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    Outfit of the Week: Friday, March 8, 2013

    8th March 2013
    This week’s #OOTW goes to…reader Brian!

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    Here’s what Brian had to say about his look:
    “Despite the weather forecast for tomorrow, springtime is just around the corner. And now that it’s March in Baltimore, that means some pretty unpredictable and volatile weather, which can definitely make getting dressed in the morning a challenge.
    Nothing helps me deal with potentially wide temperature swings than some transitional layering. A cold morning commute, afternoon sunshine, or an unexpected warm front: I’m covered.
    Brian has a clear point of view when it comes to his personal style, which I love. Plus, he’s a style blogger in his own right (check out Baltimore Style Guy here), so knows a few things about what looks good together.
    And obviously – obbbbbviously – I had to give it up for that sweet denim layer poking out from underneath his jacket. Look familiar?
    Several readers have asked about the jean jacket I wore under my peacoat in this post, and I’d encourage all of you to try it. The elements should already be in your closet – everyone has a denim jacket stuffed away somewhere, right? And as Brian said, spring is just around the corner. The last thing I want to do when there’s a cold snap is to throw on my heavy winter coat. Layering up with a light(er) jacket and another underneath is perfect for the in-between weather days.
    Here’s the deets Brian gave on his layered-up look:
    • Heather titanium marled henley
    • vintage striped cotton oxford shirt
    • british khaki chinos by J.Crew
    • Washed denim jacket by Levi’s
    • Navy wool upland jacket by Woolrich
    • Brown leather plaque belt by J.Crew
    • Brown socks by Johnston & Murphy
    • Burgundy penny loafers by Bass Weejuns
    • Aviator sunglasses by AO Eyewear
    • Watch by Timex, Olive and red NATO G10 watch band by J.Crew
    Remember…you can enter your favorite look for #OOTW by tweeting at me, @styleGF or emailing a picture to Remember: Smiles! Natural light! Someone else taking the picture so we get to see all of you!

    Tell me: What do you like about Brian’s look? And have you jumped on the jean jacket-under-a-coat bandwagon yet?

    • TJ

      Great look man. I’ve considered doing the denim jacket thing but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I just moved to Florida so I won’t have to worry about layering for cold weather nearly as much.

    • ChrisReetz

      Like those shoes – quality alright? Great look!

      • Brian

        Thanks a lot! For the price and look, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value than a pair of Weejuns. Balancing the practical with the aspirational is important to me.

        • Alain

          Are they a bit stiff when you first buy them?

          • Brian

            Maybe a little, but they break in pretty fast.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Love me some Weejuns…got something brewing on the site with them in the next couple weeks!

    • kellen owenby

      Great look! I really dig the loafers with the denim jacket! My wife got me a denim jacket for my birthday last year. I wear it almost everyday as a transitional layer *like a cardigan or a light sweater. I love the snug fit of it, and the pop of denim instantly elevates most outfits…

      • Brian

        Definitely. I’m a big fan of mixing dressed up elements with more casual ones.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Sounds like you’ve figured out the perfect way to wear it! And your wife sounds like a great gift-giver :)

    • Derric

      Denim jacket as a middle layer is a winning look between here and TSBmen. This OOTW, Megan’s feature on TSBmen, and TSBmen’s February giveaway winner. Guess I should get me a denim jacket…

      • Brian

        I lucked into the two that I have. The Levis store downtown was closing and they had sick deals on everything. Right place at the right time.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Three’s a trend..even when they’re all on my recco – right?

    • Canadian Pacific

      Love the look! I wish the jacket and pants were a little bit more fitted.

      • Brian

        Thanks! I’ll agree with you on the pants. They’re new and I’m still breaking them in a little before having my tailor taper and hem them. The jacket, when buttoned, is really fitted. That it’s open in this photo is probably what you see.

        • Canadian Pacific

          Makes sense! Thanks!

    • Brian

      Thanks, I really appreciate that!

    • Bob

      I got blue and grey peacoats this winter from Old Navy for $20 each, After xmas sale! Cant wait to start layering in the coming weeks.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice! Love me an after-Christmas sale..

    • arthur

      Good combo. Although I feel the chinos should get hemmed rather than being rolled up. creates a shaper silhouette.

      • Brian

        See my comment to Canadian Pacific.

        • arthur

          After the hemming and tapering the whole look would be close to perfect :)

    • anthony


      • Brian

        Hahaha! Yes!

    • Style Girlfriend

      Agreed! One of the things – apart from the awesome jacket :) – that drew me to Brian’s picture is that he seems like he has a really strong sense of his own personal style. That hair is definitely part of a whole “look” which I appreciate!

    • Mark Vanderhorst

      I do like to layer both sweatshirts and jackets, I use to be a dairy stocker and layering was a must while stocking milk in the walk in.

    • Fashion Fella

      Really like it, I’m often using my denim jacket (which is similar to this one) as the outer layer, with a lighter jacket underneath, and some easy chinos, tones down the denim and is great for the transitional seasons.