off as soon as you walk in the door – pick up a bottle of wine, and let good friends serve you a delicious meal. What’s not to love?

    For you guys, why not get dressed with the same “kick off your heels” mentality?


    Sure, these are friends you’ll be dining with, but why not bring some high style to their dinner table? After all, they’re busting out the china and their fancy wine glasses; dressing well shows the same respect. Throw on a slim suit with some serious pattern, and swap out the dress shirt you wore to work in favor of a black turtleneck (we’ve loved the look since we first saw it on Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony).  Finish it all with a black belt, a pair black cap toe boots, and a gold watch.

    Get The Look >>>

    Gray Two Suit Piece Suit: Hugo Boss: $895

    Black Turtle Neck: Hugo Boss: $175

    Black Belt: Cole Haan: $65.00

    Black Dress Boot: GPX: $70

    Gold Watch: Nixon: $250

    Tell us:

    Are you a dinner party thrower…or attender?

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    • ilyac

      Thinking about this, I honestly don’t have any recollection of wearing a turtleneck, ever. I’m sure I did, but it has to be at least 10 years back.

    • Junior

      Went to a holiday dinner part about a week ago and almost everyone was dressed well, it was great to see.

      In regards to the turtleneck, I’ve been thinking about getting back in that game (those nsync style turtleneck sweaters from 2001 were a dark time), but I don’t really know how it should fit. I’m kind of skinny guy who has the definition play dough, any thoughts?

      • Style Girlfriend

        Hahha, had forgotten all about that era! I’d say – avoid anything too tight, but also anything too schlubby. A slim-cut cashmere is always a safe bet!

      • ThomasRankin

        So funny. The turtleneck sweaters (blue with neon orange stripes!) were all the rage. Of course, so were ski goggles as accessories. Don’t bust those out on NYE. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

        • Junior

          I assume JT even regrets this

          • ThomasRankin

            This is so great.

            • Style Girlfriend

              SO. MANY. TURTLENECKS

          • Guest

            He probably regrets this even more.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Great Christmas song, or greatest Christmas song?

          • ThomasRankin

            With the passage of time it has become clear that this is actually a pretty great Christmas tune. That one would have been tough to call.

    • Bobby

      Love the turtleneck. Just got one and it goes with everything – jeans, wool dress pants, etc. I also agree that it looks really clean with a metal watch also (which you mentioned). And it really helps show off a good physique for the athletic guys out there.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice! Would love to see some pics!

      • Tod C

        Which is why I don’t wear them – they show off too belly if you don’t keep the jacket buttoned, especially when you are tall and it is more in people’s field of vision.

        • Bobby

          I think it might be worth trying on. I was referring more to the upper body- I think it creates a nice line along the shoulders. Especially a black turtleneck.

          • Tod C

            You may be right Bobby.

            I eschewed closer fitting shirts until this year and despite being pretty barrel shaped (my natural waist at it’s widest is only 1″ less than my chest) I was surprised about how slimming they were especially as I have big arms and chest.

            It worked for sports jerseys it may do for turtlenecks too.

    • Matt M

      Bah! I need to find a pair of super cheap black shoes for NYE. These looked to have fit the bill perfectly, but unfortunately their sizes are complete crap. Went looking all over the place yesterday, but I’m not really interested in spending $150+ on a pair of black shoes. No way am I wearing my AE or Alden shoes to NYE where they’re bound to get stepped on, spilled on, and ruined.

      • WideEyesTWBlog

        Check out the Johnston & Murphy sale section, they have a lot of affordable options that fall pretty nicely in between cheap/crappy and too expensive to risk NYE in.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Good suggestion!

      • Bob

        Is there an H&M in your area? They have some cheap black shoes. Target has shoes too, but pay in cash!!

        • Style Girlfriend

          Oh man, I just heard about that today! Crazy, right?! Have they got the system all secured now?

    • gabi meyers

      No one rocks the turtleneck+suit pairing like Ron Burgundy <333

      • Style Girlfriend

        Best-dressed of all the best-dressed lists

        • gabi meyers

          I’m also man enough to admit that I actually cried when jack black kicked baxter over the bridge. I was too young to understand that ****SPOILER ALERT***** he comes back totally fine in the end.

          • Max

            Way to ruin the movie there Gabi!

    • Josh

      Is that turtleneck black or slightly-darker-black?

      • Adam Rabo

        “I didn’t invent the turtle-neck, Lana, but I was the first to
        recognize it’s potential as a tactical garment. The tactical
        turtle-neck, Lana… the ‘tactle-neck!”

    • Justin

      I rock a mean Hemingway-esque cable knit turtleneck casually, not sure I could pull it off while wearing a suit. I’d feel too much like Ron Burgundy.

    • Biscuit!

      Sub in a v-neck for that turtleneck to make up for my lack of neck and that’s pretty sharp. I also just said ‘neck’ a lot.

    • Matt
      • Style Girlfriend

        Okay okay guys..I’ll watch Archer!

        Ha, I give in :)

        • Michael

          Archer is very funny, and very wrong. In alternating doses. I’ll also say that while they definitely play fast and loose with history, the writers definitely have an eye for fashion, and an enthusiasm for cars.

          • Style Girlfriend

            I’ll keep that in mind

    • fattsmann

      For that price of $895, I would skip Hugo Boss and get a suit (or even 2) at Suitsupply (disclaimer: not the Sevilla though).

      Hugo Boss suits are fused, whereas Suitsupply suits are at least half canvassed, so they will not have any problems with dimpling/bubbling after dry cleaning or steaming. Plus they have several different fits so you can find the one that works best with your body (e.g., how much shoulder padding, button above or at the natural waist, etc.). On the disclaimer: I wouldn’t get the Suitsupply Sevilla because it is a fused suit as well, though the fit is quite good.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Appreciate you jumping in with the recco!

    • PeteFreans

      I’m more or a dinner party crasher but it’s never a cold-calling of type of situation because that would constitute a home invasion. Usually I’ll have a friend who is already invited plead with the host to add me. I’m not sure why I place myself in these forced situation but it always makes for great dinner conversation, like: who the hell are you and why are you eating my food?

      As for turtle necks, I rarely wear them anymore because it’s not the 1980s and I’m not a skier from the 1980s. I find them restricting on my neck and I would spend most of the evening tugging at the collar seeking freedom. I prefer a light dress shirt, especially during winter dinner parties because the host may keep his heat on in the upper 70 degree range and that’s when I begin to sweat like some farm animal at the dinner table.

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