The Oscars: The Evening’s Best Dressed Men

    Did you guys watch last night’s Oscars?

    I made it through best supporting actress (could they have given it to anyone but Lupita?!), then threw on a House of Cards and went to bed. But! I did watch the red carpet arrivals – on mute – while making dinner, so I feel like I’ve got a good handle on the evening’s style.

    While the ladies usually get all the attention, a few guys deserve a hat tip for their formalwear looks. Below, my picks for best-dressed, by trend. Sound off on your own favorites in the comments:

    best dressed men

    Matthew McConaughey | Jared Leto | Ryan Seacrest

    I always give kudos when a guy tries something a little different. And while I wonder if McConaughey and Leto shouldn’t have perhaps flipped a coin to see who got to wear the white dinner jacket, lest the Dallas Buyers Club after party look like there was a uniformed dress code, I do like both their looks.

    As for Seacrest, he learned his style lesson early – the importance of fit – most likely because he’s of a smaller stature himself. He may only be intereviewing the stars, but he looked better than half of them walking the red carpet last night thanks to the perfect proportions of his tux.

    best dressed men

    Bradley Cooper | Leonardo DiCaprio | Zac Efron

    While trying something new is good, a classic black tuxedo will always be just that – a classic. And while I wish Cooper would have worn his hair a little…suave-er? for such a big night, all three of these guys nailed their Oscars looks.


    best dressed men

    Jason Sudeikis | Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Will Smith

    Navy, grey, and an ascot (oh my!). These somewhat unconventional red carpet looks nevertheless look event-appropriate and stylish, from the SNL funnyman’s navy tux (still on trend) to Will Smith’s super stylish ascot. I’m not sure if he pulls it off because ascots just always look cool, or if it’s because he’s got buckets of confidence from being the world’s biggest movie star. Either way, it works.

    Tell me:

    What did you guys think of the (3 1/2 hour long) award show’s stylish attendees? And would you ever wear an ascot?