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    Holiday Shopping Do’s and Don’t's

    16th December 2013

    Hey guys! Hands up from those who’ve finished ALL their holiday shopping.

    …Bueller? Bueller? ..Yeah, me neither. But that’s okay! Because there’s still a whole eight days til the better-be-under-the-tree by now Christmas morning deadline.

    If you’re still looking for the perfect present (or, gulp, don’t have any clue what that perfect present may be), you’re in luck. Ann Taylor is hosting an exclusive men’s shopping event this Thursday, December 19th at 6pm. There’ll be drinks, special gifts, even a chance to win a trip for two to Vegas. And of course, stylists will be on hand to help you knock out the rest of your holiday shopping list. If your gal is the proactive type, snag her online wish list at  and bring that with you to make things even easier.

    Before you even hit the mall, check out this primer on shopping for your lady Do’s and Don’t's:


    Thursday, Dec 19, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


    Ann Taylor stores across the country (find yours here)


    Because let’s be real, you have not even come close to finishing your holiday shopping. So head to the mall after work this Thursday and get some help finding the perfect present.


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    Tell us:

    How last-minute do you get with your holiday shopping?

    • Joshua

      Awesome video! Good presentation, good content!

      I’ve finished my shopping last week! Leaving for a vacation in two days but still have to pack and make other arrangements :(

      • Style Girlfriend

        Wow! You are way ahead of the curve

    • Harpo

      I’m not into wish lists. I like it to be a total surprise. With a wish list, might as well add it to the grocery list with the milk and eggs.

      • Mathieu Bilal

        I agree, sticking too closely to a wishlist is one who’s lacking imagination; gotta make it fun.

    • Mathieu Bilal

      Pretty cool event, some out there do need this type of experience to help them out. I finished my shopping yesterday, being creative with my gifts as usual.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Finished already? I’m impressed!!

        • Mathieu Bilal

          Yup, thanks to various events and warehouse sales at work, my pops will luck out on a large increase in his wardrobe. Mom is easiest to shop for, since we have similar shopping habits. My sister was the most fun to shop for, she’s a Parks & Rec graduate, with experience in outdoor education and trail building. So her main gift revolves around a Hatchet from Kaufmann Mercantile (made in the USA) and Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet from 1987; which is also her birth year :)

    • Tod C

      Make sure that I have enough to not be screwed if I leave things too late but stockings especially are left near the end. And thanks for the list Megan – I think you vindicated my choices so far…

      • Style Girlfriend

        Glad to hear it!

    • hithaonthego

      How cute are you? And now I want that yummy faux fur coat!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Right? I didn’t want to take it off!