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    The Style Girlfriend Guide To: Rolling Your Shirtsleeves

    18th July 2012

    When it comes to clothes, I tend to get distracted by the seemingly little things. Maybe it’s the time I spent as “visual merchandiser” for Abercrombie & Fitch in college, aka, mannequin dresser. There were books – literally huge binders – you’d get from HQ every time the displays on the tables and at the front of the store had to be changed. Every detail was called out and explained how to do just so  – every cuffed pant, every rakishly thrown open collar, every layered bracelet. No look happened by accident.

    Maybe that’s why my eye flits to the excessive break in a pair of pants, the suit jacket with all the buttons buttoned. Not to say us ladies don’t make style mistakes (we do, constantly), but I think more of us know these little styling tips and tricks from…well, from where? Working at the mall growing up? Maybe magazines? Probably most of all from trading tips with our friends, chatting at brunch.

    “Hey, how do you make your hair do that swooping thing in front?” “How do you cuff your pants like you have them now?”

    I can’t really see guys having these same conversations while watching the game.

    So I thought I’d throw a little knowledge your way on styling tips from time to time. Without further ado, here’s how to roll your shirt sleeves up for that “Oh this old thing?” look we love:

    1. Unbutton your cuffs. If your shirt fits looser on your arm, keep the gauntlet button buttoned to ensure the upcoming folds stay tight against your arm. If the shirt hugs your arm more closely, leave it unbuttoned to allow the fold to go over your elbow without cutting off circulation.

    2. Fold the shirt sleeve back to the uppermost part of your arm where you eventually want the top of the fold to sit, usually a little above the elbow.

    3. Fold this initial fold nearly in half, leaving the cuff on the original fold peeking out. Tug at the ends a bit and rumple the material so it looks like you did it quickly.

    (4. Open cold beer, bask in nonchalant-but-elegant look, welcome admiring glances from women in surrounding vicinity)


    Got other styling moves you’d like to see? Leave them in the comments!