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    Holiday Party Style for Guys

    14th December 2012

    We are in full holiday party swing, which is great, but can involve some style conundrums. I don’t know about you, but it seems like every function I attend lately is preceded by a long, head-scratching time staring into my closet, trying to figure out the level of fancy, the degree of festive, the amount of merriment, that I want to convey with my outfit.

    To make things a little easier – for you fellas at least – I’ve put together four different holiday party outfits for four different types of parties.

    Mix and match, or go head-to-toe in just one outfit. Just, please, don’t wear the ugly sweater to your office Christmas party…


    Casual Holiday Party
    Pants: OBEY, $68
    Sweater: J.Crew, $90
    Belt: Banana Republic, $45
    Shoes: Lacoste, $160
    Ring: Obey, $24

    Fancy Holiday Party
    Sport Coat: Ben Sherman, $395
    Shirt: Banana Republic, $80
    Pants: Gap, $70
    Shoes: Ted Baker, $130
    Belt: Banana Republic, $45
    Pocket Square: The Tie Bar, $8
    Office Holiday Party
    Sport Coat: J.Crew, $328
    Vest: Ralph Lauren, $225
    Shirt: Brooks Brothers, $88
    Pants: Bonobos, $98
    Shoes: Fossil, $133
    Belt: Torino, $45
    Socks: J.Crew, $28


    Ugly Sweater Party
    Sweater: My Ugly Christmas Sweater, $50
    Jeans: H&M, $20
    Shoes: Clarks, $120
    Belt: Orvis, $59
    Socks: J.Crew, $35


    Tell me:

    What holiday parties are on your calendar this month? What are you wearing to them?




    • BJ McGeever

      Solid outfits, except for one detail. What’s with the shoes in the “fancy” outfit? Those are awful.

      • average joe

        I agree, the shoes are out of place.


        Agreed, who put this toghether! Squared toe, rubber soled shoes are what SG is supposed to be against. Im not a shoe snob by any means but those are ugly and has BJ put it awful!

        • Dave

          I’m planning to buy those and pair them with some nice bootcut jeans!

        • Style Girlfriend

          Hey guys, Gabi put these outfits together for me, and, while she did a great job with almost every aspect, I agree the shoes in the “fancy holiday party” pic are not great. That was MY oversight to not have her swap them out for a sleeker pair, so I’m sorry. Gotta love that she’s so proactive though, to have seen your comments and have updated them herself before I could even ask!

          So, to conclude:

          1) you guys are the best for noticing a square-toe shoe and quickly taking torches and pitchforks to it, and

          2) Gabi is the best for fixing this fashion faux pas so quickly!

          xo, Megan

          • Mark Vanderhorst

            Gabi rocks

            • Style Girlfriend

              I agree!

      • Jared

        Couldn’t agree more. Double monk straps would work quite nicely though.

      • gabi meyers

        Sorry guys! I had a slip of judgement. Check out the new shoes I put in; I hope you like them more than the previous pair!

    • average joe

      Gabi – the Office Party outfit knocks it out of the park (sports ref for you). But what’s up with the rubber soles in the “fancy outfit”?

      • average joe

        actually all the outfits are really nice, even if the office party one is $800

    • average joe

      At my work holiday party I wore a yellow Ralph Lauren Rugby sweater (with elbow) patches and a white Charles Tyrwhitt shirt underneath. I paired with with grey slacks and brown double monks – both Hugo Boss.

      • average joe

        i also wore a purple stripe rep tie from JCrew, but I think I’d forgo the tie next time. Sweater and a tie tends to look to science teacher-ish sometimes

    • Chris Rogers

      Definitely agree, the office party outfit rocks! Great job Gabi!!

    • Dreadpiratehurley

      I’m digging the blue suede boots. Nice find!

      • Style Girlfriend

        if they’re good enough for Elvis…

    • brianmo95

      You girls are the best! I have my friends annual and local Christmas Party tomorrow and I was like let me check and see if the girls have anything new posted. Didn’t want to be over or underdressed. Now I have options! Hmmm which outfit am I going to spill my egg nog on??

    • Jon

      Had mine last night. I wore something very similar to the “Fancy Holiday Party” style. Got a few compliments :]

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yeah ya did!

    • JJ

      I literally just shot the J Crew fair isle sweater this afternoon for an upcoming post. It is a really nice, versatile piece and I love it. Great call on all the outfits!

    • terry

      I’m late to the party, but like what I see,

      • Style Girlfriend

        Never too late for a positive comment on a piece! Thanks Terry