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    Style Girlfriend Reader Outfit of the Week

    25th January 2013
    And the winner is…

    Thanks SO much to all who got involved for this week’s inaugural Style Girlfriend “Outfit of the Week” (or OOTW) competition!

    Everyone – guys and even some ladies! – brought their A game, and it was great to see some of my readers in their SG-approved garb. I especially loved seeing all the different interpretations on personal style. This wasn’t an army of chukka boot-wearing zombies; each reader really looked unique. Beyond that, there was seriously not one dud in the bunch – everyone looked great. Which made it hard to choose a winner!

    But alas, there can only be one (at least, today anyway).

    And this week’s Outfit of the Week belongs to…


    Joe K.!

    The Details
    sweater – “my wife picked it out for me at Banana Republic”
    shirt – Charles Tyrwhitt (recommended by SG)
    pants – Hugo Boss
    Boots – Dr. Scholl’s (recommended by SG)

    Congrats Joe, you looked great. Thanks so much for sending in a picture!

    So why did Joe take home top honors? Well, while it’s true I love everything that Joe has going on here, there are a few things that jumped out right away.

    Here’s how he got it right:

    • Dress pants worn in an unfussy way. Joe doesn’t look stuffy in his outfit, but he does look dressed up. Depending on his office dress code, he could wear this outfit to work and out on a date right after.
    • Layers! His sweater and dress shirt combo is visually interesting but effortless to execute – no “fancy” styling tricks needed to get it right.
    • Confidence. He wore brown shoes when black might have felt “safer”
    • A head-to-toe pic. You guys know I love me some selflies in the mirror, but when it’s time to get serious, I hand the camera off to someone else. If you aren’t too embarrassed to ask, have a loved one, co-worker, or stranger on the street take your picture. It really does help to get the full effect.
    • Also great? That smile! People take themselves way too seriously (your Style Girlfriend included), so it was fun to see Joe enjoying himself in this picture. Future OOTW contenders, take note!
    • And of course, last but certainly not least – that color! Seeing Joe’s bright orange sweater cheered my day; I am a sucker for a citrus-y hue, and I loved that Joe was unafraid to go so bold with his top layer.

    Joe, congrats. I tip my rabbit fur hat to you. To the rest of my readers who tweeted and sent in pictures, a HUGE thank you and please please please try again next week! Think of it this way: you’ve got a whole new week to plan and execute an SG-approved outfit!

    And don’t forget to smile!

    In the comments, tell me: Any big plans for the weekend?

    What I’m up to: A good friend of mine from college is coming in from Pennsylvania with his fam and I’m tagging along on their sightseeing to take the NBC Studio Tour. So…pretty much all my dreams coming true. Maybe I’ll see Willie Geist again, and he’ll immediately sign me as a style correspondent for the Today Show.

    Hey, a girl can dream…

    • Dave

      OK, help me understand the black/brown “rules.” I agree that this works in the photo, but I also know that I would have been too afraid of running afoul of some “style commandment” to try this. When is it OK to wear black and brown, and when, if ever, is it not? Obviously black shoes / brown belt is out of the question (or so I think). Same question applies to black/navy. I also tell my 3 year old she should not be wearing red and pink together unless it’s valentine’s day.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Andrew and Avg Joe are right – those pants are dark grey (or charcoal) – always good to pair with brown!

        To remember:

        grey/charcoal pants = brown OR black shoes are okay (though I love brown)

        black pants = black shoes

        • TJ

          I totally agree with you on the brown/grey combo. Apparently though there are some people who think that you can never wear brown with grey, it has to be black and grey. I think they’re crazy.

        • Derric

          For me, I won’t wear black pants with dark brown shoes but lighter brown shoes are okay.

      • K to the Poon

        as a general rule of thumb, don’t wear black pants with brown. however i have taken some risks that turned out not half bad. i wore black levi 514′s with chocolate brown suede shoes, and it looked way better than i expected it to. just remember, rules are meant to be broken (sometimes).

    • average joe

      The pants are charcoal grey, so you can go either way with the shoes, black or brown.

    • TJ

      Congrats joe k. I’ve never been a big fan of orange but I have been considering it more lately. As for my plans, it’ll be a normal weekend of bar hopping. Oh and planning for my move to tampa. After a very long job search, I have found a job. The official offer should come sometime next week. Very excited.

      • Style Girlfriend

        congrats TJ!

        • TJ

          Thank you. I can’t tell you how good it feels.

      • average joe

        congrats tj

    • Chris Rogers

      For future OOTW competitions I would definitely be interested in seeing a list of brands/items the person is wearing. For instance that sweater is great and I’d definitely like to know where I could find something similar.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That’s a great call-out! Thanks for the suggestion, Chris!

      • average joe

        sweater – my wife picked it out for me at Banana Republic
        shirt – Charles Tyrwhitt (recommended by SG)
        pants – Hugo Boss
        Boots – Dr. Scholl’s (recommended by SG)

        • Chris Rogers

          Thanks for the list! I thought those might be the boots I’ve seen floating around various discussions on here; they look great in person.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Updating the post now!

        • ChrisReetz

          Boots are awesomeness

        • ChrisReetz

          And the pants. Great fit.

    • Chris Jones

      I just want to know what shoes those are.

    • Steve

      Good call SG, Joe takes it today. I think the black pants/black shoes thing is more relevant with a suit. In casual wear, you can break that rule, as evidenced by the Levi’s comment and Joe’s pic, which I thought was black pants initially, and the shoes work. But that’s just my opinion… Hah!

    • Vincent Nguyen

      My brain is confused. A part of me wants to say it looks too Halloween but simultaneously it just… Works. Congratulations though Joe!

      • average joe

        Thank you

    • Kevin

      I think sometimes people on this site (as well as many others) take the “rules” of style a bit too seriously. No black with brown, no running sneakers with jeans, etc. It is possible to look stylish and put together without following all of these so called rules. You have to develop your own style and take some risks and differentiate yourself from the norm. As long as you do it with confidence, you can wear mostly anything as long as it fits properly. Fit is a must, everything else is open to personal interpretation. Just my two cents.

      • Joseph Padilla

        It isn’t so much that we take it seriously. Try black with brown or running sneakers with jeans and see how that works for you. If anything, it’s all about aesthetics. Sure, some people can mix prints like there’s no tomorrow or what-have-you, but then again, those folks are playing the fashion game on expert mode. The stuff you enumerated: those are basic guidelines. Just like saying pleated pants and light, stonewashed Dad jeans are the dumps. But good thing you know that fit is essential. That I can get behind.

    • Guest

      Not outfit of the week but I picked up this buffalo plaid flannel thanks to your advice.
      I appreciate the info.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Oooh I like!

    • Dave

      Phew! Ok. I need to turn up the brightness on my monitor. Charcoal it is! Good to know.