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  • Outfit of the Week: Friday, February 15

Outfit of the Week: Friday, February 15

15th February 2013

This week’s #OOTW (outfit of the week) goes to…Mat!


What did I love about Mat’s outfit? What didn’t I love? The bold mix of colors with that blue gingham against the rust-colored shoes and tie? The sharp-looking tie clip? The manning up of a cream-colored cardigan that I want to borrow like, right now? That artfully matched backdrop?! I mean, c’mon. Go Mat.

Here’s what Mat had to say about his look:


  • Cardigan:  H&M
  • Shirt:  Tommy Hilfiger. “Got it off the clearance rack at their outlet, removed the chest pocket with the logo on it as I don’t like logos on clothing, and slimmed the sides and sleeves with my sewing machine (best skill I ever acquired).”
  • Tie:  Rust silk knit, The Tie Bar
  • Tie Bar:  Police-issue tie bar. “They’re only $5 and just plain and silver, which I prefer.”
  • Pants:  Lands End linen pants.  “Even though it’s winter, here in Northern California it’s pretty mild. These are a heavier linen, so they work well year-round here.”
  • Shoes:  Allen Edmonds Sanford
  • Bag:  Timberland


Do you have what it takes to top all other SG readers to nab #OOTW honors? Email me your best looks at megan (at) stylegirlfriend dot com.

Tell me: What do you think of Mat’s dressed-up casual look?
  • Chris Rogers

    At first glance I thought he was wearing a very light khaki/cream Blazer, either way this look is killer and my favorite OOTW so far! Great job Mat and thanks for the run down on what you’re wearing.
    By the way, great idea on removing the pockets with logos, I would have never thought to do that!

    • mat anderson

      Yeah, it’s not too difficult, just get a seam ripper to remove the stitching. The small holes left behind will pretty much disappear once you wash it.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I do that with all my old Abercrombie shirts that I can’t bear to part with! Just rip that moose right out and no one’s the wiser :)

        • Chris Rogers

          Once again this is genius! I know I’ve got a seam ripper around here somewhere.

  • Derric

    Love that cardigan. I need a light colored sweater, as I also said in the last Function post. Mat, is that a recent purchase? If it’s recent, I may have to stop in at H&M the next time I get a “Buy some clothes” bug.

  • average joe

    err-thang about this is boss – great job Mat!

  • Brent

    Hey Mat, any good references for slimming up shirts? Thanks!

    • mat anderson

      I’m sure there are, I just figured it out on my own by looking at items that fit me well and replicating it. The way I usually do it is put it on and gauge how much you want taken in by pinching the sides and taking note of how much you’re pinching, then take it off and turn it inside out and pin it accordingly, then put it back on and see how it looks, then keep going back and forth moving the pins and making adjustments until you like it. Then just sew it along those marks. Shirts are relatively easy since you can make small errors and it’ll still look decent. Pants and jackets are a little trickier, but just take practice and some trial and error. My suggestion is buy some cheap thrift store or clearance items (or items you don’t wear anymore) and practice on them.

      • Brent

        Great, thanks for being so thorough!

  • brianmo95

    Way to go man! Phenomenal job

  • Robert Coleman

    Top job Mat! I rarely comment on anything but this outfit warrants some praise, keep up the good work! This is also my favourite OOTW so far.

  • Eric

    Awesome look! I love the look of those shoes, really nice.

  • Ryan


    Dude does his own alterations!

  • Neil

    Great look! I especially like the fit of the pants. Any alterations there?

    • mat anderson

      Not this pair, no. I got these through, where you can choose unfinished or select your inseam down to the 1/4″ and they’ll hem them for you, with or without a cuff. So these are actually a 32×32.75. Otherwise I always have to buy 32×34′s and hem them myself to get the right fit.

  • roger

    Where did you get the $5 tie bar?

  • Steven Bremer

    Where can I get that sweater. I can’t find it on the H&M website.

    • mat anderson

      I got it about 6 months ago, I’m sure it was a fall/winter seasonal item, so they probably aren’t carrying it anymore.

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