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  • Your Style Girlfriend in the News:  Holiday Gift Guides in Esquire and Emma Magazine!

Your Style Girlfriend in the News: Holiday Gift Guides in Esquire and Emma Magazine!

6th December 2012
After the big gift guide shabang the week of Thanksgiving, my guy friend said to me:

“That was great Megan, thanks. But now that I know what to get the women in my life, what do I ask for for myself?”

Oh yeah.

That’s why I was psyched that the nice folks over at Esquire Magazine and Emma Magazine both asked for my picks for gifts for you fellas this holiday season.

…Since I already dropped all my lady wish list knowledge with you, these new gift guides were the perfect opportunity to help all the fellas along with compiling your own lists for Santa.

Present ideas run the gamut from a new pair of ultra-warm gloves to a cozy fisherman’s sweater to a gift card for sweet new tunes.

So don’t wait! Head over to both Esquire and Emma and see my picks up close and personal:





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  • joe.dumond

    Title says Equire not Esquire although correct through the rest of the post.

    • joe.dumond

      see screen shot

    • Style Girlfriend

      D’oh! It’s fixed now. Thanks!

  • Derric

    Love that you recommend a lapel flower. I need lapel flowers/pins for my jackets.

  • hornsup84

    Good pick with the Barbour, Megan! Very timely after my question yesterday

    • Style Girlfriend

      oh I know right? I had sent them all that stuff last week, so I was excited you had asked about it yesterday!

  • Matt M

    Interesting about the lapel flower. I’ve contemplated that for New Years. Is it too much to wear a lapel flower and pocket square?

  • Mark

    Ha – I’ve lost more than a few nice sweaters like that to women. I actually think they looked better on them than me sometimes.

    Also, my wife bought be my first pair of AG Jeans maybe two years ago. The AGs are my go-to jeans. Comfortable and good looking. Great picks all around.

    Congrats on all the good ink lately. It’s really great to see.

  • lizzle

    FYI: this is not technically a “humble-brag” more of a straight up brag!

    but a deserved one! CONGRATS! brag away Megan!

  • Lou

    Megan, you’ve helped me out big time! I’m on the other side of the world trying to figure out what to get my cousin who’s just moved to NYC and that Rag & Bone cardigan looks spot on. Thanks.

    • Style Girlfriend

      awesome! yeah, I love everything from that target x neiman marcus collection – such good designers, such reasonable prices! the “best friends” winter hats are super cute too (though maybe “super cute” isn’t really what you’re going for..)

  • brianmo95

    Great Pic too Megan ;)

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