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    Outfit of the Day: Music Festival Style

    10th April 2013
    Happy Wednesday! Intern Gabi’s here to knock out a reader question for me this week. You know the drill: Read up, learn something new, then show her some love in the comments…

    Festival season is HERE! Ultra and SXSW have already happened, Coachella starts this weekend, and Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and several more are still to come!

    While getting dressed for a regular concert  is enough of a hassle, it’s a whole ‘nother bag of worms to deal with when you’re going to festivals. While I’m not really an “outdoor person,” it feels like everything outside to require slightly more hassling than indoor events. So, I put together an outfit that covers all the bases, and broke down each piece’s special powers.

    In the comments on my post last week, you guys requested outfits made from one site – one-stop shopping is less of a hassle and you can unlock free shipping – so as per request I made two outfits, from one store each.

    Behold, the Festival Looks.

    The first look is from H&M

    CaptureShirt: $25 Hat: $13 Sunglasses:$10 Belt:$18 Shorts:$13 Shoes: $18

    This second outfit comes from Van

    Capture2Shorts: $48 Sunglasses: $12 Shirt: $35 Hat: $28 Belt: $18 Shoes: $45

    So what makes these outfits special? Let me explain:

    1. Dark shorts hide grass stains

    You’re going to be outside in the open air, with the sun shining the breeze blowing through, and your favorite music playing, and you’re just going to want to take a minute to take it all in. This probably means lounging in the grass. Sure, maybe you brought a blanket, but in case you didn’t, wear pants that won’t show grass stains, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

    2. Bright or crazy shirt so your friends can find you

    These things are held at big venues; honestly, I can’t imagine how you DON’T get separated from your friends at least once. I would be lost for all of it {SG: Right? Me too!}. So, instead of wearing a white shirt and khaki pants with grey shoes so you look like everyone you do and don’t know, wear at least one thing that’s totally outrageous so your friends can see you from a mile away.

    3. Cheap sneaks so you’re not upset when they get ruined (or lost)

    There are times when it’s worthwhile to invest in pricier kicks, but this is not one of them. You’re outside, probably traversing mud, being in the vicinity of port-a-potties, and maybe even getting projectile vomited on by a crowd surfer who ate a bad burrito.

    Don’t wear your favorite shoes unless they are going into retirement. I wore my ah-mazing silk Nike high tops to an outdoor Blink 182 concert in August in Pennsylvania, and it rained the entire timeI still have them, but they’re…changed from that experience.

    4. Sunscreen!

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this enough, but YOU’RE OUTSIDE! DURING THE DAY! IN THE SUN! I don’t care how long you’ve worked on your “base tan” (which I desperately hope you guys haven’t been doing via Fake ‘n’ Bake, Snooki-Style) you will get sunburnt. Wear sunscreen, and a hat, and sunglasses. Repeat after me; Too much is never enough. Well, this is. But seriously, shield yourself.

    Other things you might want to bring include: blanket to sit on, map of festival grounds, backpack to hold merch/waterbottles/snacks/life, bathing suit, photocopy of tickets (just in case), a watch (if you don’t want to use your phone), a weatherproof jacket, sweatshirt in case it gets cold at night.

    Tell Us,

    Do you plan on hitting up any festivals this summer? Have any wardrobe advice to share from past festivals? Leave ‘em in the comments!

    • Pat

      Firefly in Dover in June, but that involves 2 nights of camping which should complicate things.

      • Style Girlfriend

        We should have included stylish camping equipment :)

        • Evan

          Definitely necessary. Sasquatch in just over a month!

          • Style Girlfriend

            I’ve never heard of that one! What/where is Sasquatch?

      • gabi meyers

        Firefly has SUCH a good line-up!

    • redsa6729

      My friends and I hit up Austin City Limits every year, along with a 6 foot inflatable Gumby. Not a summer fest since it’s in October, but it’s still crazy hot in Texas. Both outfits are pretty accurate with what I wear though I don’t put as much thought into it. I usually just ask myself, what don’t I mind getting sweat, rain, and/or beer on.

      • gabi meyers

        That is an important question to ask!

    • Moe

      Osheaga in Montreal!!!! My go to for festival [all the time] clothing is usually OBEY. I’m obsessed with their selections. Fellas definitely check out the brand!

    • Zachary W Thoren

      Heading to bonnaroo for the second year in a row and I whole heartedly agree with these. This, and tanktops, are all I wore. Definitely plan on ruining at least one of your pairs of shoes and probably another item of clothing if you’re going for multiple days!

    • DJ

      That hat, its awful.

    • Molecular

      Only if H&M had an online store :(

      • Martin

        they do. but free shipping comes only with promo codes.

        also it can take a while until you get your product.

        • TJ

          not in the u.s. they don’t. it is supposed to come this summer from what I have heard though.

    • Michael Fitchko

      Great tips! specifically wearing something identifiable as well as wearing stuff that you’re ok with getting dirty (understatement). Along those lines, I have a tradition with outdoor music festivals: wearing a clean, new white T. The festival will leave its mark (mostly dirt, booze, sweat, glow stick guts), and ideally you’ve managed to grab some autographs, stickers, etc. along the way. It ends up becomming an awesome keepsake unique to each experience.

      • gabi meyers

        that’s a great idea, michael!

      • gabi meyers

        that’s a great idea, michael!

    • Jaspan


      • TJ

        Never gotten to go myself but a bunch of my friends have.

    • Kiel

      Gotta thumbs down that second look. I wanna beat that guy up. The first one is fun though. I wanna find those H&M shorts. Look perfect.

      Bear in mind that you may want a slightly more substantial shoe, for all the same reasons listed. Nasty trash-mud-slop will soak right through your vans and give you scabies or something. Also, in a close crowd, people will step on your feet. I would go for a good leather sneaker that can take a beating. I recommend the Puma GV Special.

    • TJ

      Sadly, the only festival I’ve every been to is warped tour. It was fun though. They’ve been bringing back some of my favorite bands from when I was younger so it is tempting to go again, but I think I’ll skip it. Of all my friends I was the only one smart enough to bring a backpack for merch, sunscreen, and bug spray.
      I won’t be able to hit up any festivals this summer because I just started a new job and won’t have the time off. I will keep this article in mind for next year though.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Was the Warped tour fun?

        • TJ

          Of course it was! I got to see some of my favorite bands at the time. The best was real big fish. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for ska music.

    • John Schulte

      No mention of basketball jerseys? Does that mean they’re off limits? What are the hoopsters to do?

      • Style Girlfriend

        You know I love guys wearing vintage basketball jerseys! Intern Gabi was going for outfits all from one store each, so I don’t think there were any basketball jerseys from Vans or H&M..

        • John Schulte

          Fair enough. Those are so good options with a jersey coming after.