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    14th February 2013

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    That sneaky little Cupid has sprung the lovey-dovey holiday upon us once again, and what can I say? The pink and red heart candies I’ve been gobbling this week (cough*the last two weeks*cough) must have me in a romantic mood.

    …Or maybe that’s just a sugar high?

    Either way, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate all the style moves you guys have got that I absolutely flip for. A love letter, if you will, to stylish men, on behalf of the women who love them.

    Helping to illustrate? YOU, my well-dressed readers of course. A few #OOTW honorable mentions, below:


    {Reader Brandon’s got the suit AND the girl! Coincidence? I think not…}

    If you’re a jeans and sneakers kind of guy, think about how much I’ll sit up and take notice when you trade in your casual wear, swapping in khakis for your old beat-up jeans. Oxfords for those dirty gym shoes. Adding a sportcoat. Maybe even a tie. Or – wait for it – even a full-blown suit. Think about how much you love when a woman goes all out for a big date; well, we women feel the same way when you make the effort for us.


    {Reader Phil got the memo on my love of colored pants}

    Guys are too often afraid to rock a bold hue. Which is exactly why it shows so much confidence. It sounds cliché by this point, but a man who’s not afraid to wear pink (or green, or purple, or red…) is – to me – a real man.


    “Hey dear, should I wear this grey blazer or the navy one?” Looking for my input makes me feel good, and lets me know you want to dress to impress your number one audience member – namely, me.


    {Reader Simon getting down with layers}

    Because I write about guys’ style for a living, a lot of my male friends and relatives make a point to up their game when they know they’ll see me. Even better? They tell me so. It makes me feel great when I know a guy put thought into his outfit because he knew he’d see me – not just as a style writer but as a woman who loves to see a well-dressed man.



    {What, this ol’ thing?}

    Not how I look (though if you want to tell me I look fantastic, do that too!), but picking out a detail and highlighting what you like about it. “Honey, that necklace is really pretty.” “Babe, your hair looks really shiny.” “Wow, those heels are…wow.” Use details and I know you really mean it.


    Tell me:
    What’s the best valentine sentiment you ever received?
    • Jonathan

      Happy Valentine’s Day Megan! And Gabi too. And of course, you look great! Edit: love the pants in your TSB pic from yesterday!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thank you! They’re AG Jeans! I’m telling you, that brand is my new favorite for men’s AND women’s denim <3 <3 <3

    • average joe

      Brandon – those shoes are amazing! Where can I get them?

      Phil – that blue chino is so much more understated and powerful then a basic Khaki – it looks great!

      Simon – you are killing it with those layers – the pic on the left is over the top. I want those pants too, if you don’t mind me asking, what brand are they?

      Megan – Thanks for showing us what the inside of the women’s restroom looks like – happy v-day.

      Gabi – Happy v-day!

      • Style Girlfriend

        I’m here to help :)

      • Chris Rogers

        Cheeseball comment alert!!
        –There was a bathroom!


    • Chris Rogers

      The awesomeness in this post goes to 11!!

      So many great looks and ideas to draw from. Phil, I’ve got almost that exact pair of pants and don’t wear them often enough, you make me want to wear them more!

      Megan that dress is stunning! Where’s Gabi’s v-day look?

      Everyone have a great Valentines Day with whomever you chose to spend it with!

      • gabi meyers

        I’m so glad you asked! Happy V-day!

        • Style Girlfriend

          Gabi, I hope you know I’m totally copping your steez with those C.Wonder slippers!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Right? Doesn’t Phil look great? Can’t wait to see your colored pants look soon Chris!

    • hbc14

      Brandon = Great socks! I’m with Average Joe, who makes the shoes?
      Phil = Awesome selection with the pants. I also applaud you for not ruining the look by having a white t-shirt pop out from inside your shirt.

      Simon = I have the same bag from J. Crew Factory. It’s been the perfect companion for the commute to work for the past year.

      Megan = You look great! The bracelets go perfect with the dress.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love the lovefest happening in the comments today! You guys are the greatest, you know that right?!

        • hbc14

          Without you we wouldn’t have the opportunity to create such a great feeling of community. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for all that you do with the site.

    • Matt M

      Well I was going to make a comment about your hair, but you already used it in your closing! Happy Valentine’s Day Megan.

      Also saw your feature on TSB. Well done!

    • Derek Waddell

      The best Valentine’s day sentiment I’ve received was from my girlfriend last year, when she gave me these roses.

    • Ryan

      yes some info on the wingtips please!

    • chrismoritz

      One more vote for finding out more about those wingtips – where can I get those?

    • Brandon Cohen

      Hey Guys, sorry for such a late response! The shoes and socks are from Cole Haan

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks Brandon!

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