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    Style Girlfriend x G by GUESS: Summer 2013 (Part 1!)

    A few months ago, I shot a video for G by GUESS for their Summer 2013 collection, which I’m psyched to show you soon. It’s all about styling one piece of clothing, two different ways. Getting more mileage out of your wardrobe? I’m into it.

    Checking out all the warm weather clothes got me amped up for shorts, sandals, and saying goodbye to sleeves, especially considering that two days before the shoot, it was snowing in NYC…the day before was rain – by the time the shoot rolled around, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the weather report called for locusts…

    Even better than summertime daydreaming? The LA-based brand is unabashedly pro-color for both girls and guys, which obviously I love.



    And you know I’m going to be in every shade of their skinny jeans this summer, along with comfy-but-cute sandals and an obnoxiously hi-vis pedicure (probably in pink).





    Oh, and in case you’re wondering how a shoot featuring summer clothing happens in the dead of winter? Very quickly!

    The day we shot it was fuh-re-e-e-ezing out! Of course, what else can you really expect from early March in NYC? But still! Imagine me in a lightweight t-shirt on a hotel terrace five floors up, having to pretend I’m casually enjoying an afternoon picnic with a friend! Can you say bone-chilling? It made me feel for Kate Upton posing in a bikini in Antarctica for this year’s Sports Illustrated cover – modeling gigs aren’t always on beaches (hmm, though maybe they should be….)

    It was great pulling together two distinct looks that I think you guys will really like. The “Gabe” jacket I chose (sneak peek in the behind-the-scenes pic below!) is so versatile, making it easy to style for looks that are appropriate for lots of wear-time in your wardrobe. For anyone that’s had to go right from the office to drinks with the boys (or out on a date!), this post will be for you.


    {Thankfully, at least part of the shoot took place indoors}


    Personally, I’m always curious about how campaigns like this one for G by GUESS come together, so now you know!

    Check back for the video from G by GUESS featuring my Summer 2013 pick, styled two ways, AND a discount exclusively for you, my handsome and sale-savvy Style Girlfriend readers.

    Coming soon!


    This post is sponsored by G by GUESS and Style Coalition.