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    Visa and Style Girlfriend Make It Epic

    28th January 2013

    You may remember a few cryptic tweets from me before the holidays, with glimpses of a “behind the scenes” look at a shoot I was doing…

    I realize now that I did a terrible job of explaining it at the time, but now that the finished product is here, so, uhh, I suppose it’s as good a time as any to fill you in, right?

    {The only freeze frame I could find where I wasn’t making a super crazy face}

    Visa asked me to be a part of their “Make It Epic” campaign for the NFL, with online spots going live all this week!

    …Yeah, like I said, I don’t know why I didn’t tell you earlier. I’m super geeked about it!


     {Are you ready for some footbal-l-l-l-l-l-l-l?!}

    I had a blast and got to rub elbows with football pros like three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth and NFL legend Hines Ward, as well as online types like me who know their stuff when it comes to food and fandom. The guys from Immaculate Infatuation talked about the epic spread they’d lay out on game day, while my buddy, Grantland writer Rembert Browne, talked about the epic level of freakout he’d have if his beloved Falcons made it to Super Bowl Sunday (condolences, by the way, Rem).

    {At the Shoot}

    Watch the clips for ideas on how to make your own Super Bowl Sunday epic across the board – in food, fandom, and (duh) style.

    The clips will air over the next week on Visa’s YouTube channel, as well as on Hulu and other video on demand players. So the next time you queue up that Modern Family episode you missed last week, you may see my mug smiling at you before your show starts (and if you do, please PLEASE send me a screenshot because I will just die).

    There are a few more airing later this week, so I’ll be sure to share links for you when they’re up!

    Go take a look, and then let me know how you plan to make your Super Bowl supremely epic this year.

    Now, you know I love a rambunctious comments section, but if you don’t mind, it would be great if you’d also shout out your EPIC Super Bowl plans on Facebook and on Twitter, letting me (@styleGF) and Visa (@Visa) using the hashtag #MakeItEpic.

    I want everyone to know that Style Girlfriend readers know how to go hard when it comes to football’s big day!


    {Disclosure: I was compensated for this appearance because, duh, this ish is going on Hulu! You think that kind of thing happens for free?}

    • ATLien

      WTF ? Do all of the bloggers I read know each other and hang out together ?

      • Style Girlfriend

        YES! We have a secret clubhouse :)

        • Dreadpiratehurley

          It’s called NYC.

    • hbc14

      Thats so awesome they asked you to do this. You did a great job in the spot. Is Mark Schlereth as cool in person as he seems on ESPN?

      • Style Girlfriend

        He was great! Gave me some sh*t about beating the Packers in the Super Bowl way back when, but I suppose he’s earned that!

    • TJ

      That’s pretty cool. Congrats

    • Matt M

      That is awesome! Congratulations!

    • Chris Rogers

      Awesome job and congratulations! I hope I randomly come across your clip as I’m catching up on my TV watching habits.

      • Style Girlfriend

        thank you! I hope you do too!! :)

    • Dan from Wisconsin

      Ha, awesome! I look forward to the day you show up in some commercial and I get to say “I read her blog!”

      Also, Mark Schlereth (in computer simulation form) made some invaluable contributions to my teams in Front Office Football in the past. If I got to meet him I’d be all “tee hee I’ve signed you before!”

    • Ben

      I saw it over the weekend on Hulu. Congratulations are certainly in order! And many thanks for all the great content you have posted here on SG.

      • Style Girlfriend

        ah, that’s awesome!

    • Will

      Pretty thrilled to see you and your blog getting so much exposure! Go Megan!

      Also, I saw the screenshot of you in that youtube frame before I read the post title in my RSS feed, and thought you were doing youtube video posts. Potential idea?

    • Arden

      This definitely makes up for the awful news of the “Frank Ocean/Chris Brown” feud I woke up to this morning.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Chris Brown won’t be happy until he’s punched every person in the whole world.

    • Jaime Olivo Jr

      Congrats! Can’t wait to see the clip! Nice freeze frame BTW. LOL.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ha, I said that it was the best I could do!

    • Chris

      Woah! Your commercial just popped up on Hulu. Congratulations! It’s great to see you not only have a great blog but get all these amazing opportunities.

    • jake

      The Immaculate Infatuation dudes run an awesome site. This Friday Fives is one of the more entertaining things I’ve read recently:

      Congrats on the commercial! Maybe I won’t tab over to Gothamist in between Daily Show commercials for the next few weeks.

      • Style Girlfriend

        thank you! and yes, the Immaculate Infatutation guys are great. So funny, and very good taste in food (obviously..)

    • John Schulte

      Does this mean you are becoming a sports fan? Also, did you nail it on the first take?

      • Style Girlfriend

        I mean, I’m not *not* a sports fan! Just…more of a casual observer rather than a hardcore follower..

    • Francis

      I just started working for the agency that handles Visa’s social media campaigns and am sad that I missed out on planning this particular campaign.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice to (e-)meet you Francis!

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