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    Guys’ Style: What to Wear to a Cocktail Bar

    Have you ever been to a cocktail bar? Not a bar where you can get a decent Old Fashioned but the beers on tap take top billing. And definitely not the kind of bar exemplified by the movie Cocktail, where bartenders throw bottles in the air and set glasses on fire.

    I’m talking an honest-to-goodness cocktail bar, where the folks making your drinks are more dressed up than you are, and the ingredient list for any beverage is at least six items long. They’ve been “a thing” here in NYC for awhile, but I’m never sure what gets cool anywhere else. I asked Intern Gabi, and she’d never even been to a cocktail bar. Kids today.

    what to wear to a cocktail bar

    If you and the lady are making a classy affair of your next evening out, with a date at a cocktail bar in town, I say, dress the part. No, that doesn’t mean one of those old-timey armbands and a handlebar mustache (though I’ll admit that was the first thing that popped into my head).

    It just means, dress up your usual date night outfit by a few degrees. Swap a sweater for a tie, and the canvas sneakers for boots.

    Oh, and be sure to order something cool. Bonus points if it’s something you’ve only ever heard mentioned in movies, like a Sidecar, French75, or, if you’re feeling particularly bold, a Harvey Wallbanger. Personally, I like telling the bartender what I’m in the mood for (lately, that’s gin) and let them do their thing. They’re the experts after all. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your new signature drink.

    The Details:
    Shirt: Frank&Oak, $45
    Jeans: Gap, $80
    Shoes: Bass, $80
    Tie: 1901, $25
    Blazer: Banana Republic, $198
    Belt: Fossil, $30

    Tell me:

    Have you ever been to a cocktail bar? What did you wear?