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    Outfit of the Week: Friday, February 22

    22nd February 2013
    This week’s OOTW comes to us from @MrEyeconic on Twitter.

    It’s not necessarily the style I responded so strongly to (though I do love a guy who can pull off a bow tie), it’s that he owns the whole look so confidently. He looks so put together, and it’s great how the different pieces coordinate without feeling too matchy-matchy.

    Also? Whoever said a sweater vest is nerdy should know better now. Mr Eyeconic obviously does.

    And those shoes? Get on every guy I know’s feet. Right now.

    Here’s what he had to say about his look:

    1. Bowtie (Self Tied) from Ebay
    2. Vest from Polo (similar here)
    3. Trousers: Levis 511′s
    4. Shoes and Watch both from Aldo “The shoes were love at first sight”
    Gabi’s take:

    My favorite parts are the straight fit chinos, bow-tie and watch. And the shoes that make the look his own. Also the little pop of red from the man on the horse, because red is my favorite color.

    Mr. Eyeconic, got anything to add? I’m sure readers would love to know where you got what you’re wearing in the picture above. Let us know in the comments!
    Then readers, tell me: Do you rock the bow tie look? What about the sweater vest? If so, how do you keep it cool (and less pocket protector-esque)
    • average joe

      I would like to know if that bow tie is tied or pre-tied. Great look.

      • Not Theodore

        The bow tie is actually a self tied version. Ever since I learned how to tie them myself I refuse to wear pre-tied ones.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Good to know! Can you tell us where everything is from? I’ll add the brands to the post itself

          • Not Theodore

            Posted it above for everyone.

            • Style Girlfriend


            • Not Theodore

              My pleasure. Thank you.

        • average joe

          hear, hear

    • Enrique Ollero

      Love those shoes! And the whole preppy look.

      I do rock a bow tie (and I’ve got a mix of pre-tied and regular bow ties). I’ll wear them with vests, blazers, sweaters – the key is to own it. If you look uncomfortable in it, then you’re gonna look nerdy. The second key is to tie it properly – sloppy bow ties are a no-no.

      As for vests, I do love a good vest, but I don’t really do sweater vests. They’re just not my thing. The unstructured torso hug just isn’t a flattering look for someone a little bit soft in the middle. Plus there’s a guy at work who wears them all the time and I don’t think I’d enjoy the association.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I totally get that! If someone you see all the time already “owns” a look, it can make you not want to try it (especially if he’s not doing it well…you don’t want to look like you’re copying someone with bad style – even if you know you’d do it better!)

    • Not Theodore

      Thanks for having me on your site @Style Girlfriend. This look actually consist of a number of items from different sources.

      1. Bowtie (Self Tied) from Ebay
      2. Vest from Polo
      3. 511 Trousers from Levis
      4. Shoes and Watch both from Aldo (The shoes were love at first sight)

    • Natural Workwear

      I do like the color overall (and particularly the shoes), but I do have a couple ofissues with the outfit:
      1) The combination of the sweater vest and the narrow khakis makes the middle a bit too prominent. I am a frequent sweater vest wearer, and always worry about this.
      2) I find the watch a bit too big.

      Fortunately both of these problems can be solved with a jacket.

    • Jim

      I feel like bow-ties always look better on black dudes. I tried to wear one but I’m white as fuck and it just made me look like a Republican.

      • Style Girlfriend


      • average joe

        I think I may have met a white democrat wearing a bow tie in Charleston once, but that would be the only time.

    • Eytan
      • Style Girlfriend

        Wow, thank you Eytan! Will swap it in above now

    • Derric

      Shoutouts to self-tied bow ties. *points at avatar* I won’t wear a clip-on.

      I won’t do sweater vests myself at the moment, but I won’t hate on a guy that wears one well.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Seconded on the shout out!

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