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    Style Girlfriend x H&M: Long Live Fashion

    14th March 2013

    Last week, Intern Gabi encouraged you guys to kick off your annual spring cleaning. Now I’m going one step furtherI’m letting you see me clean out my own closet.

    Scary, I know.

    Swedish retailer H&M asked me to get rid of some out-of-date clothes to let readers know that all H&M stores now offer garment recycling collection services. They’ll take any piece of clothing, from any brand – and yes, in any condition. Whatever you’ve got that you don’t want, bring it in to your local H&M, and they’ll be happy to take it off your hands.

    In my opinion, a clean closet you can actually find clothes you want to wear is its own reward, but H&M has sweetened your spring cleaning chore with an added incentive – 15% off one item of your choice for each bag you donate.*

    Not enough? Good lord you’re greedy. Fine, how’s this? If you donate before March 31st, you’ll receive 15% off your entire purchase. Better, right? You know I’m looking out for you guys.

    Check out the video to see what landed in my donation pile, then head to for more details on the store’s recycling efforts.

    *Limit two bags per day – but really, if you have more than two bags of clothes to donate per season, we’ve got bigger problems to deal with than a bag limit. For more details, visit

    For more information on what happens to your donated goods, check out Remember, don’t let fashion go to waste.

    Tell me: what are you getting rid of from your closet this season? Sound off in the comments, and on Twitter, using the hashtag #LongLiveFashion to join the great cause.


    Disclosure: This post is sponsored by H&M for Style Coalition. All opinions are my own because who else would want them?