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    Outfit Ideas: 3 Ways to Wear a Patterned Sport Coat

    The patterned sport coat is not the first suiting item to take up residence in a guy’s closet. That’s a grey or navy suit. It’s not even the second – that’s whichever colored suit you didn’t get the first time). But it can happily be a solid third.

    Trying to explain the difference between a sport coat (also known as a sports jacket) is a bit like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of pornography. While it feels a little abstract, just think about when you see a guy wearing a suit jacket with pants different than the ones it came with, it looks just a little…off.

    Check out these very different sport coats – and very different looks – for some outfit inspiration in your own closet.


    Outfit #1

    Gray Sport Coat: J.Crew: $328

    Striped Button Down: Billy Reid: $185

    Dark Wash Jean: Nudie Jeans: $199

    Black Belt: Bonobos: $95

    Blue Tie: Express: $50

    Socks: Charles Tyrwhitt: $15

    A look for a casual office, or for elevating a night out with friends. Think of a night with friends, casual but a night worth putting a jacket on. My favorite parts? The two blues in the shirt and tie, and you know I can’t resist a fun patterned sock.

    Outfit #2

    Navy Plaid Sports Coat: Billy Reid: $250

    Dark Khaki: Joe Fresh: $19

    Striped Button Down: Canali: $265

    Cashmere Sweater: J.Crew: $100

    Brown Belt: Magnanni: $150

    Socks: Etiquette Clothiers: $40

    Chocolate Oxford: Studio Ink: $60

    Sunglasses: Warby Parker: $145

    Navy plaid? Not that bad. Keep the rest of your look simple if this jacket feels a little..loud. A toffee-colored cashmere sweater topping a subtly-striped button-front does the trick.8737f8de67e3f037e839e20848128b01

    Outfit #3

    Blue Plaid Sport Coat: Billy Reid: $625

    Jean: AG Jeans: $178

    Zip Hoodie: Everlane: $65

    Baseball tee: J.Crew: $50

    Black Belt: Fossil: $45

    Socks: Charles Tyrwhitt: $15

    Oxford: Stacy Adams Coyle: $70

    Sunglasses: Warby Parker: $95

    I know this one will cause some dissent in the comments, but I wanted to show you all your options. A hoodie, baseball tee, and grey jeans dress down a sport coat while still looking very cool.

    Tell me:

    Do you own any patterned sportcoats? How do you wear them?

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