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    What to Get: the Girl Without a Gift List

    29th November 2013

    Guys, Gabi’s back! Just for December (but hopefully more in 2014?!), we’ve got her talking stylish holiday living. Welcome her back in the comments…

    While I’m typically the categorized and listed-in-order-of-importance holiday wish list-type, I literally cannot think of one thing that I want – let alone really, really want – this year.

    It seems I’ve reached my max asks. I have the record player I asked for last year, I’m going to London in January, and I’m the proud owner of some sweet leather jeggings. My life is perfect, basically.

    Got a similarly lucky lady in your life? Great! But the question lurks: what will you get her this holiday season?

    Simple. The little luxuries she’d would rather have someone give her than have to buy herself.

     Such as….

    Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.56.37 PM

    1. Candles

    I’ve become fully dependent on an air purifier and a large collection of candles to keep from compulsively cleaning my musty apartment. While I did manage to buy a TON of candles at Target for about $20, I know deep down that I could spend that much on one candle that would do a better job and probably last longer. Just think, YOU could be the game-changer for my candle collection.

    2. Magazines

    For all the talk about the death of print, my love of a magazine subscription says otherwise. And it’s a great gift-that-keeps-on-giving present. Even cooler? Magazines that you can’t pick up at the news stand. Think semi-annual mags - like The Gentlewoman above - or those cartoonishly large ones that V puts out, or even collectible ones from before she was born (like Cosmopolitan…before it was required to have the word “sex” in 3” letters on the cover).

    3. Perfume

    I’m far too dependent upon perfume samples for my daily scent, thanks to an adolescence spent cruising department store beauty counters, mingled with a fear of commitment I should probably analyze further. Not to mention the steep prices of all the scents that I like…which are mostly for the cool bottle anyway. Take the decision out of my hands, and I might actually, finally, find my signature scent.


    What’s great about gifts like these is that every girl needs ‘em, and they are really easy to tailor to a specific person. For every Diptyque/Elle/Clinique Happy girl there is a Voluspa/Marie Claire/Marc Jacobs Daisy and so on.

    And I should mention: you can find great options in any holiday shopping budget.  You’re NOT required to shell out $XX (or $XXX) ((or $X,XXX)) if that’s not what you can afford. Any girl that tells you differently deserves a very merry boot to the curb.

    Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 5.40.44 PM

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    • Enrique Ollero

      Welcome back, Gabi! And great ideas. I know my wife has a couple perfume scents she can never get enough of so I always know they are an option. And magazine subscriptions are great too. There are definitely mags she picks up on a regular basis that she doesn’t subscribe to.

      As for my go to gifts, I like to go for interesting jewelry – profiles or items I know a specific woman likes, but with a quirky twist. Like if she’s into stud earrings, then I’d get studs shaped like foxes. Or if she’s vibing on lariat necklaces, then I’d get one with a couple of big brass or gold arrows on the end.

      • gabi meyers

        Those are great calls Enrique!! You’re quite savvy in your jewelry terms!

    • Bobby

      This is some “reckless male-endangerment” advice. Perfumed men will be strewn about the street lying, gunned down by their love partners. They should have gone to Jared!

      • gabi meyers

        Okay, jewelry is not a bad call, but there’s a lot of room for error. As much as the lady behind the counter tries to convince you that the open hearts necklace is what every girl wants, it actually looks like T&A.
        If you want to get her jewelry use Enrique’s strategy or get the seal of approval from her mom/sister/BFF before you get too spendy.

        • Adam Wyatt

          Hahaha, I never thought of that, but yes, the open heart necklace does look like T&A! Now that is the only think I will think of when I see their commercials. Welcome back Gabi!!

          • gabi meyers

            Thanks Adam!

    • The Future

      Cool ideas. I’m always hesitant with perfumes because a girl may not like the scent much as I do. Some weirdo girls don’t like smelling like oranges. Weirdos…Or worse, you get a scent that’s too common and she’ll say “Oh, my ___ has this too! She loves it”. Which means it’ll be regifted. That’s why I always label all the gifts I give.

      My go to gift for my female friends aside from candles are fluffy slippers, bathrobes or towels. Those turbie twist things are also handy since women are keen on keeping wet towels on their head for hours at a time. It doesn’t really take much thought (especially towels) and my friends always appreciate it. Or so they say.

      • gabi meyers

        Everyone should want to smell like oranges! I’m so glad you know about the turbie twist, that is definitely a present that I’ve used over and over again and still remember who gave it to me.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Slippers are a fail-safe gift…I asked for a pair this year because I somehow managed to lose one (just one!) about three days after I got a new pair for Christmas last year. This is why I can’t be trusted with nice things…

    • Matt

      What are some recommended places to buy candles in the $15-$30 range?

      • gabi meyers

        Anthropologie has a lot of really pretty candles in that price range, and they smell amazing. My favorite brand there is the Voluspa, but the Volcano candles are also really popular.

    • ATLien

      I get both my mom and sister the same perfume every year ! it has become a tradition of sorts. It is the CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle. I’ve even gotten to where I know more about the different products and sizes available than the people working the Chanel counter.

      • Style Girlfriend

        You sound like a great son/brother!!

        • ATLien

          Either great or lazy

          • Style Girlfriend

            Great! Definitely great :)

            I buy my mom bubble bath and a calendar by an artist she likes every single year. It’s not lazy, it’s thoughtful because I know she’ll like it, and she knows she doesn’t have to worry about buying herself a calendar or bubble bath for the year!

            • Style Girlfriend

              maybe there’s a story idea here…”Buying the same gift year after year: lazy or smart?”

              what do you think?!

            • ATLien

              I also buy my dad a pair of sperry boat shoes every year.

            • Style Girlfriend

              fun! what colorway is he getting this year?

            • ATLien

              I’m not sure the colorway….. There are two colorways that make up 90% of the Sperrys I see, and it is one of those. The guy literally never buys clothes and will wear them every day of the year that he doesn’t wear sandals (but he wears sandals a lot in Georgia), so when Christmas comes around he needs a new pair really, really, bad.

              I wanted to get him some desert boots, but the issue is that he wears shorts almost every day. It was 30 degrees outside last week, I met him for lunch, and he was wearing shorts. I conferred with my sister about the desert boots and we had concerns that he would wear with them with shorts so decided it was best to not get them for him. (though he does routinely wear tan work boots with white socks with his shorts)