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    Outfit of the Week: May 3, 2013

    3rd May 2013
    This week’s #OOTW winner is…


    Congrats Dominic – you win a $200 gift card to Johnston & Murphy!

    Here’s what Dom (can we call you Dom?) had to say about his look:

    Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider (J.Crew)

    Splurged a bit on these last summer and so glad I did. I have to guard against wearing these too often, as they are comfortable, stylish and go with basically everything I wear. Tried to get just the regular Sperry Top-Siders first (they were less expensive) but couldn’t get past the stiffness/newness. I love the weathered look of these and, though you can’t see it in the pic, there’s a cotton chambray lining in the footbed that elevate these to another level. Fantastic shoe.

    Shirt: Selvedge Chambray Utility Shirt (J.Crew)

    My wife bought this for me after our first son was born. She was on bed rest for the final four months of her high-risk pregnancy, and I picked up the slack around the house — cleaning, cooking meals, walking dogs, getting her to appointments, etc. Really shined a light on everything she does for our family and every time I wear this shirt, I think of her and those days.

    Pants: Vintage Slim Garment Dyed Jeans (J.Crew)

    Got these a couple weeks ago, for 19.99 off the sale rack at the Third Street Promenade store in Santa Monica. First foray into dyed denim. So far, so good.

    Tie: Floral Print (Liberty of London for Target)

    Bought for less than $30 at a spring-themed NYC pop-up store (42nd and 6th) that Target and Liberty of London teamed up on a few years ago. A smidge wider than I prefer (I think it’s right at 3″; normally I’m at 2.5″ or less), but it screams spring/summer and pairs nicely with the chambray and khaki.

    Sunglasses: Chocalate / Amber Premium (Knockaround)

    I can’t remember how I found this San Diego-based brand, but most likely through one of the men’s lifestyle blogs I read. Can’t beat the price ($14) or the style. Wore these on a recent visit to my hometown of Nashville, where a friend remarked: “Those sunglasses are so California.” Love that.

    Watch: Timex Military Watch (J.Crew)

    Received as a Christmas gift three years ago and haven’t taken it off since. Of the 7-8 bands I own, I wear this red one the least. Only wear it when an outfit needs a pop of color, as it can be a little too much otherwise.

    Picture Location: Long Beach, Calif

    I took the first one (on a timer) in the backyard of our Craftsman-style bungalow in the Belmont Heights neighborhood of Long Beach. My wife Danny took the second one in front of our next door neighbor’s house.

    Gabi’s Take:

    Firstly, I love those boat shoes. They just seem especially put together for a pair of boat shoes. But what really made me root for Dominic was the chambray shirt and floral tie combo. Everything together feels so perfectly spring-timey.

    Megan’s Take:

    At first, I thought, boat shoes? For a shoe-themed Outfit of the Week? But when I read Dominic’s description, I realized I could totally relate. I bought my first pair of Sperry’s three summers ago (ed. note: why do I remember these things??) and I went back to Nordstrom twice before pulling the trigger on that purchase. For a shoe that’s supposed to get beat the heck up, it struck me as a lot of money. Of course, now it’s three years later, and those things have molded to my feet like pigs in a blanket. I can’t imagine not having them. It was one of a few purchases around that time that put me on a “buy better, buy less” trajectory, and I think it’s as good a shoe as any to exemplify the idea of “stepping up your footwear game.”

    Congrats Dominic!

    Tell us:
    What was your first “expensive” (and that can mean different things to different people) shoe purchase?
    • Natural Workwear

      Allen Edmonds walnut Strands. Got them at full price, and I have absolutely no regrets (and this from a consummate thrifter). They are easily my most comfortable shoe, and go with everything from a suit to jeans.

      Nearly 6 years later they still look fantastic. Imagine if I actually took proper care of them!

      • DW

        My godfather bought me a pair of AE bit loafers to wear for job interviews when I was a senior in college. Then I bought a pair of AE Strands for myself with my first paycheck after I got hired!

        • Style Girlfriend

          Love that!

      • Style Girlfriend

        They look great!

    • Matt M

      Great outfit Dominic. Really enjoyed your stories about each of the items you chose. And how could I not respect a fellow Angelino (I know the Santa Monica J Crew store well!). Outfit looks like something I wear on a regular basis (although I don’t have a tie like that, only a pocket square).

      Well done and congrats on winning this week!


      • Dom

        Appreciate it, Matt. Love the Santa Monica store. Was just there again yesterday to take advantage of the 25% off sale. Got a navy slub polo for $15.

    • Drew J

      My first “expensive” pair of shoes was a pair of Redwing boots I bought my Junior year of college. They were all the rage with college guys back then, just beat them to hell and wear them everyday. They were something like $130 which was a princely sum for a kid with a part-time job. But considering that was 14 years ago and they still get regular wear during the winter, I suppose it was a good investment.

      • Drew J

        When I finally decided to buy a tux a few years after college, I spent too much time reading I had a very specific idea of what I wanted in a formal shoe and most of the ones out there that I found had something that wasn’t perfect about them. I finally spent too much on a pair from Brooks Brothers, but they were exactly what I wanted and have held up great over the years.

    • LawDawg

      I got a pair of Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. black cap toe oxfords as a gift from my mom in 2006. She said it was the last pair of shoes she would ever buy me, and wanted to make them worth it. They are basic, go with everything I wear, and yet I don’t wear them nearly enough. I try to limit them to work or formal occasions because I don’t want to ruin them.

      I purchased myself a pair of Luchesse boots in law school. They are african antelope skin, come to a narrow square toe up front, and look great. I wanted to send them in for outfit of the week, but did not get a chance to get someone to take a picture.

      • Style Girlfriend

        You can always submit a look with those boots next week :)

    • Kiel

      Neighbors House (J. Crew)


    • Jeff Rider

      Yeah, I bought a pair of the Allen Edmonds McAllister’s (I’m a wingtip
      guy) at full price, from the Allen Edmonds store even. Impeccable
      service there, it’s where I learned I should be WIDER shoes rather than a
      half size larger shoes to accommodate orthotic insoles.

      I liked
      the service, and I liked that they’ll rebuild them from the ground up
      for life! It’s like the last pair of great brown dress shoes I’ll ever
      need to buy. I have to remind myself, though, that they go great with
      jeans too, not just suits. For the cash, they feel like they need to be
      protected, but THEY DON’T!

      So I’ll see your Strands, and raise you McAllister’s, with stripey socks!

    • Jon Malesic

      When I was 21, I bought a pair of brown Doc Martens oxfords at Nordstrom Rack after thinking and thinking for weeks about whether they were more than I could afford. A few days after I bought them, I took a train to New Haven, CT (where I’d never been before, or since), and walked all over the place in them. My feet were bleeding by the afternoon, and I totally regretted both the purchase and the trip. Eventually, they broke in, and I wore them just about every day for years. The shoes were totally appropriate for just about every occasion in my early-20s life.

    • DanPatrickFlores

      Okay, I don’t think I had a chance this week, good thing I didn’t submit a photo. Great look, Dominic!

      • Dom

        Thanks bud. Appreciate that.

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