Guys, Here is Your New Summer Haircut

    15th May 2013

    I’m not sure what it is about summer, but it always feels like the perfect time to try something new.

    The easiest (and least committal) thing to change is your hair. Personally, I’ve done something drastically different with my hair the past few summers. I dyed it blonde, I cut it short, I shaved part off, I got bangs.


    Picture 10

    Same person, different hair!


    I know hair isn’t as big of a deal to you guys as it is to women because I’ve never seen men bawling after getting half and inch cut off {SG: Yep, been there}. I do know PLENTY of guys, though, who have complained about their haircuts after the fact. “She took too much hair off on top.” It’s too short on the sides!” “The part is totally uneven.” “He cut my off part of my ear…” And on and on.

    I know that one bad haircut can be discouraging and make you never want to change your barber or your regular “5 on the sides, scissor on top” directions. But guess what? I’m going to say STOP THAT and TAKE A RISK!

    Really, if you don’t change, you’ll be the guy with the equivalent to pleated pants on your head, and I know none of you want that title.

    So what kind of haircut am I talking about? If you hair is usually long, try it a little shorter or even shaved! You have swoopy Bieber bangs? Ditch ‘em! It’s hot in the summer, and I know (as a girl with long, dark hair) it’s a lot cooler once you chop it off.

    And remember: if you don’t like it, it will grow back soon enough.

    80s hairstyle

    I desperately hope this never has or ever will catch on
    So what haircuts exactly would I like to see you guys try out this summer? Here’s some celeb-spiration:


    Gosling’s do: shorty-short hair on the sides, with a wee bit on top


    Of course I want you to get Gatsby’s cut: long enough to run my fingers through, but not past the ears
    Beckham’s coif: breezy on the sides, heavy up top

    Still afraid the barber will mess up? Bring a picture! I never don’t bring a picture of what I want, because then I know it’s not my explaining that was wrong, it was their eyesight.

    Tell me:

    Do you usually change up your hair for the summer? Are there any other changes you like to make in the warmer months, besides your wardrobe?

    • John Frose

      Had the diCaprio/ Gatsby cut done…yesterday. Great choice and pictures here.

      • gabi meyers

        Excellent decision, old sport! I’d love to see pics, maybe in an OOTW?

        • John Frose

          Sure. I might send some over. Thanks for your kind appreciation.

    • Zach Thoren

      I’ve had the Beckham since last summer. Now I’ve started to see dozens of guys around me doing the same in the past couple of months.

    • Brandon

      I never used to pay for haircuts, I’d just buzz my hair with clippers when I felt my it was too long. About 6 weeks ago I went and paid for my first haircut, using the exact pic of Ryan Gosling that you found, though I went with it a little shorter on top. I just went back yesterday and got it cut the same way again. I’m probably never going to be able to cut my own hair again, it turns out a real haircut looks wayyyyyy better.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Really? Same one?? That’s amazing!!

    • ATLien

      I always have problems explaining to the hairdresser what I want. I also feel kinda like a douche saying “I want my hair to be like Ryan Gosling’s hair”. What is a good way to get around this ?

      • Brandon

        you don’t need to get around it, people do this all the time. If it makes you feel more comfortable, bring in a picture so that you may show them exactly what you want. This helps whoever is cutting your hair know exactly what your expectations are, so there is a smaller chance of you being disappointed with the result.

        • Style Girlfriend


      • Dan from Wisconsin

        Show a picture and just reference the hair. “That kinda length.”

      • Style Girlfriend

        No way, don’t feel like a d-bag – you’re just getting what you want! That’s more important than trying to sound cool!

      • the amazing snyder-man

        It helps if you have the same person cut your hair every time. Pretty soon, you won’t need to bring a picture because they know what you want.

        That said, there’s no shame in bringing a photo. I know I’m not Daniel Craig, but that doesn’t stop me from asking for his haircut.

    • Tod Creasey

      I have been doing the Gosling which grows into a Gatsby if I leave it too long. The “pleated pants on their heads” (love it BTW) guys still think you should have a centre part and a goatee so they hate it….but my wife seems to like that so that is what counts.

      • Style Girlfriend

        hahahahha aww, center parts…and goatees…

    • ilyac

      Most of the time I just tell the woman who cuts my hair “I trust ya…go crazy”

      Every time I trim my beard I think: “Today is the day I buzz the top too!” But it never happens. Maybe for the best.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Now I want to see what you look like with a buzzed head! Do itttt!

        • ilyac

          Based on my tiny icon you don’t even know what I look like without a buzz cut!
          Maybe one day…maybe

    • kellen owenby

      My hair is pretty curly, and I’ve had it longer for about the past year and a half. So, a couple of weeks ago, I got it all cut off and went for a Gosling meets Beckham cut. I’m loving it so far!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Woot woot!

    • kellen owenby

      Also, there is absolutely no shame in bringing a few photos of hairstyles you want to your stylist/barber. It is way easier than explaining to them what you want…

      • Style Girlfriend

        Agree agree agree! I bring a picture with me whenever I’m doing anything to my hair – even just a blowout!

    • Jake

      I usually have it shorter and style it different ways, but I think I’m going to grow it out some and style it like this guy. He has a few different styles that look good. I’ll probably have mine a bit shorter, but still will be able to do those styles.
      Here’s a couple that I’ll probably try:
      What do you think? Oh, and also, I’m 19. If that makes a difference on your opinion of what would look good on me.

      • lazy_panda

        I remember showing the hairdresser the video where he gets his hair cut, but it didn’t work out that well for me because my face shape is different. Doesn’t hurt to give it a go though. It’ll grow back in a month or so anyway!

        • Jake

          That’s the great thing about haircuts… you can try out different stuff and if it doesn’t work out, no big deal – it’ll grow back. :)

    • Jeff Rider

      The way that I found to get around saying, “I want my hair to look like X-celebrity” is to simply rephrase. My latest tip for my barber has been, “I need a little more David Beckham, and a little less somebody’s Dad.” Being clever is slightly obnoxious, but helpful in this situation. And my barber thinks this is hilarious for some reason.

      • kellen owenby

        at my last haircut I showed her a picture of the hair I wanted and told her my wife requested that guy’s cheekbones as well! haha

        • Style Girlfriend

          hahahahha. How’d they do on the cheekbones request? :)

      • Style Girlfriend

        I think that sounds very helpful!

    • LawDawg

      I’ve thought about starting to use some sort of product in my hair for a while. As my hairline receeds, its getting harder to do my hair in a manner that doesnt make me feel bald. Have you done, or have any links to an article talking about using product for newbies? And whats a cheap but good gel/whatever I can buy to try it out? I don’t want to spend a decent chunk of change on something that I will end up hating.

    • Michael Fitchko

      I’ve been cutting my own hair for a while and have gone through the Gosling-Beckham-DiCaprio spectrum several times. They are all fairly easy to do on your own with a good pair of clippers. If I had to pick, I would say the RG is my go-to: it’s simple, manageable, easy to maintain and even looks pretty good rolling straight out of bed.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Whaaa?? I would never trust myself with scissors near my hair (or anyone else’s for that matter)

    • Bob

      After 10 yrs of #3 on sides crew cuts, Im letting my hair grow. Its long enough now to be abe to part it on the side and comb it back, with a little gel. My hair is very fine and thin so I’ve always had trouble styling it, thats why i shaved. My goal is more of a beckham, but not as perfect, but that basic idea. Plus my hair line is receding so I have to act quick before its all gone ;)

      • Style Girlfriend

        Very exciting! Can’t wait to see it in its final state – perhaps in an #OOTW entry??

        • RuarriM

          you misspelled woot…


    • :):

      fairly large bald spot at the crown. I don’t think I have as many options.

    • glasses guy

      Wow. Gabi, please buy some new frames. Those are hideous.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Bro. What’s your problem? That’s my intern you’re talking to. Show some respect.

        • glasses guy

          Just trying to help her out, bro.

    • TJ

      I’ve been doing the short on the side long on top, side part for a while now. I like it and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. I used to have long hair though. I grew it long after high school because I went to a private catholic high school where I had to be clean cut. People at my job thought I was a new guy the first time I walked into a meeting.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That’s hilarious!

    • AL-MO

      I’m folically challenged so I decided to shave my head a couple years ago. I look 100 X better and have never looked back. When someone sees a pic of me when I had hair it blows their mind as my current look suits me the best. I don’t bic it yet, I just shave using electric clippers with no attachment.

      If you are balding….don’t try to hold on to the fact you have hair. Shave it off and embrace the look.

    • Brandon

      I usually go for the Ryan Gos…oh wait, I’m black. None of these hair styles are applicable to me :P I just shave it all off…year round.

    • Brad hov

      i’ve been lucky to have thick hair with lots of wave and worn it mostly longer with a kind of beachy casual look. I was bored with the same old same old look, though, and asked my stylist for some ideas and she helped me find some great pictures of shorter cut on the sides with top left longer and razor cut for added texture. I would not have thought of this look had it not been for seeing it in a picture – so definitely go along with the recommendation to bring pictures – not sure why I was so afraid to. -So, in a few weeks, I’m gonna lose several inches off the side and a few more on top. even inspired me to lose the goatee I’ve kept for too long and get it shaved or move to the 5 o clock shadow look.

    • Neil Sobel

      I keep a Beckham cit in the summer with a little less on top and more gatsby/leo in the winter to keep my head warm.

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    • John

      Nice suggestions, but what about black men?!?!?! Don’t forget us!……….

      • Style Girlfriend

        Good callout, thank you!

    • adventurer627


      Not that it makes any difference to anybody, I just wanted to say that i liked your short cut on the left picture the most. Definitely way to change your looks!

      • Style Girlfriend

        What a nice thing to say!