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  • Outfit of the Week: ZipFit Denim Experts Focus on Fit and Technology

Outfit of the Week: ZipFit Denim Experts Focus on Fit and Technology

8th July 2013
This week’s #OOTW winner will soon be in denim heaven.

zipfit_denim_logoThat’s because SG’s most stylish reader will be on the receiving end of a custom fitting experience from denim retailer ZipFit.

Taking home a brand, spanking new pair of jeans from the Chicago-based denim experts, this well-dressed gent will find himself shopping for his perfect pants at the intersection of fit and technology. Thanks to an algorithm I can’t begin to comprehend, ZipFit helps match guys with the right pair of jeans based upon a pair you already love, OR based on your body type and fit preferences.

Sort of like OKCupid…but for jeans. Right? Right.

The site also stores your preferences so you can order a new pair without much fuss when you’re ready to expand your denim repertoire.



Personally, I love the backstory of the company almost as much as its service. Back in 2010, ZipFit co-founder and CEO Liz Kammel was chatting with a group of male MBA classmates about shopping. Specifically, how much the guys hated not being able to find jeans that fit without first trying on twenty “Nope” “I don’t think so” “Not these either” pairs. Inspiration struck the would-be entrepreneur.

A self-proclaimed “huge math nerd,” Kammel cross-referenced a ton of men’s denim brands and their fits. For two years, she bribed those same male classmates to accompany her to department stores and boutiques to try on pair after pair of jeans. From her denim obsession, ZipFit was born.

I mean, another smart chick helping guys look great? You know I love that.


{brands carried by ZipFit}

ZipFit will also hem to your length if you want them to, and shipping is always free. Honest to god, I can barely stand paying for shipping at this point. Just build it into the cost of doing business, or make it a flat fee of $5 or less. Seriously. And while I would strangle someone with a piano wire if it meant I could use their service myself, ZipFit is strictly bros-only.


You guys know the drill. Give us some confident (but not cocky!) smiles, a good head-to-toe shot of your look, and of course, the in’s and out’s of what you’re wearing. Brands, the weather that day, what you were thinking when you had it on…the whole shebang. Get your pics in to megan (at) stylegirlfriend(dot) com by Thursday at 9am EST!

Good luck!