The SG Holiday Wish List 2012: Your Helpful Personal Assistant

    Intern Gabi: Present! This week I’m taking the reins so Megan can have a week of serious R&R with a heaping plate of turkey and other feast-ivities. To prepare you for the upcoming holiday season, each day this week I will share a wish list catered to a different woman in your life. I know shopping isn’t your favorite hobby, so we did the heavy lifting for you.

    After yesterday’s holiday of stuffing your face with family and friends (with food! You didn’t eat your family and friends…I hope), think about who else in your life you’re thankful for. Perhaps it’s that barista who has your coffee order ready by the time you get to the front of the line at Starbucks every morning, or maybe the chick that delivers your weekly sushi order with a smile. And hey, what about your personal assistant?

    If you’ve got a lady personal assistant/secretary/office manager, you know her pretty well, on account of the whole seeing her every day of the work week and sometimes making her go fetch your dry cleaning and what not. That means you’re probably pretty close by now, but how do you express your holiday appreciation of her work without coming off as detached or – even worse – creepy? A gift card is impersonal, but clothing in her size is like, waaay too intimate. The boss/subordinate line is a fine one, and you don’t want to overstep it.

    Lucky for you, the new Neiman Marcus x Target collection (available December 1st) features lots of everyday items that your gal friday needs, all gussied up by designer brands like Band of Outsiders, Proenza Schouler, and Diane von Furstenburg (among others), all at reasonable, Target-friendly prices. Megan asked a friend of hers who works as an office manager, what she would like to receive from her boss. Below are her top picks:


    1. Proenza Schouler iPad Sleeve, $40

    Obviously this gift is contingent on whether or not she has an iPad, and if she does – even if she has a case – she will surely appreciate this gift.

    2. DVF Yoga Mat, $50

    If she’s already a yoga yogi, you know this gift will be well received.  If you’re not sure if she does yoga – and you think this yoga mat is as cute as I do – ask her if she’s ever been and enjoyed it, because you were thinking of giving it a shot. If she reacts positively in any way, get her the mat. This mat will be the catalyst for her newfound yoga addiction and she will thank you for it.

    3. Oscar de la Renta Purse, $60

    A lady never has too many purses. Plus, this one can be described as spacious, timeless and chic; it’s made by a classic designer; and she can wear it every season. She will admire your eye for beauty (or your great reference material!).

    4. Brian Atwood Leather Gloves, $50

    Gloves are great because they are one size fits all. Long gloves are so luxuriously ladylike that she is sure to love them. AND these are black, so they’ll go with everything.

    5. Tory Burch Thermos & Lunch box, $24 & $20

    Surely your girl brings her lunch from time to time, and she deserves to have something cute to carry it in. Also, if she has this lunchbox, she can be eco-friendly and ditch the brown bag once and for all.

    If you want to browse more presents ideas for this lovely lady, check out the Style Girlfriend’s Lyst and The Fancy for Your Personal Assistant.

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