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    Outfit of the Week: April 12, 2013

    12th April 2013

    Way to go, Beau, you’ve got this week’s Outfit of the Week!

    Consider yourself the newest owner of a month subscription to FreshNeck, Beau!

    photo (4)ioho


    Here’s what Beau had to say about his look:

    “The warm weather finally hit SF yesterday so I brought out the summer colors.
    The pants and shirt are J Crew, shoes are John Nordstrom, the watch is Prep ( a cheap brand that I tell everyone is J Crew to give it some value), and the shades are Alexander Daas.
    Slim fit pants are a little new to me, as a kid I wore size 42×32 pants in the days when huge pants ruled, but now I wear size 33×32 to get a good fit.  If my mom saw me wearing these pants, she would be so happy.”

    Gabi’s Take:

    Simple, but still stylish! Everything fits great, which really *makes* the outfit. I can’t decide which is the best accessory: the shades or the smile.

    Megan’s Take:

    There was no way I could give this week’s #OOTW crown to anyone but Beau. His outfit confirms for all to see that it is, in fact spring. I mean, gingham? I love it. Light-colored khakis? You don’t wear those bad boys in snow. Lack of any and all winter layers? Yes please. Easy breezy attitude and matching smile? Check and check. Way to go Beau, you deserve this win.

    Tell Us: What do you like most about Beau’s look? What are your favorite colors for summer?

    Remember…you can enter your favorite look for #OOTW by tweeting at @styleGF (don’t forget the hashtag!) or emailing a picture to
    • average joe

      I think I read on Put this On once that you should dress in a way in which people say you look nice, but don’t exactly know why. This is it. Good job.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ahh, I’ve never read that, but I love it! Good call Joe

    • Michael Bailey

      Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!
      I dressed similarly for a date a few weeks ago, except I wore white jeans instead of chinos. I think the chinos look better. You look stellar Beau!

      • Style Girlfriend

        I bet the white jeans looked great too. Did your date comment on your outfit at all?

        • Michael Bailey

          Lol. Nope. Not at all. She wanted to see me again, so she must not have minded. :) I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had date compliment my clothing. I’ve women who wanted a date mention it. Female friends and even strangers have brought it up, but never a date.

    • Chris Rogers

      Fantastic look I wore a similar albeit more casual look as this for Easter. White shorts and a purple and blue tattersall shirt. Congratulations Beau and thanks for the details!

    • DanPatrickFlores

      I’m stealing this look for tomorrow, thanks Beau!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Perhaps that outfit will be an entry for a future #OOTW?

        • DanPatrickFlores

          Haha, well it was too similar to Beau’s, and he probably wore it better. Although, at nightfall, I had a navy blue lightweight Harrington jacket that went well with it.

    • Adam Wyatt

      Great look! I can’t wait for spring to finally hit here!

      • Style Girlfriend

        I know, me neither!

    • Kiel

      I’m glad this made “Outfit of the Week.” It’s simple, it’s normal, it’s doable. I’d like to know if Beau’s got a cool jacket for when the sun goes down. But as a Californian I know that it’s often unnecessary.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Hopefully he’ll share it here if he does!

    • @ZAKbrand

      Great American Classic style…Love this!

    • Ryan

      Simple and elegant, I like this a lot. Great pants (great everything really). Exactly what colour is the gingham shirt? Hard to tell from the pic.

    • Eric

      No bells or whistles, just simple, manly style. Love it.

    • FreshNeck

      Well done, Beau. We love the simplicity and the seasonality. And yes, your mother would be proud. Enjoy your complimentary FreshNeck membership!

    • Bocephus Bunch

      This totally made my day! Thank you. – Beau

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