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    Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s

    Happy Valentine’s Day Week!

    {image: etsy}

    …Ha, jk. That’s totally not a thing.

    But it IS the right time to start thinking about what you’re getting your lady this Thursday. Yes, it’s totally cool if you’re only just now starting to think about it.

    Below, my do’s and don’ts for playing this game we call love:

    DO surprise her.

    Why not send the special lady in your life flowers today? Or better, today, on Thursday, and again next Wednesday? They don’t have to be roses – better if they’re not, actually, since they’re a bit, well, obvious this time of year. If you know her favorite flower then double points to you. There’s something nice about showing your girl you’re not confined to appreciating her on days appointed by the drugstore greeting card aisle.

    Oh, and pro tip? You can buy a really – like, really – nice bouquet of flowers at your local grocery store. Pay your buddy five bucks to deliver them to your lady’s office, and you’ll save yourself a nice bit of cheddar.

    DO write a note.

    {technique’s a little iffy, but the sentiment is spot-on}

    I’m not saying you need to make this year’s Valentine’s Day greeting card yourself (though, bonus points if you do, and it doesn’t even have to look that nice for her to love it), but you absolutely need to write a personal message on the inside of the card. If you’re going the Hallmark route, I suggest funny card = romantic note. Or vice versa. (But preferably the former.)

    DO get mushy.

    What to put in the card?

    Literally, every single thing you can think of that you love (or, depending on the timeline of the relationship, like) about her.

    The way her breath miraculously doesn’t smell in the morning. That purple dress she wears that’s like, boom-boom-BAM. Her endearing inability to chop onions. Whatever. Just tell her.

    DON’T be practical.

    {Diptyque ‘Baies’ candle, $60}

    Valentine’s Day is not the holiday for a present she can use. Really. Get her something totally ridiculous, or totally luxe. My favorite candles in the world are from Diptyque, and they’re…well, they’re not cheap for candles. One of these, and I’d be a happy girl.

    DO one-up her.

    Agree ahead of time “not to make Valentine’s Day a big deal” or whatever level of expectation you set, but then go, like, 10% nicer than you agreed on.

    Let’s be honest, this day is for her, not for you, so one-up her this time and she’ll be grateful, not annoyed.

    DON’T go out to dinner.

    {Overpriced prix-fixe meal? No thank you}

    Valentine’s Day is the worst for dining out. You know all those chefs are phoning it in, treating you like a tourist who’s bound never to return again, or at least, not till next year. And besides, it’s so cliche. Valentine’s Day at Le Whatever or whatever the fancy “romantic” restaurant is in town? You can do better.

    DO keep treating her just as well tomorrow as you do today.



    Tell me (so long as your wife or girlfriend doesn’t read SG):
    What do you have up your sleeve for V-Day?