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    Holiday Gift Guide: For The Sporty Guy

    2nd December 2013

     Guys, it’s gift guide time!

    I know, I kno-o-o-o-w. It came up so fast, right?sporty gift guide, athletic gifts, what to buy a sporty guy, holiday gift guide, gift guides

     The Details

    1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, by Haruki Murakami – $12

    2. Ursa Major Men “Fantastic Face Wash” - $26 

    3. Westward Leaning “Louisiana Purchase” sunglasses – $180

    4. College Sports Team iPhone Case – $19

    5. Nike+ FuelBand SE – $149

    6. C9 by Champion Long-Sleeve Endurance Tee – $15

    7. Stance “Julius Irving”  Socks - $16

    8. King Athletic Jump Rope – $15

    9. Bern “Watts” Bike Helmet – $60

    10. Everlane Reverse Denim Dope Kit - $30

    Depending on the holiday(s) you celebrate this time of year, you’re either already smack dab in the middle of gift giving season already (in which case, eek! hope it’s going well!), or you have just a few more than 20 shopping days til you start doling out presents. This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways for panic’s sake, that’s not very long! But don’t worry, SG’s got your back:

    For the next three weeks, we’ll be throwing gift guides at you every Monday and Wednesday.

    Today, sporty gifts for the fellas. Feel free to post this to your Facebook wall if you see something you like, to help the gift getting along. Wednesday’s devoted to gifts the athlete lady in your life would be happy unwrapping.

    Tell me:

    Have you started your holiday shopping? Who do you need help finding gifts for?

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    • Junior

      Good idea with the jump rope, however, while the leather rope looks nicer and cooler it simply doesn’t have the weight that a lot of people need to keep the momentum going. But of the recipient wants a leather rope for training purposes, it’s definitely a unique and neat gift

    • hornsup84

      That is one “dope” dopp kit, Megan! Grabbed one, along with a weekender, for a Christmas gift for my brother.

      • Style Girlfriend

        ha, well played :) And glad you co-sign Everlane..I love those guys! Great cashmere too

    • Adam

      Maybe I’m a difficult sporty guy to buy for… that dopp kit would be a welcome gift but I don’t think would be thrilled with the rest of it.

      The fuelbands are great for the new years resolution crowd, but anyone training with any seriousness (especially running) might be better off with a GPS watch like one of the Garmin models or a conventional heart rate monitor. Key for working out is non cotton clothing (synthetics breathe and don’t absorb sweat like cotton does) so any workout clothing would have to be a technical fabric.

      The sunglasses aren’t bad looking, but I wouldn’t wear them working out, since wayfarer style glasses will bounce while running on most guys faces (I keep my wayfarers as my “podium” glasses, or for non sport settings, I have sportier oakley’s and rudy projects for exercising.

      As for things I would welcome under the tree in the sporty side of things. Technical socks (just above the ankle), lululemon boxer briefs (they breath well and keep things secure under workout shorts), soft cotton Pulling straps (for weightlifting, not the hard ones they have at most gyms, that cut into your wrists, the good old school ones, that give you a bit of grip reinforcement, but without the risk of amputation…). New cycling shoes, New foam roller, gift cards from the massage therapist, Anti-odor spray for the shoes (unfortunately my shoes tend to get pretty funky after a few workouts…