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    Three Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Guys

    31st October 2012

    Happy Halloween!

    …How was that for feigned excitement? Seemed pretty genuine right?

    While the appeal of the holiday went out the window when the candy went out the window and fishnet stockings came in, but that doesn’t mean other people (read: men who aren’t encouraged to devise a costume preceded by the word “naughty”) can’t enjoy it!
    Every year in New York City, where I live, a chain of costume shops pop up towards the end of September and remain eerily empty until about two days before the holiday, when a line suddenly forms around the block of each one. Once inside, panicked shoppers snap up whatever’s left. I always wonder how many mad scientists, mummies, and clearance rack Austin Powers will be wandering the streets Wednesday night simply because that’s all that was left on the shelves.

    Personally, I think it’s more fun to come up with something on your own, rather than throw money away on one of these pre-fab costumes. Homemade costumes show ingenuity, and they’re free!

    Costumes of movie and television characters are especially great. You’ll get lots of high fives and compliments from other partygoers who get the reference, and you’ll make the acquaintance of even more who want to know who you’re supposed to be.

    Below, three easy costumes you can dig out of your closet for a fun, stress-free Halloween:


    Ben Braddock (from The Graduate)

    Want to snag your very own Mrs. Robinson? Go with a get-up inspired by Dustin Hoffman’s character in the 60s classic “The Graduate.” All you need is a tan windbreaker, polo shirt, white sneaks, and a hangdog expression.

    >> The Details


    Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho)

    I personally cannot watch the film “American Psycho” all the way through, but don’t let that stop you from going with a scary costume inspired by Christian Bale’s murderous leading man on All Hallow’s Eve. Slick your hair back, throw on on your best power suit and a rain coat – (rubber) ax optional.

    >> The Details


    Marty McFly (from Back II The Future)

    True story: Chicks dig Michael J. Fox. It was true in the 80s. It’s true now. And the benefits are two-fold: 1) The clothes still look current so you look cool and 2) you stay warm! That puffer vest and flannel shirt will keep you toasty all night. No tricks, just treats.

    Bonus points if your wingman is willing to go as Doc.

    >> The Details


    Trick or Treat!!

    Tell me: What was your best Halloween costume, growing up or now? What’s your costume this year?

    • Jim

      I’m pushing 30 and still love Halloween as much as ever. DIY costumes are definitely the best — this year I’m going as Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything: got a trench coat from a thrift store, made a boombox out of cardboard and constructed fake arms to hold it over my head all night. Oh and there’s a slot in the boombox where I can stick my iPhone so it plays “In Your Eyes” on repeat.

      • Style Girlfriend


    • Drew J

      Went with a group of friends as the cast of Gilligan’s Island a few years ago. I was Gilligan. Easy costume. Picked up a red LS polo at a thrift store, sailor hat, some too-long bootcut jeans and some old school lowtop white nikes I had lying around.

    • Drew

      Puffy shirt Jerry from Seinfeld. You know, the episode where the quiet talker gets Jerry to unknowingly agree to wear her new puffy shirt on the today show. I found a pirate shirt and wore it with black jeans and white tennis shoes like Jerry did on the today show. “But I don’t want to be a pirate!!!”

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love this!

    • GabiC

      Aladdin from…well, Aladdin. I’m not entirely clear why there was a purple waistcoat and a red fez lying around my house but it certainly came in handy.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I’m not gonna question it :)

    • TJ

      Hey, I’m going as Marty McFly. I was at a party last weekend and a couple of people recognized me but most I had to explain. One guy even came up to me and called me a butthead haha. I didn’t get someone to go as the doc though.

      • Style Girlfriend


    • Tom Allan

      If there is one thing the British military loves it is costumes. I keep some ready to go all the time as you never know when you’ll be in the Mess bar and someone will call “5 Minute Fancy Dress”.

    • Ryan

      I went as Westley from Princess Bride this year: grew a mustache, threw on a mask, some boots, a sword, black pants and shirt and a tube of “iocane powder” in my pocket, and said “As you wish” to everyone all night.
      Unfortunately there isn’t much to distinguish him from Zorro, so not a lot of people knew who I was on their first guess.

      • Style Girlfriend

        If they don’t know who you are when you say “As you wish” they don’t deserve to “get” your costume anyway!

    • Kyle

      Cool Hand Luke is a good last minute one too. Chambray work shirt, tan chinos, brown boots, gold necklace. Roll around in some dirt to make it authentic. Carry around some eggs if you feel like it.

    • Kevin

      Went to a festival last weekend and I was Glen from The Walking Dead. Dirtied and fake-bloodied up an old baseball t-shirt, cap, and bat. Stuck a sign on me that read “Walker Bait.” Numerous high fives from strangers were had. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I share the same ethnicity as the actor who plays him ;)

    • Chris Jones

      I win at Halloween:

    • Levi Simpson Jones

      The Dos Equis most interesting man in the world, the outfit kind of broke down when I ran out my and had to settle for carrying pabst around the rest of the night.

    • Max

      I’ve been wanting to do this for years and since my friend was going as Bane I felt I finally needed to do it.