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    Introducing: The Style Girlfriend Reader Forum!

    8th April 2013
    Big news today…



    This has been a long time coming, and I’m excited to announce the launch of the Style Girlfriend Forum!

    In the past year, I’ve been overwhelmed (in a very, very good way) by how engaged you guys are here on the site. From comments on posts (not to mention replies to those comments…and replies to those replies to those comments) to the tweets, emails, and Facebook messages I get from you, you guys are one talkative bunch.

    And I love it.

    But as you know, I’m just one girl (well, two, counting Intern Gabi, and who doesn’t?), and I haven’t always been able to get back to you in a timely manner. And it’s not just that.

    Some of your questions simply go above my paygrade – most notably, your questions about how a certain brand fits a certain body type, which set me off on a Google spree, because, well, what do I really know about shirts good for broad shoulders, or pants made for short legs. (if you want to know how certain denim brands fit a skinny girl with a big butt, though, get at me).

    That’s why this seemed like a good time to hand over some power to the people.


    Head to the SG Forum – found in the navigation bar at the top on the right – to open up your question to the crowds.

    Want to know how Dockers’ new chinos fit? Just ask. If you want to find out what girls think of dudes wearing seersucker shorts, throw that out there, too. I’m hoping that my male AND female readers will get involved because both perspectives are important to making this forum a success. On the female side of things, it’s good for you to get more than just me and Intern Gabi’s opinions about what ladies want to see you wearing (though, I mean, obviously, ours should be the loudest voices in your head as you get dressed each morning…kidding! sort of!).

    Please let me know what works for you, what doesn’t, and if you spot any glitches in the system. A huge shout out and thank you to my good friend Mike Janke for building this forum with his bare hands and brute strength. While I’m cobbling together some coding knowledge (not to brag, but I’m pret-t-t-t-y great at line breaks), I could not have gotten this together without his know-how. Note to self: Enroll future children in Ruby on Rails pre-k classes.

    Now, what are you waiting for? Head over to the SG Forum and get to conversatin’!

    • Libtard

      I think this is a great idea for both you and your readers. It will increase your traffic, and give readers a forum to interact with each other. There have been other style forums, but I notice there tends to be a lot of old timers on there (think suit thats just too big for you, or style rules that dont really apply anymore). I think a place with like minded (as far as style goes) individuals wlll be great.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m excited for you to start using the forum and letting me know what you think

    • average joe

      great idea megan!

      • Style Girlfriend

        I definitely can’t take the credit – it’s you guys who inspired me to start it!

    • Chris Rogers

      Awesome to see a forum get added, great job Megan!! Love seeing your site grow!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks Chris! Can’t wait for you guys to start using the forum and letting me know your feedback

    • LV

      I’m gonna pop some tags…

    • Dan J.

      I love the idea of a forum but the only way to log in is via Facebook? That leaves me out in the cold.

      • Scott

        Me too, sorry SG. I have resisted the social sites and now social sign ins for some time, will continue to resist.

      • jankm

        FB was the easiest to implement and use along with the number of times I’ve heard complaints when building sites about having to remember another password led to the decision to do this first. At some point you’ll be able to have a traditional email/password login, but I don’t have a guess as to when that would be.

      • steve

        I’ll add my two cents as well. Facebook login leaves me out in the cold. Won’t do it.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Hey guys,

          I hear what you’re saying about Facebook log-in, and I usually would agree, but like Mike said below, having to create a totally separate log-in on top of your disqus log-in seemed like a total hassle. Also, if you guys don’t feel comfortable being logged in as yourselves in the forum, well..that seems kind of weird to me? Like, what do you have to hide, right?

          Also, I’m pretty sure you can adjust the settings so your responses don’t show up in your feed. Just saying, I hope this isn’t keeping a ton of you from jumping into the forum. I am really excited about it, and want you guys to get lots of use from it!

          **Alternately, if any developers out there know how to make it so you can use your disqus log-in for the forum, get at me and Mike, k?

          • ATLien

            I’m not going to participate in the forum either if it requires using my real name on Facebook. Even though I don’t really feel like I have anything to hide, I don’t want anyone I know professionally (I work in a very old school, good old boy business) reading my posts and/or opinions about fashion and certain items of clothing. Maybe that’s weird, but it is how I feel.

            I love the website and will continue to read, but I am quite disappointed I won’t be able to participate in the forums.

          • steve

            I don’t have a problem with using my real name, and have nothing to hide. I also don’t have as Facebook account, and have no interest in getting one.

        • Churchill

          Also agree with this. I’d rather create another account than use my facebook log in.

      • Ryan

        You can make a fb account without having to go through the whole rigmarole of adding friends, private info etc. How much you reveal in your profile is up to you, and no-one you know need see anything. Heck just make up a name and go trolling with it!! Not on here though of course…

    • brianmo95

      Power to the people!! :)

    • TJ

      Great idea! Most of the forums out there for men’s style can be a bit much (read: style forum) but I like this idea. I hope we can get a good community going, similar to the one over on dappered.

      • Ryan

        Agreed. Man there is some rampant judgement on Style forum.

        • Bob

          If its the same styleforum I think it is, I agree. I recall some posts saying something like if your shoes aren’t over $500 they wouldn’t even talk to you.

          • Style Girlfriend

            That does unfortunatley sound like something that one would see on Style Forum…

    • Dan from Wisconsin

      Dang. Any change of being able to register without linking it with my Facebook profile?

    • Ryan

      Sweet – good to see this up & running.
      Can I suggest a link back to the SG homepage from the forum pages? Perhaps the banner could do this?

    • Matt M

      Love the idea, but not the FB login. I will not be participating if that’s the only way to log onto the forums. Bummer.


    • Libtard

      I also dont have a facebook, dont want one, and probably wouldn’t want people knowing I’m that into fashion.

      I did want to say I hope you have a Mod for the forum. It’ll need some moderation if it gets rolling.

      stil think its a great idea.

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