Style Girlfriend’s Portavi Packing Session: A Two-Week Trip in One Carry-on? Yep, It’s Possible

    Tomorrow I leave for a monster trip (two and a half weeks!) through England, Scotland, and Italy.

    I’ve been packed since last Thursday.

    You guys have seen the wondrous packing skills of my travel-savvy pal Hitha before. She’s helped you mix and match a week’s worth of business clothes, and packed you for a work-fun play weekend in Vegas.

    So when I needed to figure out what to bring along on my trek through western Europe, I gave Hitha a shout.

    portavi packing session

    In her side gig – her side, side gig, really! Besides her day job as a jet-setting pharmaceutical executive, she also writes travel blog Hitha on the GoHitha’s found time to found and run travel packing service Portavi.

    Meaning “to carry” in Latin, Portavi is all about getting you on the road with as little baggage as possible.

    Hitha and her team offer packing sessions that equip travelers with a customized packing and outfit list to make trips a breeze to both pack and dress for.

    Portavi promises you’ll never have to check your luggage again. Which is exactly what I wanted. I’ll be getting on a plane, then a couple trains, then a (teeny) plane, maybe a boat or two….before finally returning home to NYC. The idea of lugging a big heavy suitcase behind me for all that is about as appealing as doing it all in heels. That is, not very.

    Because we’re friends, she came over to my place and packed me in person, though she can get just as good of results through a Skype video session.

    portavi packing session

    {Hitha snapping pics of the outfits we – well, she – packed}

    She asked me what I would be doing while I was overseas (a wedding, rehearsal dinner, some hiking, a few dinners out, and some pool time!). We looked at the weather (low-60s, to mid-60s, to swimsuit weather). And then we got to work.

    Hitha ran the show.

    “Do you have a cardigan in grey or black?” dig dig dig. “Yep.” “Great, give it here.”

    “You get three pairs of pants.”

    “I don’t think you’ll wear those shoes.”

    “When was the last time you wore that skirt here? If you don’t wear it here, you won’t wear it there. Pick something else.”

    It was amazing.

    portavi packing session

    {my own personal lookbook, sent a day after our session}

    After your session, Portavi sends a PDF of your personal travel lookbook, filled with pics of all your possible outfit combinations, a checklist of what’s left to pack, and helpful hints about traveling with 3oz or less.

    portavi packing sessionportavi packing session

    A big thanks to Hitha and Portavi for getting me all sorted for my big trip!

    Tell me:

    What’s the longest trip you’ve ever taken with only a carry-on by your side?