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    Steal His Look: Paul Newman

    10th February 2014

    A weekend casual look we can get behind…


    Who says cool can’t come from the suburbs? Paul Newman was born in Shaker Heights (that’s on the outskirts of Cleveland, if your geography’s no good) and has been putting both coasts on blast ever since.

    Even six years after his death, the actor, director and salad dressing kingpin continues to be a style icon to guys everywhere thanks to pictures like the above, showing he always looked effortless, appropriate and chic.

    If you’re searching for inspiration in your own closet, thankfully, Newman’s iconic minimalist vibe is easy to pull off. Think: weekend casual that’s both comfortable and cool.

    What We Like
    • A neutral color palette that’s easy to match (without looking matchy-matchy). In his off-camera style, Newman was often photographed wearing a pair of light khakis, a grey or white sweater, tennis shoes, and a jacket. Clean and simple, but never boring.
    • That Baracuta jacket! Also known as a Harrington jacket, the G9 Baracuta was born in 1937 and is one of the most copied jackets in the world. It was worn by the likes of Newman, Steve McQueen, and Elvis…so yeah. It’s got a pretty good pedigree.
    Want to pull it off? Try these pieces:

    Steal His Look: Paul Newman


    Crewneck: Brooks Brothers $80

    Tennis Shoes: Nordstrom $54.95

    Khakis: J.Crew $75

    Sunglasses: Piperlime $135

    Jacket: eBay

    Delicious pizza: A Store Near You $6.50

    And if you want to see more stylish outerwear like Newman’s Harrington jacket, we’ve added a few finds to the Style Girlfriend Men’s Jackets collection on eBay:

    Men's Jacket Collection

    Tell Us:

    What do you think of Newman’s 1960′s “California cool” style?

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    • ThomasRankin

      Such a cool guy. Good job recreating the outfit. All you are missing are the rare white dress socks.


    • Gazman

      Stars like Newman and McQueen, you can’t duplicate the look because you need the savoir faire and the physical looks, without which you just look like Joe Six Pack that’s brushed up a tad. Well maybe that’s ok anyway.

      • Style Girlfriend

        It’s definitely ok!

    • Biscuit!

      If I had my druthers I’d be a mod revivalist, so a lot of this would fit into what I’d like without being so… crazy. Ditto on the white socks mentioned below. White dress socks done with panache is a power move. I need a new Harrington jacket.

      First things first: down to the Triumph dealer to get a Bonneville. Sweet, sweet bike.

      • Style Girlfriend

        So cool, right?!

    • AJ

      Nicely done, Megan.

    • Justin

      Fellow OHIO Alum. Great dresser, greater man.

    • TJ

      Love the Harrington jacket. They are classic. I’ve got a knock off one from the thrift store. I hope to get a genuine Harrington one of these days.

    • average joe

      Wait! You didn’t’ tell us where to buy the motorcycle!

      • Mathieu Bilal

        I’m a big fan of 1960′s Triumph Motorcycles too. I have a hot street Routt (Very Rare) big bore 825cc Triumph Twin at a friends garage.

        • average joe

          What about Indians? Chiefs? or the late 90′s Scout? A friend of mines grandfather left him 3 1940′s era Chicago Police Motorcycle Indian Chiefs with the suicide shift of the side. He had one completely restored and drives another one of them around town. He also picked up a 99 or 2000 chief when Indian went back in business for a few years.

    • average joe

      Megan – that BB crew neck is great. A couple of questions…what color shirt should I pair the tangerine one with if I were to layer it?

      Also, is this a new shopping cart format that benefits SG? I really like it. Considering all the stuff I buy that you recommend I think its a great idea for SG!

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