Guys, Here is Your New Summer Haircut

    I’m not sure what it is about summer, but it always feels like the perfect time to try something new.

    The easiest (and least committal) thing to change is your hair. Personally, I’ve done something drastically different with my hair the past few summers. I dyed it blonde, I cut it short, I shaved part off, I got bangs.


    Picture 10

    Same person, different hair!


    I know hair isn’t as big of a deal to you guys as it is to women because I’ve never seen men bawling after getting half and inch cut off {SG: Yep, been there}. I do know PLENTY of guys, though, who have complained about their haircuts after the fact. “She took too much hair off on top.” It’s too short on the sides!” “The part is totally uneven.” “He cut my off part of my ear…” And on and on.

    I know that one bad haircut can be discouraging and make you never want to change your barber or your regular “5 on the sides, scissor on top” directions. But guess what? I’m going to say STOP THAT and TAKE A RISK!

    Really, if you don’t change, you’ll be the guy with the equivalent to pleated pants on your head, and I know none of you want that title.

    So what kind of haircut am I talking about? If you hair is usually long, try it a little shorter or even shaved! You have swoopy Bieber bangs? Ditch ’em! It’s hot in the summer, and I know (as a girl with long, dark hair) it’s a lot cooler once you chop it off.

    And remember: if you don’t like it, it will grow back soon enough.

    80s hairstyle

    I desperately hope this never has or ever will catch on
    So what haircuts exactly would I like to see you guys try out this summer? Here’s some celeb-spiration:


    Gosling’s do: shorty-short hair on the sides, with a wee bit on top


    Of course I want you to get Gatsby’s cut: long enough to run my fingers through, but not past the ears
    Beckham’s coif: breezy on the sides, heavy up top

    Still afraid the barber will mess up? Bring a picture! I never don’t bring a picture of what I want, because then I know it’s not my explaining that was wrong, it was their eyesight.

    Tell me:

    Do you usually change up your hair for the summer? Are there any other changes you like to make in the warmer months, besides your wardrobe?