Style Girlfriend-Approved

    Show Us Your Outfit of the Week

    22nd January 2013

    A new year means finding new ways to stay in touch with some of my favorite people: namely, YOU, my amazing readers!

    I absolutely love reading your comments, tweets, and Facebook messages every day. I get such a kick out of hearing about when you buy a pair of shoes I recommended on SG, or a blazer, or a whatever.

    First of all, it helps me to know what type of items you respond to (desert boots, for example, you guys have gotten on board with pretty hard) and second, I get a kick out of hearing about how great you feel when you start stepping up your style game!

    {pics from readers}

    More than hearing about your style upgrades, though, I want to see them!

    Intern Gabi and I put our heads together and realized an #OOTW – that’s “Outfit of the Week” to the selfie pic noobs out there – photo contest would be a great way for you guys off your improved style. If you think an outfit you wear is particularly SG-approved, send in a picture, and each Friday, we’ll name the SG reader who best nailed his look as the Outfit of the Week.

    Showcase your personal style in any setting, from the boardroom to the bar. We want to see you at your stylish best, wherever you feel that may be.

    How to do it:

    Follow Style Girlfriend on Facebook and Twitter, then email your pictures to megan(at)stylegirlfriend(dot)com or tweet them to SG at @styleGF using the hashtag #OOTW.

    Each week we’ll pick our favorite and feature it on the Style Girlfriend Facebook page.

    Some tips for pulling out ahead of the stylish pack:

    • Head to toe please! For those shy readers, cutting off at the neck is fine..but why hide that handsome smile from me??
    • Bring your A game….or make that, your SG game!

    Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

    • Martin

      Great idea. I am looking forward to it.

      • Style Girlfriend

        May the odds be EVER in your favor…

        • Simon Chun

          but only 1 survives! it’s NEVER in your favor…

    • average joe

      In the name of masculinity, can we consider a different title other than “outfit”? Perhaps “Style game of the week”???

      • Style Girlfriend

        No! I already made a graphic!!

    • Jack

      and so it begins…

    • Arden

      I love this. It will hopefully be a great way to familiarise my fellow Style Girlfriend Readers with one another, as well as being a handy resource for outfit ideas; even if James Nord ends up deservedly winning every week haha.