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    Red Carpet Fashion: Style Girlfriend Goes to Cannes

    16th May 2013

    Guys! I am headed to Cannes today (TODAY! Oh my god, where is my passport?? Have I packed enough shoes?!) to cover the film festival’s red carpet style for Stella Artois.

    I’m excited to be reporting back to you on all the celebs in black tie both here on SG, and on La Société, Stella’s blog and online community of

    The Belgian beer brand is one of the iconic film festival’s primary sponsors, so I know there’ll be lots to show and tell you from my old stomping ground (Aix-en-Pronvence is just a short train ride away from the French Riviera, so I got to bake on the lovely town’s beaches a few times that junior year abroad).

    With the number of films premiering, and the pull of those sandy beaches, this next week is sure to be a solid mix of work and fun. Sleep? That’s another story…


    Of course, this isn’t my first time hanging with the Belgian brewers; last fall I trekked north, to Montreal (my first time in Canada…I still can’t believe it took me so long to get up there) for the World Draught Masters competition. The event was held in a beautiful castle overlooking the city – views for days from that place, I’m tellin’ ya – where men in suits and women in long gowns cheered on competitors from around the globe, all attempting “the perfect pour” of a Stella Artois.

    The night was amazing and exemplified what I love most about Stella Artois – they take every occasion and elevate it. It’s not about dumping a beer into a glass, it’s about achieving the “perfect” pour. It’s not even a glass, it’s a chalice. I think we could all use some more “chalice moments” in our lives, don’t you?


    Tell me:

    What do you want to know about style from Cannes? Stella Artois is giving me pretty great access, so I want to find out what you want to see me posting here, and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook over the next six days.

    Do you want to find out what celebs are thinking as they get dressed for black tie events? Which designers they’re wearing? Why they went bow tie vs. long tie, cummerbund vs. suspenders? Should I ask the lady celebs what they think of what the guys are wearing?

    I know what I’m curious about (mostly how I’m going to handle wearing heels like, every day for a week), but I want to hear from you.

    So, tell me: What do you want me to report back from Cannes?