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    VIDEO: How to Stylishly Roll Your Shirt Sleeves in 3 Easy Steps

    easy peasy


    Last week, I wanted to know what I could do to make these videos more useful to you, and you guys said, “Show, don’t tell.”

    You asked for actionable video content, with examples, visuals, and more overall, “Hey guys, you know that thing I’ve just been talking about? This is exactly what I mean…see?”

    So I think you’re going to be really happy with today’s video. We’re revisiting an enormously popular post from the archives – a picture tutorial on how to roll your shirtsleeves. I figured, if it’s useful to see it in pictures, it would be even more helpful to watch it all unfold…or actually, watch it fold  [insert groan here].

    Hope you guys like it!

    Tell me:

    What’s a small thing you do – like a stylish sleeve roll – that makes a big difference in your style?

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