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Out of Your Comfort Zone and Onto the Dance Floor: A Night Out with Lexus

By Megan Collins | May 10 2013

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This experience and post was sponsored by Lexus. Opinions expressed are, of course and as always, my own. It is partnerships like these that allow me to continue to put together the outfits, dole out the advice, and tell the stories you read here every day.

As part of their “Luxury Out Loud” campaign, Lexus invited me to another musical event, held last night here in the city. If you remember, last month the Japanese automaker treated me and a friend to an amazing night at Madison Square Garden, seeing Fleetwood Mac perform thisclose to where we were dancing and helping to sing backup.

And the ride to and from the concert in a LS460? Yep, that was pretty great too. That evening reminded me that elevating a night out – whether with girl friends (like the one I brought), first dates, girlfriends, or wives – is always worth the extra effort.

This time? I got out of my comfort zone and into the groove.

Whereas the show with Stevie Nicks & co. was massive and filled with Rumours fans screaming “Landslide” at the top of their lungs (two thumbs pointing at me on that), this event was low-key. Chill, even. An intimate evening with indie pop duo Capital Cities at NYC’s Irving Plaza. Once again, my date and I were whisked to the concert in a Lexus – this time a roomy LX570 SUV, and arrived to find a red carpet bearing a #LexusVIP backdrop for those who wanted their flash of fame (concertgoers’ pictures were featured on TV monitors around the event). Indie-looking kids, who I was sure were all much cooler than me, chatted excitedly about the evening ahead of them.

Here’s the thing: I’d never actually heard of Capital Cities before. That says nothing, however, about the band’s merit or level of fame, as I am quite literally the least hip person I know when it comes to music. Taylor Swift would make fun of the songs on my iPod. I generally consume music passively; my brother will tell me about a band I absolutely have to listen to. Or I’ll hear something at a coffee shop and ask the barista who it is.

But that’s not all. Not only did I not know who they were, I actually listened to Capitol Cities on Spotify for a week before the show. With an O. Different band entirely. Whoops! Homonym-related musical mishap alert!

{Capital Cities…With an A}

Thankfully, once I finally got on board listening to the right band, I found I really liked the music. The LA band writes catchy songs that you feel like you’ve heard before – in a commercial for cleaning products with really modern packaging, maybe, or for a sleek car that makes you want to grab the keys and drive (Hmm, I wonder if Lexus has considered using the band in any upcoming ads? Think about it, guys!)

Since I’d been music-gorging under false pretenses, it turned out that I only had a few days to prepare for the concert, which made me a little nervous. I don’t know about you guys, but my M.O when I go to a show is usually that I want to be able to sing every word. Meaning, I usually don’t go to concerts if I don’t know the band. Since the only acts I’ve seen in the past couple years are Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac, that hasn’t been an issue. Also, how much did that sentence age me by like a hundred years? Anyways. Heading to the Capital (with an “A!”) Cities concert, I knew, would definitely be outside my comfort zone.

Which is what made this event so much fun.

{notice a theme with the eyewear?}

{Capital Cities takes the stage}

Going in, I had only a vague memory of the opening chords for each song. As such, I got to experience the show through fresh eyes…or I guess, ears.

When Capital Cities took the stage, they were ready to party. As I bobbed my head along with the high-energy act, I surrendered to the unfamiliar, and just enjoyed the music. It wasn’t about having every bridge and every chorus memorized, it was about taking in a new experience, and doing it with someone there for the same reason right at my side.

And guess what? I had a blast. From the slightly ’80s vibe of their matching, shiny jackets to the synthpop feel of the songs, I was all in. By the time the band got everyone in the audience to do a modified electric slide, I was ready to run out and buy the album.


To me, trying something new is very stylish. It shows that you’re open to the unfamiliar, willing to put yourself out there in the name of fun.

And guys, women definitely like it when a man is open to new experiences. If I wanted to be with someone who wouldn’t ever try new food, who watches the same movie over and over, and who wants to wear the same outfit every day, I’d date my three-year-old niece.

When’s the last time you tried something new? Whether a restaurant with unfamiliar cuisine, or a class at the gym that might leave you in the dust with its complicated moves, or a concert of a band you’d only just heard of? I highly encourage you to try it. Soon.

Tell me: What “something new” will you try this week? This month? This year?