Your Style Girlfriend

    Style Girlfriend Summer Friday: Headed to NOLA

    9th August 2013
    See you on the other side!


    Yesterday I opined on the importance of developing a strategy that keeps you from making a drunken ass of yourself in your adult life…but apparently the link was broken all day. Womp womp.

    So go check that out now, then come back and tell me where I should be doing all this strategic drinking.

    What are your fave spots to hit in New Orleans? Leave ‘em in the comments!


    • jmint

      Go to Jacque Imo’s for dinner. Can be a long wait, but best meal I’ve ever had anywhere. Get the Alligator Cheesecake…for an appetizer. And if you ever find yourself at Snake & Jake’s circa 3 AM, it means you’ve had quite the evening.

      • Style Girlfriend

        cheesecake as an appetizer? and does it actually contain alligator?? so many questions!

        • jason

          Yes, it does actually contain alligator haha. And shrimp. And if you do go to Jacque Imo’s, you almost have to try it.

          A couple other great restaurants for some authentic NOLA/southern food are Napoleon House and Boucherie. For a po boy, a NOLA staple, try Domilises’s or Parasol’s.

          For music, just walk along Frenchman Street at night and pop in anywhere. I like d.b.a. Also, if you do go to Jacque Imo’s for dinner, the Maple Leaf is right next door, and they usually have some pretty great music also. If there’s a brass band playing, definitely try to catch some of that.

          Now for the important stuff. There’s a cocktail bar called Cure that has been getting a ton of national attention and winning awards and that kind of stuff.

    • Jon B.

      If you want to hear some good jazz, and you can get tickets, go to Preservation Hall. It’s right next to Pat O’Brien’s, so just ask anywhere where that is, and you can get directions. Other places I’ve heard recommended are Blue Nile and Snug Harbor, though I’ve never been. Also, Cafe Du Monde. Get a coffee and beingets for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) one day. It’s tasty.

    • Adam Rabo

      Port of Call for a Monsoon and one of the best burgers you will ever have.

      • Quark

        Yo Mama’s > Port of Call

        • Style Girlfriend

          I didn’t make it to either on this trip! Next time, for sure

    • josephteegardin

      Drinking is easy (always go with a Hurricane), but for eating:

      These are the best/fanciest, easily…


      -Commander’s Palace


      -La Petite Grocery

      And these are amazing, but not as fancy, which is not a bad thing considering none of the places above are in areas that are exactly ‘upscale.’

      -Jacques-Imo’s Cafe

      -Antoine’s Restaurant (oldest operating restaurant in the US)


      -K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen

      -Central Grocery Co. (where the muffuletta was invented)

      -Cafe Maspero

    • Glenn Pagano

      I absolutely love your blog. I like the woman’s perspective on the mans wardrobe. What do you think of Gustin jeans? Here is a link to their website. If you sign up with this link you get $20 of your first order!

    • Del

      Verti Marte @ 1201 Royal Street on the far end of the French Quarter. Get the All That Jazz with Wow Sauce. It has ham, turkey, shrimp, cheese and an amazing sauce. Long walk to get there while in an inebriated state, but WELL WORTH IT. You can check out a video of it here:

      Another great spot is Coop’s Place on Decatur near Ursulines Ave. It’s a small unassuming place has a delicious Cajun Fried Chicken served with coleslaw and a rabbit and sausage jambalaya.

      • Style Girlfriend

        This looks amazing!

    • adventurer627

      Here is an excellent list that was posted at

    • The Young Garifo

      Always have a drink in your hand, make sure it’s not some sugar-powered monster from Bourbon and only go to Bourbon if you’re walking towards Frenchmen. Bring your linen and seersucker. Things don’t get really popping till 1 and don’t start ending till 4-5. Abita is the main local beer though there are others. Have fun and keep your eyes open. People are super friendly so don’t be afraid to ask.

    • Kris

      Sorry I am only now seeing this. Would have loved to have bought you a drink while you were in New Orleans. Hope you had a great time here in the northern-most banana republic.

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