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    One Fan’s #MyFootballFantasy…Fulfilled! Tea Party with a Green Bay Packer

    20th December 2013

    By now, you guys have heard my own football fantasies for Visa’s #MyFootballFantasy contest…

    A spa day with the Steelers’ Troy Polamalu. Joining Colin Kaepernick at the tattoo shop as he gets some SG ink.

    Sadly, they didn’t take me up on my ideas (though, if your teams don’t make it to the playoffs, fellas, and you have some free time on your hands in the new me!)

    But I can’t take it too hard, because this latest winner? Well, she’s pretty great.

    Green Bay Packer fan Kelly wanted Clay Matthews to drop by for a tea party with her daughter Atti, and Visa made it happen. Clay joined Atti and her whole family for a pink balloon-, treats-, and boa-filled tea party, then they all hit the gym. Check out the pics while I go have my ovaries checked, because they’re aching pretty hard at all this Wisconsin adorableness:





     And to drop all that cupcake weight, a gym session (complete with blonde Clay Matthews wigs, obviously):



    Now, don’t worry – Attie got her football wish, but there’s still time to live out your own epic football experience.

    Want to win your own football fantasy? Enter here, or:

    • On Twitter: Follow @Visa and tweet your fantasy using #MyFootballFantasy
    • On Instagram: Follow @Visa_US, post a picture of your fantasy along with a description using the hashtag #MyFootballFantasy
    • On the web: Visit and submit your pigskin-centric hopes and dreams

    Check out the full rules, including ‘no purchase required’ here.

    Tell me:

    What kind of tea do you think Clay enjoyed? English Breakfast? Earl Grey?


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    • average joe

      I have a 2 yr old daughter. How can I not love this?

      A Bears fan

      • Style Girlfriend

        Let’s be real…Cutler wouldn’t look nearly as cute in a feather boa

        • average joe


    • Justin

      I’m not old enough to have seen his dad play, but as a Browns fan… I wanted CM3 BAD. Great guy and player.

      • Style Girlfriend

        We’ll have to see where IV ends up… :)

    • Paul

      I am sure every team has these moment and guys. Me being a Packers fan. I am proud that we have guys like this. I really wish the good guys of the NFL would get more press.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I agree, Paul!

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