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  • Guys: It’s Time to Give Up the Shorts

Guys: It’s Time to Give Up the Shorts

6th November 2012


Hey guys, it’s me. Your loving and loyal Style Girlfriend. Here with advice for your own good. To help you get ladies. Keep ladies. Impress ladies. You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong, right? So please remember that it’s with love as I say this:

It’s time to give up the shorts.


Listen, it’s November. Winter! …Okay, fine, no, it’s not “technically” winter – our coldest season doesn’t start until December 21 (which – sidebar – was CRAZY to me when I looked it up! That seems…late, no?), but like, it’s snowed in certain places. I have dug out my winter jacket. I am wearing gloves.

So I ask you. Put. The. Shorts. Away.

What’s that? You live in sunny southern California where it’s warm year round? Fine, my rules don’t apply to you, but for the rest of the world where seasons actually exist (LIKE NATURE INTENDED), wear pants. Please. I don’t’ care if that day where it’s suddenly 60 degrees and you’re like “let’s go to the beach!” don’t. just don’t.

{Summer Shorts!}

Don’t get me wrong. I love shorts. Love ‘em! Wear ‘em all the time. Look at me wearing some in the pic above – just me and a tree, gettin’ cozy in some above-the-knee wardrobe action.

In the winter, sometimes I even put tights under “fancy shorts” (yes, that’s a thing, but just for girls) and wear them to work and no one’s the wiser that I’m still in my summer clothes!

Unless you, aggressively pro-short guy, can wear tights under your cargo shorts, I say, save them for a sunny – and warm – day. Girls notice these kind of things. And we judge them. Hard.

 Tell me guys:

Are you guilty of cold weather shorts wearing? If so, how late into winter do you wear your shorts?

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  • jbird669

    My outfit is dictated by my response to the weather. For example, I will sweat if the weather is 68+. Conversely, if the weather is sunny at 55, with no wind and I’ll be in the sun all day, I won’t wear pants as I will sweat.

  • Derric

    We have seasons in southern California! There’s spring and summer. Right now it depends on the day. It’s been summer the last few days.

    Given my location, I don’t really have much to add to this post. I did hop over to tumblr and press like on the shorts picture though.

    • Style Girlfriend

      I’m calling SHENANIGANS on your “we have seasons” comment.

      • Derric

        95 degrees yesterday, 60 and rainy in the forecast for Friday! That kinda counts, right?

  • Just A Hunk

    I live in Vermont…I’ve already switched over to wool trousers and heavy corderoys.

  • Dan

    That’s a funny looking tree you’re cozying up to…
    But more on topic, here in Montreal shorts weather has been gone for a while – unless engaged in some sort of sport. I say shorts are fair game for sports no matter how cold it gets.

    • Style Girlfriend

      It was cold already when I was in Montreal a couple weeks ago!

  • Mike Thompson

    My shorts were put into storage right around Labor Day. Although I might be an exception; I prefer to wear jeans, chinos, linen pants during the summer rather than shorts (unless it is blazing hot, which it was in Michigan this summer). I still see guys on campus walking around in shorts while I don my peacoat. I will never understand…

  • Chris Rogers

    Here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast we have Summer and what most Northerners would probably call a mild fall; so shorts weather can stretch on for a long time! For instance it was 80 degrees this weekend, that’s shorts weather in my book :)

  • Matt M

    Living in Los Angeles, it was 90* outside yesterday! I’d love to sport pants and a coat, but that weather doesn’t come around as often as it did in the midwest

    • Style Girlfriend

      I’m ignoring everything but the Midwest shout-out.. MIDWEST FTW!!

  • ilyac

    I don’t think i’m even all that guilty of wearing shorts in the summer. I really don’t wear them that often, even in the dead heat of summer, unless I’m headed to the beach or something along those lines. I don’t think I’ve worn shorts since mid-August.

  • Hack Attack

    My Shorts go away as soon as possible, though living in Toronto allows me to put them away in mid September. I can’t wait to lock up the jeans as fall is my favourite clothing season. Love the sweaters, and cardis and fall colours! If weather permitted, I’d forgo jeans all together! Plus I have an addiction to jackets…..

  • LV

    Shorts in sub-50 degree weather and you’re not running or doing something athletic? Even if you feel absolutely comfortable, you’re not fooling anyone. You’re either daft or just trying to prove you’re tough or something. Ultimately, even if you’re just fine, you look like an idiot.

    At another office where I work is a business that provides some IT services. Some of these guys come in with shorts (and sandals with socks) in 40 degree mornings. Again, even if you’re comfortable, you look like an idiot for not dressing according to the weather.

    The worst I do is wear lighter jackets when there is no wind (I live in the slightly upper midwest), and I’ll wear my fingerless gloves until the wind/temp forces me to fully cover up.

  • Inappropriate Commenter Man

    After seeing that picture of you in fancy shorts, I might need another pair of shorts. Yowza.

  • Lori Cooper

    I don’t want to see guys in cargo shorts–ever! There are so many other short options.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the tough love. Don’t sugarcoat it, don’t soften the blow…just tell us how it is. That said, it being 75 and sunny here in San Diego I will throw on some shorts after work today. Don’t worry, the shorts are flat front and I won’t wear flip flops. Are we cool?

    • Style Girlfriend

      I’ll allow it.

  • Fred

    I confess I suffer from USD – unseasonable shorts disorder… hoping your article will provide me with the willpower to seek treatment.

  • Drew J

    Here in Houston, short season never officially ends. We’ll have cold snaps, but they’re just temporary. I bet more often that not I’m wearing shorts on New Years.

    Yesterday afternoon a “front” blew through and cooled things down. When I got home from work I put on some jeans to go walk the dog thinking it was cooler than it really was. Way too hot to wear jeans even after dark.

    • Style Girlfriend

      I’ve never been to Texas! (Can you believe it?) What’s the normal temp in November?

      • Drew J

        Today it’s in the mid 70s and very pleasant. Start heating back up to mid 80s tomorrow. Lows in the mid 50s-mid 60s.

        I bought a knee length overcoat when I was doing a lot of work up in Boston a few years ago. Since I stopped traveling up there, I’ve never worn it. Pretty much all winter long I’m fine with a light sweater. Occasionally a light jacket.

        My Brit girlfriend thinks I’m nuts for wanting to go to London to see her family in the winter. I’m just excited about wearing coats and sweaters.

  • TJ

    I totally agree. I’m not a big shorts person anyway, I usually just wear cotton chinos in the summer.
    How about t-shirts during this time of year? I mean just t-shirts, no jacket or sweater over it, just the sweatshirt. When I see guys like this I think, “I know you are cold, just admit it, and put on a jacket”.

  • Michael Alan Nelson

    I almost wore shorts yesterday, but it was also 90 degrees (I’m in LA). I’m kind of angry it isn’t cooler here already. I have some sweaters I’ve been impatiently waiting to wear for months now.

  • Kyle Landau

    It was 102 here in San Luis Obispo yesterday, so I’m back in shorts for another few weeks.

  • Cody V

    Just have to bust out the socks+sandals, right? ;)

  • HelloNurse

    LA does not apologize for our non-seasons or immutable shorts-wearing… or terrible movies.

  • Julius

    But it’s Spring over here!

  • James V

    I second the reactions of residents on the Gulf Coast. New
    Orleans does have Fall weather and can get pretty cold at points, but can’t always decide what season it’s currently in. Warm days and weeks can strike at any moment or coexist with colder nights. Unfortunately, our long hot Summers tend to be pretty consistent though.

    …And I didn’t think it was possible, but you look even more amazing than usual in that photo.

  • ckid

    In saint louis, its 50 degrees and I’m guilty of wearing shorts. I’m usually dressed up 16 hours a day for 4 days a week (shirt, tie, chinos, cardigan etc.) because I like to look presentable when I’m doing research at the medical school. But, I get sick of it the 5th day because I’m a college student. Shorts are my go-to-hell piece of clothing, and I intend on wearing them until snow falls. Sorry Megan, just can’t part with them after feeling like an adult 4 days a week.

  • Josh

    What’s the rule with wearing shorts for sports? I play tennis all year round, and when it starts snowing, I’m still out there wearing shorts and a polo shirt. Should I be opting for something less summery, or is it acceptable practice in such cases?

  • flipandtwist

    That’s an interesting tree…

  • Elodin

    I wear cargo shorts year round. Today, for example, 34 degrees and I’m wearing cargo shorts and a mid-layer jacket. I felt wonderful, as the temperature was finally in the range that I like.

    One thing women should note is that men have hair on their legs, some more than others. My legs are never cold, and it is rare for any part of my body to be. On the off-chance I’m unreasonably behind on laundry and thus do not have a clean pair of shorts, I’ll wear my cargo pants.

    Practicality over all else. That being said, I’ve no doubt it looks weird to some people. But I’m fine with that. I don’t much care for their opinions. It can’t be worse than the endless number of women who wear Uggs in the summer with oh so very short denim shorts on. Also, I find the whole tights/yoga pants on beneath shorts to look odd.

    But yeah, just my $.02