Your Style Girlfriend

    Your Style Girlfriend: On the Farm (and At the Vineyard)

    15th August 2012




    Went a little Twitter and Instagram-crazy on Sunday. My friend invited me along on his CSA’s annual “farm tour/wine guzzling tasting extravaganza.” I fed a goat that turned out to be a sheep (I’m a city girl – so sue me), dug some potatoes out of the ground, and got to sip on some surprisingly tasty Long Island wines. All in all, a good day.

    The best part, the bus picked us up and let us off right at McCarren Park near my apartment, so I was able to cart home some berries that I picked myself to enjoy the next day. So…I’m basically Pioneer Woman. Thinking about fording a river soon. I don’t know if I’ll have time to caulk the wagon first so it’s strong enough to carry all these bison I just caught.

    Anyhoo, now returning to your regularly scheduled style programming.

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    • Calvin Brownlee

      So long as you’re clear on the difference between a goat and a sheep now.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I’d like to think it would have dawned on me eventually…

        • Calvin Brownlee

          Well those sheep can be tricksters, I mean who could really blame you?

    • average joe

      Wisconsin really had no affect on you? Surely the land of bovines had some impact???

      • average joe


        • Dan

          I like how you corrected your own correct word choice. You’re thorough.

          • Style Girlfriend

            I’ve got smart readers :)

          • average joe

            Nothing but the best for SG

    • Christopher

      I think if I went to a farm I would think to myself, “Wow, I’m surrounded by so many types of meat.” Then I would start salivating for no reason and want to have a steak posthaste.

    • The funky metallurgist

      Can we have “Foodie Style Girlfriend?”

    • Jessy

      Wow, those are big blackberries. The ones growing nearby are tiny.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I only picked the biggest I could find!

    • Jessy

      Well, the picture didn’t upload on the first comment.

    • djx

      If you live in New York City and say “the Vineyard,” it means Martha’s Vineyard. You were at “a vineyard,” not “the Vineyard.” Yes, I know I sound obnoxious, but it’s true.