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    Outfit of the Week: July 12, 2013

    12th July 2013

    Congrats, Brady, the title of proud SG Outfit of the Week winner is yours!

    You’ll get to experience what it’s like to buy jeans without the hassle, with a new pair from ZipFit Denim. Be sure to send in a picture of you in your new steez for the next #OOTW!



    Here’s what Brady had to say about his look:

    This week I went out to my favorite winery with my fiance and did some wine tasting, got a favorite bottle of locally grown Chambourcin, and enjoyed it in the vineyard. The Indiana summers are hot and sticky, and this year is no different. This day was in the high 80′s with some heavy humidity.

    It’s nearly impossible to stay cool in this weather, so dressing minimally is key. I am wearing a color blocked MBxUniqlo polo with some tailored khakis (Gap Tailored Collection) and my Bass Weejuns. Gotta keep the pants cropped to let the breeze hit your ankles. Little things make all the difference when the weathers hot, no undershirt, no socks, no belt, and something to wipe your brow. I like to keep a bandanna/handkerchief in my back pocket so just a little is peeking out. It adds a touch of color and is extremely useful. Kinda like a pocket square for your pants, except there’s utility as well.

    Im also wearing a TAG heritage collection timepiece and my Rx Sunglasses from Warby Parker. Prescription sunglasses are usually very expensive and not always the most stylish, so Warby Parker is DEFINITELY the way to go!


    Gabi’s Take

    It’s hard to go wrong with a bright and simple rugby stripe in a classic color combo and a pair of perfect-fitting khakis. And those loafers look equal parts classy and comfy. Brady could have gone untucked, but I’m glad he went with tucked. It’s more figure flattering AND makes him look like he spent time getting ready, which is always a good thing. A great example of when a little extra effort goes a long way. And that back pocket hanky, #swoon.

    Megan’s Take

    As usual, it’s the thought that counts, and I love how much thought Brady put into his outfit. Even the aspects I’m not crazy abaout (no belt?!), he did on purpose, and I respect that. Also, that Michael Bastian x Uniqlo polo – that one specifically – rocked my world when the collection launched; really, I wanted to see it on every guy I knew, so the fact that Brady snagged one for himself is pretty impressive. And I’ll agree with Gabi on the back pocket bandanna being majorly swoon-worthy. And on top of all that, a vineyard wine tasting date would sound good to pretty much every girl I know. Way to go, Brady.

    Tell Us:

    How do you stay cool and composed in the hot summer sun?

    • average joe

      nice look

    • West

      I think he’s really pulling off the no-belt thing. I think it has to do with fit (generally) but especially how the fit cleans up the tucked in shirt. It all looks smooth, soft and not too tight.

    • WideEyesTWBlog

      Hmm…maybe I should start sending some ‘butt-shots’ in with my submissions…haha just kidding (maybe). I do like the outfit though! That was one of my favorite MB x Uniqlo polos as well, I opted for a different one but that looks great. Well done. I personally would have gone for a belt (belt loops look lonely without them), but considering, I think it doesn’t detract from the look at all (some suits, etc. look weird with empty loops), so it works!

    • TJ

      Good look man! You deserve the win!

    • Eric

      +1 for the bandanna in the back pocket, I always carry one the same way.
      As for the controversial lack of belt, I probably would’ve worn one that complimented the loafers But I think the fact that everyone is mentioning the dearth of pant retention says a lot. Real style definitely needs some controversy!

    • Brady

      Thanks for the kind words everyone!

      As for the lack of belt, it was a conscious decision to leave it off for this outfit. 9 times out of 10, I would have a belt on with this same look, but opted out to keep it a little softer and more casual. Takes some of the heft off the waist as well, which for the humid weather, any little bit helps. I also totally agree with empty loops looking like their missing something, but these pants only have 5 loops across the waist, which doesn’t leave too much emptiness.

      Big thanks to ZipFit Denim, Megan, and Gabi. Love the OOTW posts and seeing what everyone is wearing. Keep it up StyleGirlfriend Team!

    • kellen owenby

      Props for the hanky. I always have one in my back left pocket. It is my casual everyday version of a pocket square. My only critique of the outfit is the lack of belt. A canvas d-ring belt would have been awesome with that outfit and could have added another pop of color. Otherwise, great look!

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