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    Outfit of the Week: March 15, 2013

    15th March 2013

    Congrats to our latest #OOTW man, Alejandro!



    This picture came to us from the Twittersphere, with Alejandro, or @NerdyMexicano online, tagging his outfit #LookGoodDoGood.

    Whatever he was doing, he definitely looked good doing it.


    By the looks of that shovel and sprinkling of snow, it appears Alejandro and his outfit are still caught in the throes of messy “Is it winter? Is it spring?” confusion that plagues so many of our wardrobes at this time of year. I feel you Alejandro. Good thing, then, that he’s dressed so sharply, with creative layering, to take on whatever temperature he faces.

    Also, lately, I’ve been really noticing how guys pair their shoes and pant. If Gabi’s all about the sock and shoe combo this week, I’m sticking in the same region.

    From my vantage point, I’m looking for a guy in a shoe that’s not too square, and the pants that aren’t too loose. Alejandro’s nailing the “pants cut close to the ankle and shoe elegantly rounded off at the toes” look that just makes a guy look like he knows what he’s doing when it comes to his wardrobe… and probably other areas as well.


    I love the look of a blazer layered over cardigan, and the fact that they look like they were tailored to his body is the cherry on top. And the color of those pants is just divine. But what really won me over was his smile! He clearly loves his outfit, and so do we.

    Remember…you can enter your favorite look for #OOTW by tweeting at me, @styleGF or emailing a picture to And stay tuned for some exciting news about our weekly competition next week.
    And when it comes to the picture you snap, remember: Smiles! Natural light! Someone else taking the picture so we get to see all of you!

    Tell us: What do you like about Alejandro’s look? And what are you favorite layers for the unpredictable weather of March?

    **And Alejandro! We’d love it if you’d enlighten us about the elements of your outfit. Leave info for readers on how to get your look in the comments below!


    • Chris Rogers

      Great Look! Congrats Alejandro!!

    • average joe

      That jacket/sweater combo is dope!

    • Michael Bailey

      Very nice!! I may…ahem…”borrow” some elements of this look. :)

      • Style Girlfriend

        Borrow away – these OOTW’s are meant to inspire you guys in your own looks!

    • RexKwonDo

      What kind of watch is that, son?

      • Alejandro Camacho

        I got it from Avon believe it or not. I love this watch and it didn’t cost me a lot. Like Megan said in one of her posts, women don’t care about the kind of watch you have. If you find yourself a decent looking watch, get it and wear it with confidence!

        • RexKwonDo

          Word, Avon? I wouldn’t have guessed that. Looks good from a distance. I have to disagree when it comes to watches though. Women may not judge you on your taste in watches but other men certainly will. Watches are one men’s accessory where I think quality is a must and that usually means spending some mullah on a nice timepiece. Not saying to go splurge on a Rolex but I cringe when I see cats rocking Michael Kors watches thinking they’re impressive or stylish.

          Could you share the model or a link? I’m interested to see what type of stuff they’re selling.

          Props on the ootw.

          • Style Girlfriend

            Hey, lay off Michael Kors; I rock a watch by him!

            • RexKwonDo

              Michael Kors is all good for the ladies, but men shouldn’t be rocking Michael Kors gear. It’s like when I see guys wearing Lululemon; it’s just not right.

          • Alejandro Camacho

            Here’s the link:

            Sorry for the delay. I recently took the MCAT and haven’t had time to reply.

            • RexKwonDo

              Thanks for the link. That is a nice looking watch indeed. I like the nice clean classic design. From photo, it shows as a quartz watch with Japanese movement. Pretty good for such an inexpensive watch. I would venture to say that Japanese movements are second only to Swiss movements in terms of quality and accuracy. In the words of J. Cole, “nice watch!”

        • Style Girlfriend
    • DanPatrickFlores

      Great outfit, it looks fitted, but still able to move around freely. Personally, I’d add a pop of color, maybe with the shirt or tie, but it’s a very awesomely subtle outfit at first glance. I like the double boutonniere, the devil’s in the details.

      • Style Girlfriend

        You know I love a little color!

    • Alejandro Camacho

      I bought the tie and boots from Aldo, the shirt and blazer from H&M, and the cardigan from Banana Republic. The pants are Ralph Lauren but I actually got them for $20 at T.J. Maxx!

      • ChrisReetz

        Blazer is great. Recent pick-up (I hope)? Will be dropping by H&M this weekend if so.

    • Guest

      Well put together, everything done right. A cardigan under a sportscoat looks great. If I was to change anything, maybe some colour somewhere would be nice – perhaps the necktie.

    • Kevin

      Pretty solid, bottom button on that cardigan needs to be unbuttoned though.

    • luckycharmznet

      Great look!!

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