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    Summer Livin’ in Linen

    Up until a few days ago I was pretty ambivalent toward linen. I knew it was a popular fabric for summer because it’s breathable and made of natural fibers, and you could wear it and still look buttoned-up on a hot day. The only real association I had with linen was G.O.B. from Arrested Development.

    gob-dazzles-the-crowd-with-his-unique-brand-of-magic_468x3121Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, G.O.B.

    But a few days ago I actually noticed not one but two people wearing linen shirts and decided that yes, I definitely have feelings for this fabric. You guys mentioned wanting to hear about some less casual warm weather looks, so I put together a few outfits for your slightly dressier occasions of work and play, featuring linen shirts and other fun-to-touch fabrics. ALL OF THE FEELS.

    The I’m-Ready-for-the-Weekend-but-I’m-Still-at-Work Look

    Picture 4Shirt – Robert Talbott, $198
    Blazer – Frank&Oak, $125
    Sunglasses – Persol, $370
    Pants – Saturdays NYC, $118
    Shoes – Quoddy, $300
    Belt – Guess, $37

    Can’t you just feel that warm summer breeze blowing through your hair as you take off your jacket, swing it over your shoulder, slip on your sunglasses, and step out of your office building with a sigh of relief? You made it, time to celebrate.

    Shore Formal

    Picture 7

    Shirt – J.Crew, $50
    Shoes – BOSS Orange, $88
    Belt – William Rast, $26
    Cords – Billabong, $45

    It’s like resort wear for surfers. This look works best in beach town, where you can wear it to dinner at a nicer restaurant without feeling under-dressed, but you can also wear it to get ice cream afterward without feeling over-dressed. It’s, like, Libra levels of balance, amirite?

    Default Look

    Picture 2Shirt – Uniqlo, $13
    Jeans – Earnest Sewn, $175
    Shoes – Vans, $55

    Basic yet polished, even without a belt. Linen is a flowy fabric, so I don’t think it needs to be restrained like a regular button up shirt. Great for situations in which you would sweat because they won’t see (you sweat), because it’s SO BREATHABLE! Scenarios include but are not limited to: picnic dinner, meeting with the boss on Casual Friday, lunch date, grocery shopping, high school reunion, nonchalantly stalking your celeb crush outside their house, ect.

    This is only the beginning of the frontier of instances in which linen shirts are the answer. And there’s linen outside of the realm of shirts. There is even potential to make a full linen outfit (though I’m not advising it (although if you do go for it, I’d love to see it!!)). I’m willing to bet that linen could take on cotton as “the fabric of our lives” at least for a couple of months.

    Tell Us,

    When do you like to wear linen?