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  • Guys: It’s Time to Give Up the Shorts

Guys: It’s Time to Give Up the Shorts

6th November 2012


Hey guys, it’s me. Your loving and loyal Style Girlfriend. Here with advice for your own good. To help you get ladies. Keep ladies. Impress ladies. You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong, right? So please remember that it’s with love as I say this:

It’s time to give up the shorts.


Listen, it’s November. Winter! …Okay, fine, no, it’s not “technically” winter – our coldest season doesn’t start until December 21 (which – sidebar – was CRAZY to me when I looked it up! That seems…late, no?), but like, it’s snowed in certain places. I have dug out my winter jacket. I am wearing gloves.

So I ask you. Put. The. Shorts. Away.

What’s that? You live in sunny southern California where it’s warm year round? Fine, my rules don’t apply to you, but for the rest of the world where seasons actually exist (LIKE NATURE INTENDED), wear pants. Please. I don’t’ care if that day where it’s suddenly 60 degrees and you’re like “let’s go to the beach!” don’t. just don’t.

{Summer Shorts!}

Don’t get me wrong. I love shorts. Love ‘em! Wear ‘em all the time. Look at me wearing some in the pic above – just me and a tree, gettin’ cozy in some above-the-knee wardrobe action.

In the winter, sometimes I even put tights under “fancy shorts” (yes, that’s a thing, but just for girls) and wear them to work and no one’s the wiser that I’m still in my summer clothes!

Unless you, aggressively pro-short guy, can wear tights under your cargo shorts, I say, save them for a sunny – and warm – day. Girls notice these kind of things. And we judge them. Hard.

 Tell me guys:

Are you guilty of cold weather shorts wearing? If so, how late into winter do you wear your shorts?

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