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    Celebrating Presidents’ Day With Our Most Stylish Commanders-in-Chief

    18th February 2013
    Happy Presidents’ Day guys!

    It seems only appropriate to take a minute today to soak up some style from a few of our well-dressed presidents. We’re sticking to the modern era because it’s just too hard to get a feel for personal style from an oil painting portrait. Sorry Millard Fillmore.

    Take a gander at the snapshots below, then let me know who your pick is for best-dressed prez in the comments:


    {“I’m on a boat” – John F. Kennedy}

    So cool. So casual. So well-put together. Are those Persols next to you Mr. President? I think they just might be.

    {Presidents Nixon and Bush 43 looking exta-handsome on their daughters’ wedding days}

    {President Obama showing that Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…well, you know the rest}

    {Every president looks good in the commander-in-chief flight jacket. Bush I is no exception}

    {President Bartlet in a well-cut suit in the Oval Office..what? I didn’t say they were all going to be real}

    {Ronald Reagan pwning the term “cowboy president”}

    {One more of our most stylish president – in my opinion anyway – looking breezy on the open seas}

    Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Tell me: Who’s your pick for the most stylish president/prime minister/etc – real or fiction! – of all time? Obviously I’m partial to JFK, but I’m open to suggestion.
    • Rory

      JFK by miles. By the way have you come across Eight & Bob cologne? It was supposedly created for JFK by Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat. Could well be a clever marketing gimmick but it is intriguing nonetheless. Check it out at eightandbob (dot) com

    • the amazing snyder-man

      JFK, of course, but Bush Sr. looks (and is) pretty bad-ass in that picture.

      • Drew J

        Bush 41 gets extra bonus points for rocking the flight jacket and actually being a fighter pilot.

        • average joe

          and parachuting in his 70′s or however old he was when he made his last jump

    • Chris Rogers

      Being a sailor, those pictures of JFK always catch my eye. Great finds across the board, had to do a double take with Bartlet from “The West Wing”, I like how you snuck him in.

    • average joe

      That last pic of Kennedy on the boat is pretty great, but Bush 41 in the flight jackets isn’t bad either.

    • Steven Bremer

      I think that Reagan’s style is iconic and sometimes over looked. Nancy was also when of the most stylish First Ladies, along with Jackie O.

    • TJ

      I think JFK wins hands down. There is no competition.

    • Enrique Ollero

      I love me some Jed Bartlet, but the most stylish man in that Oval Office was his right hand man, Leo McGarry. Three piece suits, double breasted suits, classic peak lapels, pocket squares, tie bars, cufflinks, color – the man did it all. He was consistently the best dressed man on that show.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Good call Enrique! Leo was definitely the man

      • Drew J

        The understatedly, but always sharp Sam Seaborn might want a word with you. It almost felt like Leo was peacocking at times.

        • Joe Colucci

          Leo definitely had more flexibility with the power suits, because it made sense–he was a multi-millionaire with a couple decades in business before he took Bartlett to the White House. Sam was always put-together, but even on Rob Lowe, Washington business dress can only take you so far.

          Also, Obama looks great in that picture, and he does his basic “don’t have to think about it” dress very well (mostly by virtue of being athletic & wearing things that fit), but he has to get knocked down a couple pegs for his casual Mom jeans & sneakers.

          • Style Girlfriend

            I did appreciate that he always had his dress shirts monogrammed. This girl loves a man with his initials sewn somewhere discreetly on his clothing..

            • Drew J

              I’ve tried more than once to get a good screencapture of Sam’s monogram It’s a little bit different that most standard fonts and really sharp.

    • Chris Rogers

      Just noticed, everything is great with the Obama picture except for the cell phone holster! I will never understand wearing a phone holster on your belt, do you not have pockets?

    • HelloNurse

      Come on now, this a race for second place. Everyone knows JFK was to presidential style as Andrew Jackson was to presidential beatdowns and Taft was to presidential fat. For second place, I’m taking Nixon because it takes serious balls to rock an ascot, abuse of power and obstruction of justice-sized balls.

    • Matt M

      JFK. No contest

    • ATLien

      How do you talk about stylish presidents and not include Bill Clinton?

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nah, he only got stylish after he was president. The South Beach diet did wonders for that man..

    • Eric

      Out of the above I’ve got to go with JFK. Though I think that Obama always looks pretty dapper to!

    • Matt L.

      Truman was the most stylish in my opinion. He always looked sharp and comfortable in whatever he was wearing. Then again, I am from Missouri

      • Style Girlfriend

        Perhaps a little “favorite son” bias at work?

    • Style Girlfriend

      I mean, let’s be real – Josh is not anywhere in the running for best-dressed male on West Wing.