Grooming Advice From a Beautiful Woman: Adrianne Palicki

    7th March 2013


    Ladies and gentlemen, Adrianne Palicki (Tyra for you FNL fans!) 


    The other night, I attended a party thrown by Axe here in New York, launching the brand’s new skincare line. The grooming brand has done a lot in the past year or so to move beyond their bro-beginnings to offer solid, respectable-smelling products for the drugstore aisle shoppers, and this new line suggests they’re intent on continuing those efforts.

    I had the chance to speak with Friday Night Lights alum Adrianne Palicki, on hand for the event, about what she looks for in a guy’s grooming habits. Because, hey, I can’t be the only girl you get advice from, right?



    {Von gets a shave}

    On why guys should take care of their skin:

    “You don’t understand why guys can’t do it – at least do it for us. How many times do you get chafing [from a guy's beard]? You don’t even have to get rid of the scruff, just make it softer.”

    On her last boyfriend upping her face wash game:

    “My last boyfriend was actually much better about his skincare regimen than I was. He’d say, ‘I can’t believe you look as nice as you do when you use whatever’s around. You can’t just use face soap’.”

    (…At which point we devolved into a conversation of the best eye makeup removers, which I won’t bog you down with…)

    On why there’s no excuse for not smelling good:

    “It’s so simple. You smell good, and that means we want to jump on you. And that’s important too. That’s what guys should be thinking about when they’re thinking about face care products.”


    And of course, I couldn’t let her get away without asking the most important question of all:

    What do you think (FNL character) Tim Riggins’s skincare routine would be?

    “Well I can say, I know firsthand – it’s absolutely nothing! Seriously, that kid got so into the character, he wouldn’t even wash his hair. But he could look good with a trash bag on. He’s very pretty.”


    Guhh, I love her so much you guys. I mean, be honest, Tyra always seemed like she’d be way more fun to hang out with than Lila Garrity right? Really, Buddy’s clearly the superior Garrity. I even liked Buddy Jr. He seemed like he knew how to have a good time.

    My point is: now I want to see Taylor Kitsch in a trash bag.

     Tell me: What’s your skincare routine? Does it need an upgrade?


    • hithaonthego

      Best. Blog. Post. Ever.

      At least, until you interview Riggins wearing a trash bag.

      • Style Girlfriend

        ONE DAY.

        • hithaonthego

          Make it happen. Can I come to that interview, please? I’ll be your designated bitch/bacon fetcher/assistant/Riggins-ogler.

    • kellen owenby

      My skincare regimen is as follows: I wash my face in the shower every morning with oldspice bodywash. Not much to it. I will say that I have started wearing a little cologne recently, and my wife always notices and compliments me! Stepping up your smell is a minor cost that can make a major difference! :-)

      • Style Girlfriend

        I’m very pro-face wash for faces, but hey, if it’s working for you, who am I to stop you! :)

    • dougwake

      The ranking will forever be….

      1. Tami

      2. Tyra

      3/4. Julie/Lila (take your pick)

      • Style Girlfriend

        Does Julie even rank on this list? I don’t know that she does. I’d put Jess somewhere in there too.

        • dougwake

          If Jess makes it, she’s near the bottom too- 16 years old going on 8 or 9. Let’s be honest, after Tami and Tyra, the rest are all pretty eye-roll worthy in their own way. No comparison.

          • Style Girlfriend

            Can we put coach in there? I mean, women love want to be him. It doesn’t have to be sexual. I just think he deserves a spot on the list too.

            • dougwake

              Fair point, and Tami and Coach should probably be paired up. Both great separately, but even better together.

            • Style Girlfriend

              They are the peanut butter and jelly of tv couples

    • Drew J

      Um, you’re burying the lead. You were in the presence of the great Von Miller. A kid who not only is a fantastic linebacker, but has a great sense of personal style.

    • Jim

      Wait, how do you make your scruff softer?

      Right now I have a full beard, because it’s winter and if you could wear a face-sweater at all times you would too, but in the summer I’ve had girls complain about chafing from my 2-day stubble. I don’t want to shave everyday, but I do like to make out with girls.

      My normal routine is using face wash in the morning then moisturizer with SPF.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That’s so good that you use a moisturizer with SPF! Your lack of wrinkles in your 40s and 50s will be your reward.

      • N

        Just use some conditioner on it when you shower

    • Canadian Pacific

      She is so hot.

    • Jacana22

      Why is there a picture of AXE products in the section about smelling good? Those two things are about as unrelated as possible.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I gave ‘em a sniff; they’re actually pretty great!

    • Tom Allan

      On this side of the pond Axe is known as Lynx and inside my brain it always used to be a line of products I stopped using when I left school. I remember the smell of their products being really string and a little overpowering. I’d still be interested to see if they are becoming more grown up.

      For myself I take a Clinique bar of soap accompanied by a quite generic shower gel and shampoo. The Clinique bar is actually pretty good for me and they seem to last forever. I think the last one went on for about 10 months being used a couple of times a day. Beyond that it is shave, moisturise which is typically a Nivea Q10 thing with a 15spf rating (if I don’t my face will start to crack as I’m a little senstive), towel dry the hair and give it a little brush. Bit of unscented or very tame anti persperant, a little edt and then I am off.

      Always liked Adrianne Palicki who is stunning and also quite tall which is always a plus for me.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yes, she’s so tall. And pretty. And nice. …clearly I’m still harboring a major girl crush :)

      • Martin

        Only on the Isle. On the Continent it is called Axe as well.
        But I guess all classrooms filled with teenagers smell like sweat and their products, no matter what they are called.

    • Rory

      I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I honestly can’t tell if you’re kidding or not.

        • Canadian Pacific

          Uh. I think this is from American Psycho.

          • Style Girlfriend

            THANK GOODNESS! I never watched that movie all the way through; I’m a total wuss.

            • Rory

              Hehe couldn’t resist.

              My actual routine goes like this.

              1: Clinique Face Wash
              2: Baxter of California Face Scrub (essential beard prep before shaving)
              3: Shave with a DE razor or Cut-throat razor. They give the best shaves a man can get. Disposable blades and electric razors destroy your face. (I could do a whole seperate post on this)
              4: Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner
              5: Clinique M Protect SPF Moisturiser

              At night I use Baxter of California Under Eye moisturiser. I am 30 and the above routine has me looking years younger than my friends of the same age who don’t look after their skin and shave with blunt crap.

            • Style Girlfriend

              I will have to check out this Baxter line – sounds really interesting!

            • Rory

              Baxter of California is the first range of skin care products for men. Everyone else followed suit but Baxter were there first and have a long history of research behind their products. Tom Cruise is supposed to be a fan.

    • tnreagan

      I can’t tell you how much I love that dude.

      Anyways, I wish I could afford a nice DE Razor, pre shave scrub, after-balm, but I can’t so I just use a St Ives scrub, and then use a nivea balm after shaving. It gets the job done.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Total girl question: what is an aggie?!

        • ATLien

          It is someone that goes or went to Texas A&M.

        • tnreagan

          Von Miller is a former student and football player from Texas A&M. He’s a really cool dude, I had a class or two with him.
          Anyways, yes we are the Aggies, which is a slang term for farmers.

    • brianmo95

      I love her smile! :) Sigghhhhh

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