• Guys, Would You Wear It? BB Cream: Skincare Makeup

Guys, Would You Wear It? BB Cream: Skincare Makeup

11th April 2013


Do you remember that Home Improvement episode where the oldest one (I forget his name…I forget all their names except Wilson. Remember Wilson? “Hi ho neighbor!” Yep, I’m such a dork; why do you guys read me?!) was going to a dance, but he had a big zit on his face?

So the mom pulled out her makeup bag and put concealer over it and he was all, “Mo-o-o-o-m!” but then looked in the mirror saw how much better his skin looked, and was totally fine with it?

And then in the next scene, the mom comes home and the son is giving a makeup tutorial to all his guy friends?

That always made so much sense to me.

I mentioned on Twitter the other day the double standards when it comes to jean shorts (ie, good on us ladies, BAD on you fellas), and this is another instance where I’m just so, so happy to be of the female persuasion.

Because makeup is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to my face.

Not that I’m even all that good with it – I have the very basics down: a little bit of blush (or “rouge” as a guy friend who apparently is 60 years old called it the other day), some eyeliner when I’m feeling fancy, a swipe of lipstick. But I would give it all up if I could just hold on to my BB cream.


high quality before & after with BB Cream:

that white bit is toothpaste on the mirror. only the best production value for you guys

This face product, already huge in Asia before finding its way stateside, combines moisturizer with SPF (what we – and hopefully you fellas too put on each morning) and foundation (the liquid stuff ladies often apply after moisturizer to make our skin look more even-toned).

BB cream comes in several shades, so you choose the one that matches the closest to your skin tone. It feels like heavy-ish face lotion, but provides color and coverage like makeup. The best of both worlds, as Hannah Montana before she went rogue on Disney with that mohawk and probable heavy drug use would say.


my BB cream of choice: Jane Iredale

I don’t wear BB cream every day because my bottle is not that big and I am cheap; I use it when I’m feeling extra blotchy – hello late nights/booze/ravages of winter!  Or if I break out across my forehead or chin (which, okay, can happen from time to time and GEEZ CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY). The effects? Amazing. You can see the difference in the picture above; all I’m wearing is BB cream, no other makeup yet, and I’m like a new Style Girlfriend! I could walk out the door wearing just the BB cream and feel totally fine for the day.

So my question is: can you guys get in on this?

When I think back on that Home Improvement episode, I recognize the pangs of inequality felt even then - why shouldn’t guys be able to cover up a zit here or there? Now that I’m older, I feel for men just the same. Wouldn’t you want to cover the blotchy redness lingering after a late night out with the boys, or a late night at the office? What about to hide the effects of some adult acne?

As a full-fledged female, I just want you to know that I am TOTALLY fine with you trying this. Maybe, like me, you wouldn’t wear it every day, or maybe you’d mix it in with your regular (manly) moisturizer for just a tiny bit of color that makes your face appear a little more even-toned.

Do me a favor, go into your girlfriend/wife/we’re not into labels’ bathroom cabinet tonight and see if she has any BB cream. (I use Jane Iredale, but there are plenty of brands out there). If she’s got some, give it a try tomorrow morning, and see how you feel. I swear you’ll be stealing glimpses of yourself in window reflections, and getting compliments on how great you look from co-workers.

But hey, don’t do it for me. And don’t do it if you think it’s crazy. My point is just that, as a lady type, I don’t think it’s crazy to jump on the BB cream bandwagon.

Tell me:  Have you ever dug into your lady’s makeup bag to cover up a zit? Would you wear tinted moisturizer like BB cream?

  • Bob

    I rarely put on any type of moisturizer , but lately I’ve been considering trying to find something that can hide the dark circles under my eyes. I’ve seen brands that claim to get rid of dark circles, but I’m pretty skeptical on that.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Give the BB cream a spin, you might like it! You can buy some at the drugstore for not too much money, so it wouldn’t be too big an investment

  • Tod C

    Highly unlikely but I am a soap and shave cream kind of guy (no cologne, no other stuff). I put product in my hair now and even that is a big step for me.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Ooh, stepping up in the style world! What do you wear in your hair now, Tod?

      • Tod C

        Using pomade now as I wear my hair swept back. Took a while to get the hang of it as it is the first time I haven’t had the default hi tech buzz cut but my wife seems to like it so it is worth the effort.

  • Tyler Lahti

    I’d give it a shot. Took me a while to get used to (and remembering) SPF and moisturizer, but now this wouldn’t be too much of a step.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Moisturizer with SPF is sooooo important! Glad you’re in the habit of wearing it now Tyler!

      • Kiel

        SPF sounds like anti-tanning to me. For a pale guy with seasonal affective disorder, I refuse to block sunlight from myself. Sunlight=happiness.

  • Dan McCoy

    You look better without the makeup.

    • Ryan


    • Style Girlfriend

      Awww, y’all are such sweet liars :)

  • Ryan

    Lost me at foundation. And I have to say, Megan I much prefer your skin without the product. I find natural skin far more attractive (so long as you’re not sprouting boils), especially on women blessed with natural beauty.

    • Michael Bailey


    • Tod C

      Seconded. We aren’t liars – most women look better as they were made. Too much consistency is boring.

      • lazy_panda

        Everyone looks better the way they were made. The problem is that one does not remain a baby forever.

        When was the last time you thought, “Oh, look at those acne scars you have on your left cheek. That looks interesting.” If consistency is boring, then boring is good.

    • aj


    • Dan from Wisconsin

      It bugs me when guys say this; it seems disingenuous. There’s nothing wrong with admitting well-applied makeup makes women look good.

      • Ryan

        I agree, well-applied makeup does make women look good, I never suggested it didn’t. My point is if a woman has great skin, I’d much prefer to see it au naturel. Not being the least bit disingenuous.

        • Dan from Wisconsin

          The problem is that often, what many guys see as “au naturel” is just well-applied makeup.

  • average joe

    Doesn’t Tom Ford have a men’s line of make up?

    I think the luxury shave route is the open door for most men when it comes to skin products though. You could sell us the exact same cream in the tube you just wrote about but it would market better if it were packaged under a different name and paired/ associated with a mans shaving routine.

    • Jigstraw
      • average joe

        something like that I think I would actually try that

      • Style Girlfriend

        Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    • Nick

      I agree that you could market it to guys differently and get them to buy in. Most dudes I know would probably balk at purchasing “BB cream” in public. Call it “charcoal bacon moisturizer”, and suddenly every dude’s gotta have it. FYI, Birchbox Man is plugging that Lab Series product this month:

      I view it no differently than hair gel, really. It’s pretty arbitrary what our culture decided is manly or not. I’m an American living in South Korea – the capital of man-makeup – so maybe I’m a little more open to it because it’s so accepted here… although I think Korea takes it to the extreme, and they do have severe social problems due to the pressure of maintaining self-image. So I’d say yeah, a lot of dudes here probably wear it out of insecurity about their looks.
      …I’m open to it, though, just for the hell of it.

      But all this talk about “we think you look better just as your are”… yes, my wife is lovely just as she is the moment she wakes up, but also love it when she gets all dolled up, and everything in between. Different experiences and “roles” gives life some variety. She looks hot in her business suit, in her baseball hat and tshirt, etc. The dude who said “consistency is boring” – that’s exactly the point. That’s why it’s hot when your girlfriend dresses one way for work, and then wears a sexier shade of lipstick for your dinner date. You like it, as you should. Is it required, no… but it’s pretty fun.

      So why shouldn’t it go both ways? Maybe in the morning I go for a run and come back sweaty as hell in my ugly gym shirt, and she likes it. Then maybe I put on jeans and a flannel shirt for the day and she likes that… I wear a suit and tie to the office and she likes that… and then maybe we get dressed up to go dance and I throw on a little BB Cream just for the hell of it. Who cares, and why not?

      But yeah, the dude who lives in small town America who dresses the same pretty much day in and day out, there’s not much reason to bother with this kind of stuff. Like you don’t wear shorts to a wedding, you probably shouldn’t wear anything close to makeup in Podunk, Texas… it just doesn’t fit.

      There’s no right or wrong here, just it works for some people/cultures/environments and it doesn’t for others. It has absolutely nothing to do with being a “real man”.

  • Enrique Ollero

    I love me some BB cream – it’s basically photoshop for my face. I have naturally dry skin so I moisturize daily. And my asian skin will bruise from breakouts and that scar color takes forever to go away. On problem days I would moisturize and then use a dab of Chanel foundation. But over the holidays I had a particularly rough day and my mom had me try her Bobbi Brown BB cream and I loved it. It moisturized, evened out my color, and didn’t leave me looking all greasy. It saved me from insisting on getting every photo my family took and taking it through photoshop before they could use them.

    And like you said, Megan, I don’t use it every day. But on the days I need it I’m glad I have it.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Thanks for sharing your take, Enrique!

      • Enrique Ollero

        No problem. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I did a lot of theater growing up, but I’m no stranger to makeup and have never been off-put by it. Also ever since college I’ve always had more female friends than male friends, so those late nights when that paper just wasn’t getting written I was subjected to many a “beauty parlor” experience. In fact for a long time I had a burn on my forearm from a curling iron – for some reason everyone wanted “prom hair” one night. And for an extended period my fiancee (then girlfriend) would use my hand to test out nail polishes she was considering buying. I’ve walked out of Nordstrom with many a different Chanel and Dior shades on my fingers. Thankfully since then we’ve gotten her some nail wheels, but I digress.

  • kellen owenby

    Men’s makeup: ball cap and sunglasses. *I don’t even really like makeup on girls that much, certainly not on myself…

    • Style Girlfriend

      See, but whenever guys say “I don’t like makeup on girls” what they really mean is “I don’t like when I can tell a girl is wearing a lot of makeup.” Trust, we all look better wearing at least some

      • Enrique Ollero

        I agree. I think that men actually prefer it when they *think* a woman is wearing no make up – a very natural and carefree look rather than an uber date night look.

        • Alexander

          This. I actually think this even extends to women you’re not necessarily attracted to in the traditional sense. Add to that a warm smile and that person might appear quite a bit prettier and more likable!

      • Kiel

        Yep. But it’s true that we REALLY don’t like when we can tell a girl is wearing makeup. It’s a tough neighborhood.

      • b_schwind

        Exactly. The best makeup job is one that subtly enhances a woman’s natural beauty, without anyone actually noticing that it’s there.

    • Eric

      Agreed, I like my ladies with minimal make up, and I try to avoid putting anything on my face. (Except chapstick. Love me some chapstick. Gotta stay kissable ;)

      • Style Girlfriend

        Soft lips are vital to a happy face :)

  • Reuben

    I have tried finding ways to reduce redness in my face for years and haven’t found anything. Megan, do you think this would help?

    • Style Girlfriend

      It wouldn’t reduce redness, but it would mask the appearance of it for sure!

  • Matt M

    Newp. Sorry, end of discussion.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Totally fair response. I was just curious about what guys thought of it!

  • Michael Bailey

    I’ll give it a shot. I don’t have any hangups about cosmetic products anymore. Conversely though, I’m not certain I see the need either. I don’t get splotchy, and my breakouts are rare and not generally that bad. Might be nice for the occasional black eye I suppose. But I think it does run the risk of being a little too vain. Guys are supposed to be rugged aren’t they? It seems like it’s running the risk of looking like you’re trying too hard.

  • ilyac

    A few years ago I was going to a wedding and my girlfriend at the time asked me to put on something (have no idea what it was) to cover up my blemishes (being a fresh-faced 20 year old and all). It was her brothers wedding, she was the maid of honor, and she wanted all the pictures of us to come out awesome, so I did it. I was uncomfortable with it at first but within 15 minutes forgot I was wearing it completely. No big deal, no one noticed I had anything on all night, and it sure beat getting into a tiff over something so insignificant as me own pride of “ew, boys don’y wear makeup!”.

    Would I try something like that again? Maybe, but only for really special occasions. Same as everything else, I don’t wear cologne every day, or put products in my hair for just a day at work, but when I want to look extra sharp I do. If I was going to something special and just got walloped in the eye the night before, yeah…I might try to cover something like that up a bit.

  • Kiel


  • LawDawg

    As a small town Southern man, I can say hell no. I have used hair spray maybe twice (weddings, didn’t want my hair going crazy during pictures), and I never use hair gel/product. I use lotion on my face only after I shave, as I’m a big fan of a 2 day stubble. However, my roommate is a TV anchor, and I bet he wouldn’t mind using something that looked a bit more natural so he didn’t feel like he had to wash off everything before going out on a Friday night.

    • Style Girlfriend

      I’d be curious to hear if your roomie has ever heard of this stuff!

      • LawDawg

        I’ll ask him when he gets back in cell service (not even reporters get to carry cell phones on the course at The Masters)

  • Ben

    i agree — bad call once you get to “foundation.” However, Clinique for men does make some amazing very slight bronzer. Mixed with a little Kiehl’s SPF15 facial fuel, it creates the perfect storm of protection and bronzeness.

    • Style Girlfriend

      bronzer is makeup too, just like foundation! curious about how you see the lines drawn

  • Michael G.

    If someone twists my arm for some important picture, I’ll grudgingly wear makeup and only sparingly then. On a regular basis though, not a chance. A man should be confident enough to present his natural appearance, even if his face is a pitted crater of old acne scars. A strong personality will disguise blemishes better than any makeup. Of course, failing to care for what you have is just foolish.

    • Ryan

      Exactly. If a man is compelled to wear makeup to hide skin blemishes, there’s other problems that need addressing.

      • Adam

        And what problems do a good majority of women have that are fine to leave unaddressed? If a man isn’t comfortable looking gross, he’s got mental issues, if a woman isn’t comfortable…it’s fine? They’re fine? They don’t need to see a therapist?

        You realise the point of the article was double standards, right?

    • Adam

      So you’re saying that women are confidence-stricken and personality void? This whole article was about Double standards; Why can women cover up blemishes and acne scars consequence free, where men would be seen as having some sort of underlying mental issue for doing the same?

  • Carl

    I once used my mom’s makeup to cover a big zit before going on stage for a recital! But these days, I would have a hard time wearing anything reminiscent of makeup; If only because my female friends react far from positively when asked what they think of guys wearing makeup. So, with that sort of feedback, if I ever were to wear makeup I wouldn’t admit to it (at least not around any woman currently in my acquaintance). Because it’s so unacceptable within my circle of influence, it would actually have the opposite effect of a boost in confidence.

    But maybe it’s just my friends…

    And I completely agree with what all you other guys are saying – lots of makeup on a girl is not attractive to me. If I can tell she’s wearing makeup (I call it The Pancake), it’s too much.

  • Arden

    I have no problem in using the BB Cream or similar product; it’s something I do to cover the occasional zit that has the tendency to pop up on my face around my lip or on my nose. My last couple of serious girlfriends/girls I’ve dated have said that they have no problem with me wearing a little make-up. In fact, my current girlfriend has warmly joked about how it should give me some perspective on how much effort and time a woman can put into grooming and personal appearance.

    I could try to justify it by rattling of some analogy to warpaint, but, in all honesty, wearing a little make up is something that I’m more open to. I guess that is one of the benefits of growing up in a house with three sisters.

  • Ben

    How would that work with a classic red-head’s freckles? Seems like it would be waaay move obvious when wearing it. o.O

  • Brad Hov

    I started using lab series for men bb cream after they sent a sample with an order at fall. i was skeptical as a few previous attempts at usng a concealer to cover up a zit or blemish was unsuccessful and had my wife telling me I’d look better skipping it – my complexion is very fair and the concealer looked too obvious. all that to say, am very happy with the BB cream from lab series. you do have to put a bit extra on some areas, so does not seem to be the best for the heavier blemishes you want to cover. but for general use, it works great and even adds a bit of color to my skin without looking fake or too “make-upy”

  • DanPatrickFlores

    I honestly have never thought of it, but I’m not against it either. I’m in the camp that if it makes me look better, I’ll consider it an option. Also, cutting it with the moisturizer I already use makes sense. Forget macho pride, I wanna look good.

    BTW, the oldest son was Brad. And for another TV reference, Dennis Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia wears foundation.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Brad! Yes! I just remember the middle one, Randy, because he was super-cute to 11 year old girls:)

  • Joe

    I’ll be honest, I snuck into my girlfriend’s makeup bag and tried her tinted moisturizer one morning. My forehead and nose didn’t look bad, but the color completely clumped around each and every hair follicle on my face. Since I have dark, thick whiskers, it was completely obvious that I had put some sort of makeup on. I’ve never tried it again, assuming that tinted moisturizers simply do not work for any guy who doesn’t have a baby smooth shave.

  • JW

    To be honest, I might just give it a try. I’ve never had the best skin (gotten WAY better though), so on the days where I feel like I need something, this could work.

  • Arkhangael

    Hi Megan.

    1st things first: What do the initials BB stand for?

    Secondly, I would probably use the product if available. I am a bit at loss about it all, and the would-be Mrs Arkhangael would not even think about advising me on this kind of product. ‘Not for guys’.

    I’ve already used moisturizers and actually only use sunscreen as advised by the esthetician, and that is as far as my knowledge and understanding about these matter go.

    So yes, I need help.
    And third, but not last, this product makes you look good. But let’s not neglect the other ‘stuff’ you are supposed to wear on top of that.

    Take care,

    • lazy_panda

      BB stands for beblesh balm iirc.

      BB cream is supposed to give you a relatively natural look without the need of other “stuff”. It’s just like how some girls just use moisturiser followed by concealer.

  • Caleb

    I’ve used tinted moisturisers when my face looks especially red or splotchy. It helps even out the complexion without looking like you’re wearing makeup. I’d say it’s a revolutionary product for men.

    - Caleb at

  • katie

    Have you guys heard about this product– It’s a zit camouflage (read: concealer) for guys. Might not be something you’d need everyday, but super handy to have when necessary! also helps with the dark under-eye circles :)

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  • Ryan Hightower

    My wife just read this over my shoulder and whole-heartedly endorsed BB (and CC whatever that is) cream lol

    • Style Girlfriend

      Awesome! So you’ve got her seal of approval…let us know when you pull the trigger on a bottle of your own!

  • Chris

    Megan, I am totally in with it. I actually use CC cream (clinique). I’m in the low 40′s but have always had a boyish face so I’m trying to keep it. I mix my clinique with another moisturizer and then touch up spots with straight CC. I’ll do a light mix of bronzer and blush on my cheekbones with bronzer to blend. The result? A MUCH better complexion that no one can really tell.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Love it! Thanks for sharing, Chris