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    Outfit of the Day: Born to Run

    4th April 2012

    Did I mention the Bruce Springsteen concert on my calendar this week?

    I don’t know what it is with me and aging rockers, but give me The Boss / Keith Richards / Paul McCartney / Eric Clapton over this generation’s pop stars any day (sorry Biebs, you know I love you, but…). I especially appreciate their style consistency over the years. Paul in his suits and chelsea boots. Keith and his crazy bandanas. Bruce and that black leather jacket.

    What is it about a man in a motorcycle jacket? Mmm, I just melt. And no, that doesn’t make me a groupie; that just makes me a girl. So take advantage of our lady swooning predictability, and do yourself the favor of finally investing in a “have it forever” leather jacket.

    You can dress it up with slacks and a v-neck sweater, or simply keep it two steps back from “wrong side of the tracks” by pairing it with dark jeans and a clean t-shirt. Throw in sh*t-kicker boots and a devil may care attitude (oh, and maybe a guitar riff or two?), and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll.

    Get the look:

    Leather jacket: Rick Owens, $2,253

    Hoodie: H&M, $20

    Crew neck t-shirt: Uniqlo, $13

    Jeans: A.P.C. Madras New Standard, $135

    Boots: Harley Davidson, $140

    Guitar picks: Fender, $4 each

    • Sean O

      I really like that jacket, is there a more frugal version you are aware of?

      • Style Girlfriend

        Definitely check out Schott! I’d recommended it here on Style Girlfriend before, so just wanted to add some more brands to the mix), but it’s definitely a great, lower-priced option for a quality leather jacket

    • Dan

      Preach. The first music I listened to this morning was Band on the Run and now I’m on to Wonderful Tonight because you reminded me Eric Clapton exists.

      I’d add the other solo Beatles to the list of awesome music…er, dudes. Any thoughts on shirts like this: ?

      • Dreadpiratehurley

        Band on the Run is a special case. Personally, while I like the Wings version, the Foo Fighters’ cover is like the difference between Kansas and Oz. It’s like…BOOM! Technicolor!

        Have fun at the concert, Meg. I’m holding out for Van Halen at the end of May. Rock it!

        On topic, I feel like you made an Esquire move with plugging that jacket. First of all, it looks pre-distressed. The best part about a broken-in leather jacket is all the stories you have from breaking it in. Second of all, you can get heirloom-quality leather for much, much cheaper than 2 grand (the website lists the price as $3,020, btw). Here’s a link to a Schott jacket with very similar styling, and a strong American heritage name: The only possible downside to the Schott jacket I can think of is that some people might be looking for your helmet.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Love Schott! I’d recco’d the brand before (
 ) so was just trying to spread the brand love a little

          • Dreadpiratehurley

             Lol, I’d forgotten about that. You even recommended the same model. Great minds and all that, I suppose. Then again, if we were terribly different-minded, I wouldn’t be reading your blog, would I?

            • Style Girlfriend

              My mother ALWAYS said that growing up – “Great minds think alike.” And then one day my friend said, “No way, on the Disney Channel, they say that great minds think differently!” And my mind was blown. 

              I like to think both my mother *and* the Disney Channel are correct in their own ways.

      • Style Girlfriend

        We should remind ourselves every day that Eric Clapton exists

        • Dan


    • Just A Hunk

      After wearing nothing but black/grey/leather for several years, 2012 is supposed to be the year I embrace color.  But that jacket….

      • Style Girlfriend

        Oh I know. I KNOW.

    • GW

      If you’re dropping 2k on a jacket you should be able to afford some big boy jeans then.  At least entry-level selvage! 

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