Outfit of the Day: Born to Run

    Did I mention the Bruce Springsteen concert on my calendar this week?

    I don’t know what it is with me and aging rockers, but give me The Boss / Keith Richards / Paul McCartney / Eric Clapton over this generation’s pop stars any day (sorry Biebs, you know I love you, but…). I especially appreciate their style consistency over the years. Paul in his suits and chelsea boots. Keith and his crazy bandanas. Bruce and that black leather jacket.

    What is it about a man in a motorcycle jacket? Mmm, I just melt. And no, that doesn’t make me a groupie; that just makes me a girl. So take advantage of our lady swooning predictability, and do yourself the favor of finally investing in a “have it forever” leather jacket.

    You can dress it up with slacks and a v-neck sweater, or simply keep it two steps back from “wrong side of the tracks” by pairing it with dark jeans and a clean t-shirt. Throw in sh*t-kicker boots and a devil may care attitude (oh, and maybe a guitar riff or two?), and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll.

    Get the look:

    Leather jacket: Rick Owens, $2,253

    Hoodie: H&M, $20

    Crew neck t-shirt: Uniqlo, $13

    Jeans: A.P.C. Madras New Standard, $135

    Boots: Harley Davidson, $140

    Guitar picks: Fender, $4 each